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Jeffrey Kaiser is the Canadian actor who portrays Dopey on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Jeffrey Kaiser was born on July 17[1] in Pennsylvania.[2] He was raised in Vancouver,[3] Washington[4] and is of Jewish background.[5] He has one brother, Mitchell.[6] Jeffrey has trained in theater since he was only twelve years old.[7] He firstly studied at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics[8] in Washington and then at the University of British Columbia under an acting program. As a student, he participated in productions like Gormenghast directed by Stephen Malloy, Unity 1918, which was written by Kevin Kerr and directed by Stephen Drover,[7] and The Idiots Karamazov written by Christopher Durang and Albert Innaurato and directed by Chris McGregor.[9]

Jeffrey has been married to prosthetics and make-up artist Cayley Giene since July 8, 2012.[10] They met through a mutual friend who was working on a film festival project and kept in contact as their relationship grew over time.[7]

On June 22, 2016, Jeffrey announced on Twitter that he was leaving Once Upon a Time,[11] and precluded any possible future appearances in the series.[12] According to him, the reason why he left the show is because he didn't like the way the show has treated him for a long time.[13] However, Jeffrey still appeared in Season Six and Season Seven as Dopey in archive footage. He played the role since the first episode.


  • Dislikes chocolate.[7]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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