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The Resurrection Amulet. [...] She wants us to bring it to the botanical garden greenhouse at midnight.

Kelly to Roni src

The Hyperion Heights Greenhouse,[1] also known as the Botanical Garden Greenhouse, is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the eleventh episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

Eloise Gardener goes to Kelly and offers to revive Lucy with Anastasia's magic if Kelly forfeits the Resurrection Amulet to her at the botanical garden greenhouse. Victoria Belfrey learns about what happened and decides to take matters into her own hands. Knowing that Kelly and Roni will never hand over the amulet willingly, she forces them at gunpoint to give the amulet to her. Roni warns that the cost of using the amulet is too high, but Victoria, not knowing that a life must be sacrificed for it to work, says that when it comes to their children, there is no such thing.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Rogers shares his suspicions with Weaver about Eloise hiding something, but he is skeptical about Weaver's theory that Eloise is in a cult. Weaver shows him a list of botanical gardens and greenhouses and suggests there will be a ritual involving a sacred orchid and a sacrifice that they have to stop before someone gets hurt.

Later that night, at the greenhouse, Victoria shows up to give the amulet to Eloise, in an effort to make up for what she did to Lucy. Anastasia is with Gothel and shirks from her mother at first, but thanks her for helping. Since the amulet is empty, Eloise has Anastasia touch the stone so it can absorb her magic. Anastasia is weakened by the brief draining before Gothel wipes her memory of the incident and commands her to go rest, which she promptly does by leaving the greenhouse.

As the amulet needs a sacrifice, Eloise summons Victoria's daughter Ivy into the ritual circle to take her life in exchange for Lucy's return. As the amulet begins to Ivy's life, she begs Gothel to stop, but the witch merely throws a sacred orchid into the circle to strengthen the spell. Ivy accuses her mother of planning this all along and that this is what she always wanted, while Victoria pleads ignorance. Victoria tries to stop Eloise at first, but when that doesn't work, she states that Ivy doesn't deserve this, but she does. Charging into the circle, she pushes Ivy out and says that if a life needs to be traded for Lucy's, Eloise can take hers. Eloise agrees to the change and proceeds to drain Victoria's life force into the amulet. A weakened Ivy questions her mother's actions, to which Victoria, moaning in pain and sorrow, apologizes for being so focused on one daughter when she already had Ivy by her side all this time. Upon choking out one last apology, Victoria collapses and tries to be reassuring to Ivy, who weeps and witnesses her mother take her last breath. Having managed to track down Eloise, Rogers and Weaver arrive in time to find Victoria dead as Ivy tells them her mother saved her from being the sacrifice, which finally makes Rogers believe in Weaver's findings. ("Secret Garden")

The following week, the Washington State Journal runs a story about Victoria's death, stating that the body of the successful businesswoman was found by her daughter Ivy in the Hyperion Heights Greenhouse.[1] ("A Taste of the Heights")


Props Notes

Filming Locations

  • The scenes at the botanical garden greenhouse were not filmed in a real greenhouse, but on a blue-screen set at The Bridge Studios.[2]



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