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The only thing waiting in that prison is death.
—The guard to Jafar src

The Jabberwocky Tower is a Wonderland location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It appears in the ninth episode of the spin-off.


Before First Curse

An ancient creature known as the Jabberwocky is imprisoned in the tower for a hundred years by the strength of five hundred men. In her enclosure, she is pinned to the ceiling and held in place by the mystical vorpal blade. ("Nothing to Fear")

After First Curse

Many years later, the Caterpillar informs the sorcerer Jafar about an ancient creature called the Jabberwocky who may be able to procure what the sorcerer desires. Jafar consults Tweedledee about the whereabouts of the Jabberwocky. Tweedledee shares information about the Jabberwocky, but begs Jafar not to go after the creature. Jafar finds the opportunity too good not to pass up and travels to the tower where the creature was imprisoned. A guard stands guard outside the tower prison and attempts to stop Jafar from entering, warning him that no good comes from entering this god-forsaken place and that Jafar must turn back. The sorcerer easily kills the guard and makes his way inside the prison tower. Using a spell to produce flames from his staff, he examines his surroundings. He comes across the bodies of several guards who appear to have died young, without any wounds, as if they died of fear. Suddenly, a sultry, ethereal female voice echoes through the round metal chamber, asking why he’s there. He offers to set her free in exchange for her help in finding a genie. She warns him that she can read all his fears and darkest thoughts. He smugly tells her that he’s been around dark magic most of his life, and he has no fears, so she won’t be able to read his mind. She laughs and tells him she already has.

The disembodied voice agrees to join Jafar. She prompts him to look up, and he sees an eerie looking woman, part animal, pinned to the ceiling by a wicked looking sword. He summons the sword into his hand and she drops to the ground at his feet. She stretches her body animalistically, the bones of her back cracking and realigning. He steps back cautiously, but she only thanks him for releasing her. However, when she tries to take the weapon from him, he insists on holding onto it. Irked by his response, the Jabberwocky demonstrates her knowledge of Jafar's greatest fear—being drowned underwater by his father—and taunts him until he is frozen with fright. As she whispers his worst horror in his ear, he begins to feel as if he's drowning again, and seems on the point of collapse until the Jabberwocky releases him from her psychic grasp. He now understands the full force of her power. ("Nothing to Fear")


On-Screen Notes

  • The tower is featured in the title card for "Nothing to Fear".[1]
  • The tower is shaped like a giant chess pawn.[2] This is a reference to the novel Through the Looking-Glass, from which the Jabberwocky originates and where chess is the most important theme of the story. ("Nothing to Fear")



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