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Sabine: You must have a fairy godmother somewhere, because the perfect job just got posted.
Jacinda: A catering gig. At the ballet.
Sabine and Jacinda src

The Hyperion Heights Community Center[1] is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the second episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

Having been promised by Victoria Belfrey that she will receive a ticket to Lucy's ballet recital, Jacinda comes to Belfrey Towers to get it from Ivy, but her stepsister reveals the recital has since been turned into a charity event with each ticket costing $550. Jacinda is shocked by the price, knowing that Victoria did it on purpose to keep her away from Lucy, as her paycheck is only $500. She begs her stepmother to be lenient with her since she is trying her best, however, Victoria coldly remarks that second chances are earned, not given.

While talking to Henry, Jacinda bemoans her separation from Lucy. Henry offers to lend her money, however, Jacinda declines, not wanting to be saved like a damsel in distress and insists she can earn her own cash. Despite this, Henry refuses to give up, so he goes to the venue for the ballet and talks to Remy, who has been hired as a caterer for the charity event by Victoria Belfrey. Remy is convinced by Henry into having another open bar because of all the people attending, however, this means he needs to hire more servers. Henry offers to help by finding people for him and puts up a job listing on a work gig app, which attracts both Jacinda and her roommate Sabine as new servers. Jacinda, still reluctant, goes along with it for the sake of seeing Lucy again. After the two women arrive for the job, Remy asks them if they've worked as servers before, which they confirm they have, to which he expresses relief to have found people on such short notice. He then directs them to work under Henry's instructions.

Jacinda is overjoyed to be reunited with Lucy prior to the recital, while Lucy is delighted not only to see her mother but also to learn Henry was involved, as she hopes it means he is starting to believe. While mother and daughter are reunited, Sabine pointedly asks Henry if he is in love with Jacinda, to which Henry nervously denies it before explaining he's just trying to fix his past mistakes. Meanwhile, Victoria learns that Henry helped Jacinda secure a job at the charity event. She tasks Detectives Weaver and Rogers with driving Henry out of Hyperion Heights, even if it means incriminating him on false charges. Weaver tasks Rogers with slipping Victoria's bracelet into the man's pocket and framing him for theft. As Jacinda is engrossed with watching her daughter's performance on stage, Rogers purposely bumps into Henry, but instead of slipping Victoria's bracelet into his apron, he puts in a keychain he swiped from Henry's apartment earlier.

After the recital, Weaver demands the bartenders, including Henry, turn out their pockets so they can find who stole the bracelet. Jacinda, livid that he is singling them out for theft, gets into an argument with him. Before things turn physical, Henry intervenes, causing him to be bruised in the face by Weave. Weaver then demands Henry reveal what is in his apron, which Henry follows through with, and to the surprise of both of them, it's the keychain. ("A Pirate's Life")


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