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After I parted ways with the lot of you, I followed the will-o'-the-wisps to find where the clans are keeping my brothers. The wisps led me to the Ivory Sea, so I stole a boat to make the crossing, but, unfortunately, the boat belonged to the wrong fella.

Merida to Belle src

The Ivory Sea is a DunBroch location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the sixth episode of the fifth season.


After First Curse

Merida joins her father King Fergus at a battle camp near the Ivory Sea, where members of clans DunBroch, Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall are preparing to fight against southern enemies who are planning to invade their territory. Lord Macintosh doesn't take her seriously because she is a woman, but Merida ignores his jibs and focuses on learning about the nature of war from her father. Fergus gifts her a bow and mentions getting her a tutor to teach her how to fight, but because Merida is eager to prove she is capable, she rushes into a sword duel with a nearby soldier. The mystery warrior quickly knocks her flat on the ground, much to the redhead's shock, but then, the soldier takes off the helmet, revealing she is a woman as well and introduces herself as Mulan. This new acquaintance teaches Merida how to duel properly and disarm her opponent, but also instructs her on being a warrior.

Although Fergus secretly procured a magic helm to guarantee a victory in battle, he decides to take his own advice by leading his men by sheer strength of character, and throws the helm into the Ivory Sea, having no more use for it.

During another sparring session by the sea, Merida hears a horn blow signaling the southerners' attack. Realizing her father had Mulan keep her away from direct combat, she hurries to join the battle. ("The Bear King")

Before Third Curse

After Merlin, Hook and Belle free Merida from the Camelot Castle's dungeon, Merida, believing Belle will be useful to her because of her magic knowledge, purposely distracts her before knocking her out, taking the girl with her into the Ivory Sea on a boat to DunBroch. Upon awakening, Belle expresses irritation at the redhead's forceful tactics, while Merida insists she couldn't risk asking for Belle's help and being turned down. After Merida explains the hard situation she is in where her brothers are taken captive by the United Clans, Belle agrees to help her.

After her brothers are successfully freed and the clans recognize her as their Queen, Merida sees Belle off in a boat. ("The Bear and the Bow")

To achieve the power of leading men to battle, Arthur instructs Zelena to get the enchanted helm from the deep waters of the Ivory Sea where King Fergus previously threw the helm. With help from Mulan's acquaintance Ruby, Merida and others discover Arthur was the knight who killed Fergus, though he insists the helm he took had no magic, helping Merida realize her father hadn't used the actual magic helm during the siege. To keep him from taking the real helm, she duels him, with Arthur retreating after Lord Macintosh, Dingwall and MacGuffin back her up and Ruby overpowers Zelena with the sleeping powder. ("The Bear King")


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