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Jerome Schwartz is a writer of ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Jerome Schwartz is an American television writer and producer. He was born in Portland, Oregon but he grew up in Bellingham, Washington. He attended Whitman College, graduating with a double major in theatre and English literature. He traveled the world after graduation, before settling in Los Angeles.

Schwartz started off as a clerical assistant on the NBC series The Office. His girlfriend at the time passed his resume to producers at CBS's Cold Case, and he was hired as a writers production assistant. He was later promoted to research assistant.

In 2010, Schwartz co-wrote his first film with director Cullen Hoback, Friction. Then, he would go on to write for short-lived series Chase and Zero Hour.

After Zack Estrin was hired as showrunner for the ABC series Once Upon a Time's new spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland by Edward Kitsis, Jane Espenson and Adam Horowitz; he brought Schwartz on, since establishing a rapport with him on Zero Hour.

When Wonderland was not renewed for a second season, Schwartz became the only crew member to shift over to the mother series, joining its fourth year. Schwartz has then contributed some notable episodes of the series such as: "Smash the Mirror", "Sympathy for the De Vil", "Birth", "Last Rites" and "The Black Fairy".




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