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Rumplestiltskin: Ice powers you say?
Ingrid: And snow.
Rumplestiltskin: My, my. How intriguing. And such a rare gift.
Rumplestiltskin and Ingrid src

Ice Magic is a type of magic featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the third season.

Ice Magic is based on the same ability from the Disney film, Frozen, and the Snow Queen's powers from the fairytale.


Ice magic is the magical ability to control and create ice and cold temperatures for various purposes. So far, only members of the royal bloodline of Arendelle have demonstrated a propensity for this type of magic. According to Rumplestiltskin, it's a very rare gift. In both generations, it was inherited by the eldest female daughter who was also heir to the Arendelle throne. This magic can be specifically contained by a magic urn, which traps the user inside and seals away their power. It appears that unlike most forms of magic, this magic cannot be learned but the practitioner is naturally born with it. As so, the effects are very strong, being linked to the user's emotions, efficient practitioners, such as Ingrid, are capable of freezing whole kingdoms solid in one swipe of their hand. ("A Tale of Two Sisters", "The Snow Queen", "Smash the Mirror")

List of Uses

S Ep Effect By Intention
3 22 Freezing and destroying the Magic Urn Elsa Intentional
Leaving a trail of ice Unintentional
4 1 Leaving a trail of ice Unintentional
Freezing Storybrooke's sign Unintentional
Freezing Leroy's van Intentional
Freezing hands Unintentional
A swirl of snowflakes Unintentional
Creating a Snow Monster Unintentional
Freezing the door lock of Mr. Gold's Shop Intentional
2 Creating an ice barrier at the town line Intentional
Erecting icicles and causing an avalanche Unintentional
Melting a hole in the ice wall Intentional
Trying to remove the ice wall Intentional
Refreezing a melted carton of ice cream Ingrid Intentional
Freezing the fridges Intentional
4 3
Putting a spell in Marian's ice cream Ingrid Intentional
Freezing Hans into a statue Intentional
Freezing Hook's feet in place Intentional
Creating hanging icicles Intentional
Pulverizing icicles Intentional
Creating sharp icicles Elsa Intentional
4 4 Frosting the ground beneath Emma's car Ingrid Intentional
Leaving a trail of ice Intentional
4 5
Creating a human replica of Anna from ice Ingrid Intentional
Freezing a human replica of Anna into ice Intentional
Shackling Elsa with ice chains Intentional
Summoning a blizzard Intentional
Summoning a Snow Warrior Intentional
Materializing a mirror Intentional
Creating an ice bridge Elsa Intentional
Pulverizing ice chains Intentional
Blasting Ingrid with ice magic Intentional
4 6
Creating a snowflake Elsa Intentional
Creating a snowflake Ingrid Intentional
Summoning a storm Intentional
4 7
Freezing a tree branch Ingrid Unintentional
Materializing a mirror Intentional
Conjuring and throwing an icicle Intentional
A swirl of snowflakes Unintentional
Freezing sheriff's station door Intentional
Teleporting away in a flurry of snow Intentional
Pushing the Duke of Weselton away Unintentional
Blasting the Duke with ice Intentional
4 8
Freezing the Sorcerer's hat Ingrid Intentional
Attempting to blast Mr. Gold with ice Intentional
Pulverizing mirror shards Intentional
Freezing Anna, Kristoff, and all of Arendelle Intentional
4 9
Breaking a cave wall Elsa Intentional
4 10 Unveiling memory stones Ingrid Intentional
Pushing Anna away Intentional
4 11 Removing ice wall Elsa Intentional

Known Practitioners


On-Screen Notes

  • According to Rumplestiltskin, ice magic is very intriguing and rare gift. This is actually understandable, as out of many practitioners of magic, Elsa and Ingrid are the only known practitioners who have that ability. ("The Snow Queen")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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