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Jefferson: Why shouldn't I let her do just that? End the madness and go home?
Regina: To your hovel? Selling fungus at the fair?
Jefferson and Regina Mills

Jefferson's Cottage is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventeenth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

After the death of his wife Priscilla, Jefferson is forced to move out of the mansion that they used to live in, due to financial difficulties. He opts to live poorly as long as he can be with their daughter, Grace. As the two of them move into a simple cottage in the woods, Grace stares at their now house in wonder and asks her father if this is where they are going to live now. Her father says that it might not look like much, but he is going to fix it up. As his daughter gets ready for bed, Jefferson locks his magical hat away for good. The two of them talk about how much they miss Grace's mother. As she falls asleep, Jefferson promises his daughter that he will never leave her. ("Out of the Past")

Several years later, Jefferson is making a meager living as a mushroom seller. One day, he and his daughter are playing hide-and-seek in the woods when they spot the Evil Queen's carriage outside their house. Jefferson instructs Grace to wait outside, and he goes into the house where the Queen, Regina, asks for his help retrieving something from another land. Temptingly, she promises him riches so he can lavish his precious daughter. Jefferson refuses her request, which she seemingly accepts with no argument. Later upon returning home from a trip to the local market, Jefferson gives Grace an improvised toy rabbit he made for her, and the two enjoy a make-believe tea party. Wishing to give her a better childhood, which he cannot do without more money, he decides to take up on the Queen's offer. Jefferson informs Grace of this, which she pleads against, but he promises to be back in time for tea. After sending his daughter off to the neighbors, he and Regina travel to Wonderland, where he is captured by the Queen of Hearts. With Jefferson unable to return home, his daughter is left with her new caretakers. ("Hat Trick")

During First Curse

After receiving a white rabbit calling card from Regina, Jefferson comes to see her at the Storybrooke Town Hall. She asks him to help her get rid of Emma, who is the Savior and can break the Dark Curse. Jefferson wonders why he shouldn't just let Emma do just that so he can go home to the Enchanted Forest, but Regina reminds him of his old life living in a "hovel" and selling fungus at the market, causing him to strike a deal with her in the hopes of reuniting with his daughter. ("An Apple Red as Blood")


Fairytales and Folklore

  • As the Evil Queen leaves Jefferson's cottage, a note card next to a bottle and cake[1] allude directly to the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. ("Hat Trick")
  • Jefferson presents a hand-sewn stuffed bunny to Grace, which is patchy and dirty.[2] This is a nod to the March Hare, who is the Mad Hatter's companion in the novel. Similarly, Grace has a stuffed animal that resembles the Mock Turtle,[3] whom she passionately calls "Mr. Tortoise", a reference to the Mock Turtle's story about his tortoise teacher.[4] ("Hat Trick")
  • Grace hosts a tea party for her stuffed toys, a reference to the Mad Hatter's tea party from the novel. ("Hat Trick")

Props Notes

Set Dressing



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