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I'm the Prince's footman. But I can assure you the invitation is as good from my humble hands.
—Jacob to Lady Tremaine src

Jacob is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the third episode of the sixth season and is portrayed by guest star Max Lloyd-Jones.

Jacob is based on the courier from the Disney film Cinderella.


Before First Curse

While employed as Prince Thomas' footman, Jacob meets and falls in love with Lady Tremaine's daughter Clorinda. The lovers keep quiet about their romance, with only Thomas knowing about it, while Tremaine remains unaware. When Jacob comes to deliver an ball invitation to the Tremaine family estate, Clorinda's mother asks him who he is since they were expecting Thomas' butler. Jacob states himself as the prince's footman, and reassures Tremaine that the invitation is not any different coming from his humble hands. Clorinda goes to take the invitation from him, but not without insulting him first, by calling him "filthy". Jacob reacts to her faux scorn with a grim expression, and then leads his horse away. ("The Other Shoe")

During the ball, Jacob is not able to see Clorinda, but he has Thomas pass her a rose that he wanted her to have. After the ball, Clorinda tells her stepsister Ella about her plans to elope with Jacob, run away with him, and start a new life on a farm. Knowing Tremaine will never stop searching for her daughter after she is gone, Ella gives Clorinda a key to the Land of Untold Stories, where she and Jacob can be happy without fear of being found. Clorinda leaves later that night to meet her beau at the guard tower, where she tells him about the key's power, but before they can go the other realm, they are intercepted by Tremaine, who knocks out Jacob with her cane. Believing him to be dead, Clorinda falls to his side and begins crying. Ella shows up to stop Tremaine from doing any more damage, while Clorinda realizes Ella didn't keep her secret. Clorinda is then separated from Jacob when Tremaine drags her with her to the Land of Untold Stories. ("The Other Shoe")

Sometime later, Jacob is swept up in the Dark Curse and taken to Storybrooke where he becomes a pumpkin farmer and presumably has his memories erased by the effects of the curse. ("Pilot", "The Other Shoe")

After Third Curse

Jacob lives in Storybrooke, where he runs a pumpkin farm. Upon coming to this town from the Land of Untold Stories, Lady Tremaine holds Jacob captive, without Clorinda knowing. A vengeful Clorinda helps her mother lure Ella, now known as Ashley, onto the farm. While her mother is away, Clorinda watches over Ella, who reveals the farm belongs to Jacob and that the two still have a chance of being together. Tremaine hauls Jacob in, shoving him to the ground in front of Clorinda, who quickly unties his binds. The two share a spare moment of happiness over being reunited, before Tremaine prepares to shoot Jacob, but Clorinda shields him. Ashley intervenes to protect the couple, which leads to Tremaine stabbing her in retaliation. As Jacob and Clorinda watch tersely as Ashley bleeds out, Emma works her magic to heal her. Ashley is saved, and she, Clorinda and Jacob share a group hug. Afterwards, the trio are joined by Sean, to spend time together on the farm. ("The Other Shoe")


Production Notes

  • Jacob was the casting call name which was given to Mr. Hyde's character.[1]


Fairytales and Folklore

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