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*[[Victoria Belfrey]]
*[[Victoria Belfrey]]
*[[Witch (The Garden of Forking Paths)|Witch]]
|employees = [[Cop]]
|employees = [[Cop]]
*Davoic<ref name="names">[[:File:703OrTheDullest.png]]</ref>
*Davoic<ref name="names">[[:File:703OrTheDullest.png]]</ref>

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The Hyperion Heights Police Station is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the first episode of the seventh season.


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On-Screen Notes

  • The station Weaver and Rogers work at belongs to Seattle police department's 42nd precinct.[2] ("Beauty")
  • Its phone numbers are (206) 555-0176 and (206) 555-0148.[2] ("Beauty")

Filming Locations



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    Note that this article erroneously states that a school in New Westminster doubles as the police station for the exterior scene where Rogers crosses the street and runs in the door to break up a fight in "Greenbacks"; however, the building on the photos is the home of the Lower Mainland Purpose Society:

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