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Jennifer Koenig is the Canadian actress who portrays the Queen of Hearts on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Jennifer Koenig was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the ninth child born to her parents and was a shy girl who happily spent time with animals, creating art or reading.[1] She is a former attendee of Langara College as well as Kwantlen University College.[2] Ironically, Jennifer found her most profound creative expression as a story teller and actor. After working in film and television in other capacities, she moved to Vancouver in 2009 to resume studying and pursue the craft of acting. This has led to her being cast in the thriller movie Embedded, guest starring on television drama Fringe and in the web series 13 Witches.[1]


  • Ironically, her surname Koenig is the German word for King (König).


Year Title Role Notes
Unknown The Watchman Reward


Unknown Straw Boy


Unknown Effective Immediately


Unknown I'll Be Waiting Outside


2012 Embedded Wilma Ravens Movie
2013 World to Come Nicole Weinstein Movie
2013 Here We Go Movie
Year Title Role Notes
Unknown Untold Stories of the ER


2 episodes[3]
2011 Fringe Nurse Gail 1 episode
2011 Supernatural Margaret Fox 1 episode
2012 Once Upon a Time Queen of Hearts 1 episode
Web series
Year Title Role Notes
2012 13 Witches


Abeona Web series
2013 Soldiers Of The Apocalypse


Web series


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