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I did a lot of research in how Guinevere had been portrayed before and the different versions of the story. I researched a lot about movement - a queen doesn't move the same way as other people. She doesn't rest her hand in her lap the same way for example. There is a balance between being delicate but at the same time powerful.
—Joana Metrass src

Joana Metrass is the Portuguese actress who portrays Guinevere on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Joana Metrass was born in 1988 in Lisbon, Portugal, with Italian, French, Argentinian, Chinese and Cape Vert heritage. At seventeen years old, she moved to the U.S. to finish her senior year in high school as an exchange student.[1] In 2007, she went back to Portugal, where she attended the Lisbon Theatre and Film School for three years, and graduated from the BA Acting course.[2] Additionally, she also studied at New York's HB Studio.[3]

Joana began her first professional experiences in 2011. Her first acting credit is in Alberto Seixas Santos' As Time Goes By, which had international distribution.[4] The same year, she appeared in António Correia's Intriga Fatal, or What's New About Love?, a film directed by a group of six directors. Since then, she has worked consistently in all areas of the industry and in various TV roles, including Patricia Sequeira's Sinais de Vida or Hugo de Sousa's A Princesa, where she landed the lead role.[2]

In June 2013, she moved to the United Kingdom.[1] Eventually, she was cast in Katherine Collins' The Spoiler, Gary Shore's Dracula Untold and Guy Ritchie's The Man from U.N.C.L.E..[2]


Guinevere and being a part of OUAT was one of the most awesome experiences not only of my career but of my life! Thank you @adamhorowitzla and @jollychan4 for the opportunity, for creating such an amazing show and bringing such a group of incredible people together! I never worked on a production like @onceabcofficial where every single person that was part of the project was amazing, and kind and welcoming! Thank you also to @veronicacronney for the opportunity to go to the casting that got me this part. Thank you to all the #oncers for all the continuous love and welcoming me in the family. Congratulations to all of you that made this show so incredible ❤️ I miss all of you and i miss my Guinevere #guinevere 💕💕💕 #ouat #ouatseason5 #oncers #storybrooke #camelot #ouatabc #ouatcast[6]


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