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I think that now that Henry is the Author, he's gained a thing that, "I am a hero now. My way of helping people is by being able to give them their stories, and help them figure things out", and I think Henry has found his place, and he believes that now he is a part of the heroes, and I think he likes it... he loves it.
—Jared S. Gilmore src

Jared S. Gilmore is the American actor who portrays Henry Mills and Henry (Wish Realm) on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Jared Scott[4] Gilmore was born on May 30,[1] 2000,[2] in San Diego, California.[3] He has a twin sister named Taylor.[5]

Unintentionally, Jared fell into acting after a chance encounter with agents initially looking to represent Taylor. While his sister left the business, he stuck with acting classes at John Robert Powers San Diego, a training school for actors, models, and singers, for two years[6] beginning at age four.[7] He landed spots in modeling T-shirts and doing commercials[8] with eventual appearances on television and film.[5]

He held a recurring role in the series Mad Men as Don Draper's son, Bobby, as well as in Hawthorne and Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and guest starred on Men of a Certain Age, Roommates, Without a Trace and Passions. On the big screen, he starred in A Nanny for Christmas, The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez, and Opposite Day and Overnight.[8]

In his spare time, Jared likes playing Xbox and computer games with his friends. He has two dogs, Cooper and Emma, a cat named Tiger, a rabbit named Benjalina and two guinea pigs named Ziggy and Zoey who travel with him from San Diego to Vancouver during filming for Once Upon a Time.[8]

Jared's charity of choice is Rocking Horse Ranch, which helps youth and young adults who have suffered abuse, trauma, neglect and other hardships by pairing them with horses who have themselves been rescued out of abuse and other life-threatening situations. He is excited about being featured in an upcoming PETA campaign running in the fall of 2013 encouraging his young fans to make their animals a part of the family and give them lots of love and affection.[8]

On May 12, 2017, it was announced that Jared would not be returning as a star for the series' seventh season.[9]


After hearing about the end of OUAT, I was sad but also nostalgic … and as always hopeful. I was hit with a flood of wonderful memories. I want to thank Eddy and Adam for giving me the chance to bring Henry to life. I want to thank the cast and crew for watching me grow up and teaching me everything I know. I will never forget my time on OUAT it has shaped me into the person I am today. I have so many fond memories with everyone from the show. I’ll never forget the day I met Lana in casting or the first time I knocked on that door (you know which one). I feel like Henry and me are one in the same now, he has taught me so much. The show has touched so many people and I am honored to have been a part of that. I want to thank all of the fans for being so loyal and just fantastic! You’re all amazing, the series build a community I am proud to say I’m apart of. Thanks to the fans for always being there, for always watching, and believing. I hope the fire this series has lit will stay burning for years to come. What is dead may never truly die. Keep believing, always have hope, and let magic fill your hearts and OUAT will always live on. You are all fantastic, thank you for everything. It was a true honor to bring Henry to life, to bring magic to the world. I will never forget my time on OUAT. Though our paths may diverge, never forget your fairy tale friends. #OUAT[15]


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