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This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest location.
For the New Wonderland location with a similar name, see Infinite Maze.

This is the Infinite Forest. There's no way out. Well, except... my way.
Rumplestiltskin to Prince Charming src

The Infinite Forest is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the ninth episode of the first season.

The Infinite Forest is based on the location of the same name from the fairytale "Hansel and Gretel".


Before First Curse

The Infinite Forest covers an unknown area of land. It consists of thick, overhanging pine trees, logs, bushes, flowers, grasses, and many other numerous wildlife and plant components. It is very dark and desolate, hand seems to carry onward toward an endless infinity of hills and mountains. When two siblings, Hansel and Gretel search for their missing father, they run into the Evil Queen, who agrees to help them if they procure something from the Blind Witch's house. After they deliver the item to the Queen, she suggests they can live with her, but the children only wish for their father. Since they refused her, the Queen entraps them to forever wander the Infinite Forest for their father's whereabouts. The Queen then orders the Woodcutter, the children's father she has been holding captive, and later condemns him to the same fate as Hansel and Gretel. ("True North")

Following his escape from the Queen's palace, Prince Charming attempts to track down Snow White. From her castle mirror, the Queen hinders the prince's efforts by sending him into the Infinite Forest. Unexpectedly, Rumplestiltskin arrives, enchanting Prince Charming's ring to find Snow White, but he'll only return it if the prince assists him in return. Prince Charming refuses, but after losing in a duel, he finally relents. By helping Rumplestiltskin hide a potion in a beast, he regains the ring. ("A Land Without Magic")

Some time after learning their unborn child can be good or evil, both Snow White and Prince Charming see into their baby's future by touching a unicorn's horn. After this excursion, the couple begin walking west towards home and help a peddler on the road. The peddler, having just escaped the west, warns them against going there, since Maleficent has staked her claim there after laying an egg. Instead, he redirects them into the Infinite Forest, telling them to keep to the road, until they reach a cottage, where a man will help them. ("Best Laid Plans")


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