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This is where Henry's belief went to die. This is where he thinks his family is.

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Hyperion Heights Cemetery is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the third episode of the seventh season.


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During Fifth Curse


Set Dressing

  • A headstone prop used for the filming of the episode "Is This Henry Mills?" reads "In memory of Americus Van Reese".[1] Americus Van Reese is listed as the author of one of the books sitting next to the paperback edition of Isaac's novel Heroes and Villains in "Operation Mongoose Part 1".[2] His name also appears in the bestseller list that Isaac reads in "Operation Mongoose Part 2".[3] In both episodes, he is listed as the author of the fictional novel Olivia Marque's Funeral. However, the headstone with his name on it does not appear on-screen.

Filming Locations



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    Note the identical buildings in each image
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