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I'll help you. Some of us still care about police work.

Rogers to Henry Mills src

The Hyperion Heights 42nd Precinct Police Station[1] is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

In the neighborhood of Hyperion Heights, Henry goes into the precinct after discovering his parked car is missing. He asks Samuel, the sergeant, for help, but the man only makes a faux attempt at "looking" under his desk before proclaiming he wasn't able to find the car. Another officer, Rogers, intervenes and has Henry fill out some paperwork about the missing vehicle before he checks the local impoundments. After some searching, Rogers turns up with no trace of the vehicle anywhere. Henry expresses frustration over the news, however, he quickly calms down after Rogers assures him he's on his side and just needs more time. Victoria shows up at the station looking for her missing granddaughter Lucy, and she notes to Rogers that Lucy's mother Jacinda is also suspiciously gone. Suspecting Henry knows where they are, Victoria agrees to help get his car back if he tells her the truth. After Rogers retrieves Lucy and brings her into Victoria's custody, he returns to the police station, where Samuel congratulates him for his promotion to Detective, in part due to Victoria's recommendation. Rogers then walks down a hallway to a backroom to meet his new partner, Weaver, who shakes his hand and assures him they will do great work together. ("Hyperion Heights")

Outside the precinct building, Weaver waits by a police cruiser for his new partner to show up, and when Rogers arrives, he chides him for being late. Rogers protests that their shift doesn't start for another hour, however, Weaver criticizes him for not considering that he chose him for this job despite the other officers complaining Rogers wouldn't work well with a fake hand. Rogers is puzzled by this, wondering why Weaver would choose him when he doesn't even know him. Weaver suggests he'll have the answer when he's a bigshot detective one day, and then tosses him the car keys, telling him to drive since he is the new guy. ("A Pirate's Life")

In an attempt to prove a certain employee from building commissions is accepting a bribe from Victoria, Rogers prints out information at the police station about the man, Michael Griffiths, who is an executive director. He grabs the papers and begins heading out when Weaver asks him to tag a folder as evidence. Rogers declines because he is busy, lying about having to be present for a court date for a parking ticket he wrote up. After catching Michael in possession of the cash that Victoria gave him, Rogers brings him to the station, however, Weaver drops the charges and allows Michael to leave. Rogers is irked at him for letting a criminal go, to which Weaver reprimands him for lying and his poor attempt at doling out justice when it'll only attract unwanted attention from Victoria. Weaver then curtly tells Rogers to enjoy the rest of his day off; implying he should be off from duty because of the stunt he just tried to pull. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Receiving a report about an unruly drunk man, Sam, at a cabaret, the sergeant takes him back to the station. Sam proceeds to get physical with the sergeant, slamming him against a wall and punching him, but Rogers rushes in time to save his fellow officer. As Sam is unconscious on the floor, the sergeant goes to secure handcuffs on him, during which Rogers notices a tattoo on the man's wrist that resembles a drawing from the missing girl Eloise's notebook. Later in another room, Rogers interrogates him about the tattoo's origins, and Sam claims to have gotten it while he was serving a prison sentence as a way to ward off evil. Rogers doesn't believe him, but the man stands by his words. As Rogers leaves, Sam protests about not being let go despite helping him, though Rogers implies he is lucky as the man he got into an altercation with at the cabaret didn't want to press charges against him. To thank Rogers for helping Jacinda find a truck at the impound lot, Sabine drops by the precinct to give him a bag of her homemade beignets. Rogers reveals the fire that broke out earlier at her workplace was deliberately set by someone, which both he and Sabine suspect is Victoria's doing. As the pair continue talking in the station, Sam watches them from across the street, where he informs someone on the phone that they have a problem since Rogers is looking for Eloise. ("Greenbacks")

Following a short stay at the hospital for a gunshot wound, Weaver discharges himself in order to return to work, despite Rogers telling him that their captain wants him to rest for another week. Weaver refuses and informs him of his plans of going to the station to have a chat with the captain. Later, Roni and Lucy turn up at Weaver's work desk and ask him to procure information about a woman named Regina Mills who applied for an adoption in Boston. Weaver questions why he should assist them, to which Roni agrees to owe him one if he does. ("Wake Up Call")

Awake and aware of his precursed life, Weaver takes out the Dark One Dagger from a box in the police evidence room. He quickly puts the dagger away when Rogers comes in, confronting him about making his street informant, Tilly, give him false proof about Eloise's supposed death. Weaver admits he was acting on Victoria's orders, but the real reason he did it was to protect Rogers from himself as he is not ready to know the whole truth about what is going on in Hyperion Heights. Rogers vows to find Eloise now that Weaver has confirmed his suspicions that she is still alive, even though Weaver insists Eloise is not who he is truly looking for. ("Eloise Gardener")

After Rogers successfully rescues Eloise and has Victoria arrested for imprisoning her, he arrives at the station as the other officers applaud him for his heroism. Weaver, however, cautions Rogers that he has no idea what he's blown open by solving the case. Eloise brings a cake for Rogers as thanks for saving her. Rogers asks about how she is doing and if she has seen her therapist yet, to which the Witch admits she still has nightmares and that she did try to go to therapy but it didn't work out. Rogers hands her his card, telling her to call him if she ever needs anything, with the Witch thanking him for being her white knight. Later, Roni drops by the station in search of Weaver, but Rogers doesn't know where he is. She persuades him to try reaching out to Tilly again and to not judge her too harshly for obeying Weaver as she believes the girl only allowed herself to be a pawn because she had no other option. Upon noticing Eloise's cake, Roni promptly dumps it into the trash, much to Rogers' confusion, with her telling him that too much sugar will kill him. ("Pretty in Blue")

While in jail, Victoria is brought to the visiting room to see her daughter, Ivy, who questions her about the location of her sister Anastasia's body. Victoria, knowing Ivy wants the magic left in Anastasia, refuses to tell her. After the pair exchange scathing insults toward each other, Ivy leaves the room, telling her mother to enjoy prison life. Weaver then comes in to take Victoria back to her cell, but she tries to entice him into a deal. Victoria begins mentioning his prolificacy for collecting things, the wife he is separated from, and the dagger he has. She then questions him on how his search for the Guardian is going and agrees to give him all the necessary information if he helps her with reviving Anastasia. Weaver steps forward, seemingly to put a handcuff on Victoria's wrist, but instead attaches it to his belt as he tells her that the deal is on. Outside the station, Rogers is livid to see that Victoria is now a free woman. Weaver explains that the judge threw out the charges since Rogers did not a warrant. Knowing Weaver pulled some strings to secure Victoria's release for something in return, Rogers vows to find out what that is. Weaver advises him to not as ignoring his advice thus far will only do more damage. Not to be deterred, Rogers sets off a fire alarm in order to get into the police station evidence room, where he finds a pirate book in a bag before his interest is piqued by a box of files. In it, he finds folders with information on several people; Victoria, Ivy, Sam, himself, and Sabine. ("One Little Tear")

Once Anastasia is revived, Weaver persuades Victoria into allowing him to test her daughter to see if she is the Guardian, in exchange for protecting her from Gothel and Ivy, who both want the girl for her magic. In the police evidence room, presents Anastasia with a set of knives and asks her to determine if any of them have magic. Anastasia picks up one but senses no magic in it, and then, without warning, she causes all the knives to fly and pierce a nearby cabinet. When the girl speculates there might be magic in there, Weaver reveals she is correct and pulls out his dagger from the cabinet. Anastasia is fearful of her powers, but Weaver assures her that her magic can do good things, and in particular, he needs her help with healing Lucy. He has her write down a pattern of runes, which will cast a spell to save Lucy, but Anastasia begins to panic when she senses Gothel approaching, causing her powers to go haywire. Weaver attempts to calm her down, but as Gothel makes her presence known, Anastasia's blast of magic knocks away Weaver, Victoria, and Gothel and renders all three of them unconscious. Frightened and alone, Anastasia flees the room and runs into Ivy, who pretends to be on her side and gives her magic dampening bracelets before leading her away. Later after Weaver wakes up, he finds a token bearing a symbol from the Coven of the Eight just as Rogers and Tilly report seeing the same symbol under the bridge. Rogers wonders what it could mean, to which Weaver ominously tells him that "they" are here; in reference to the coven of witches led by Gothel. ("The Eighth Witch")

As Rogers asks for more information on who "they" are, Weaver tells him that Eloise is a member of a dangerous cult and though she was seduced into it, she eventually became its leader and is now attempting to recruit other girls, such as Victoria's other daughter Anastasia, who is still trapped in the cult. Rogers finds this hard to believe and remains certain Eloise is innocent. After paying a visit to Eloise at her apartment, Rogers returns to the precinct to tell Weaver about his suspicions that she is hiding something, although he still doesn't think she is in a cult. Weaver shows him a file on the botanical garden greenhouse, where he believes Eloise intends to hold a ritual involving a sacred orchid and a human sacrifice. Despite his continued skepticism, Rogers goes there with Weaver to investigate the situation. ("Secret Garden")

In the wake of Victoria's death, Rogers blames himself for her passing as she would still be alive if he hadn't rescued Eloise. Weaver suggests there were forces at work beyond his control, but that the situation can still be repaired. He shows Rogers a file on Andrea Sage, the doctor overseeing Lucy at the hospital who died on the same night as Victoria. Although the death was ruled as due to natural causes, Weaver finds it suspicious that a lock of Doctor Sage's hair was missing. Rogers theorizes it was another coven member who killed her, and Weaver agrees, stating that person could lead them right back to Eloise. ("A Taste of the Heights")

While Rogers is at his desk working, Tilly comes in hoping to interest him in a chess match. He is too busy, even though Tilly insists a game could help on a bad day. When he asks what she means by that, she shrugs, stating she has a feeling something terrible will happen soon. Rogers eventually tells her to go home, and as Tilly leaves the station, Weaver comes in to update him on Hilda, the coven member who was attacked but is now recovering at the hospital, where guards are posted outside her door. Eloise shows up to provide information about the killer, but in the interrogation room, she takes offense at being treated like a culprit when Weaver questions her about where she was during Victoria's death. As Eloise refuses to talk to anyone but Rogers, Weaver warns his partner to not be manipulated by her. Rogers assures him he'll be fine and intends to let Eloise believe she is in control of the situation. Weaver then watches the security camera in the interrogation room, where Eloise persuades Rogers that he cannot know the killer without knowing himself first. Eloise makes a request to see one of his paintings, which Rogers goes along with, much to Weaver's frustration. While Rogers is away, Tilly is in the security room and cautions Weaver about how dangerous Eloise is. Although Weaver agrees with her, both he and Rogers send her away. Tilly then sees Eloise mockingly waving to her through the security monitor, while Weaver remains oblivious to what is going on. Rogers presents Eloise with a painting he made of a ship on the ocean, and after she inquires about the significance of it, he states he had a childhood fascination with the sea although he never fulfilled his dream of seeing it in real life. When further probed by Eloise, Rogers admits he never did because he has no one to share the experience with. Eloise explains the correlation between his pain which is expressed through art, and the killer's pain which is being expressed through death. She reveals the murderer's victims receive a specific gift, chocolate marzipan truffles in a heart-shaped box before they are killed. Later when Tilly is suspected to have killed Hilda at the hospital, Weaver goes back to the station to buy some time while Rogers tracks down the girl to prove her innocence. ("Knightfall")

To clear Tilly's name, Rogers retrieves a security camera from inside the troll statue's eye and reviews it at the police station. He fast-forwards the footage to 3:20 PM, the time of Hilda's death, to see Tilly walking past the statue at the exact time, proving she could have not possibly been responsible for the woman's death. On Tilly's way out, she turns back to say something to Rogers but then hesitates before simply thanking him for helping her. After Rogers realizes Tilly left her backpack at the station, he leaves to go return it to her. ("The Girl in the Tower")

At the police station, the killer's penchant for gifting his victims a heart-shaped chocolate box earns him the nickname "the Candy Killer" by the officers working there. Rogers enters Weaver's office, noticing his partner is gluing together pieces of a chipped cup, before asking if he wants to grab some lunch and continue working on the Candy Killer case. Weaver declines, deciding they both need a break, and remarks that his wife used to say wandering another path leads people to where they need to go, hence why he is focusing on fixing the cup. After Rogers leaves to go to the market to pick up more marmalade for Tilly, who is now living with him, Samuel gives Weaver a photocopy of a security footage still of Anastasia outside of an abandoned restaurant, telling him that she matches the description of the girl he has been looking for. ("Sisterhood")

Upon finding a copy of Henry's novel that the killer wrote in, Weaver persuades Henry to come to the station evidence room to figure out the killer's motives. Henry has a hard time doing so because the stories in his novel were always meant to be a symbol of hope and now the killer is using it for twisted ideas. Weaver suggests he has the means to stop the killer, but Henry becomes frustrated over being depended upon when he doesn't actually have the answers. To change his mind, Weaver compares Henry's likeness to his fictional namesake, who had hope and belief, and the best part about the character was his ability to fight for those things like Henry will. Henry agrees, stating he wrote himself into the stories to connect with them, leading him to he realizes the killer sees himself as a character in the novel too. Rogers arrives to join Weaver, which is perfect timing as Henry deducts from the Hansel and Gretel chapter that the killer believes himself to be Hansel and is possibly a burn victim who is avenging his sister's death. Rogers then leaves to begin looking up matches for burn or scar victims who may have had a twin sister. Henry still plans to go to New York, but before he departs from the room, Weaver asks him to consider that leaving is the wrong choice. ("Breadcrumbs")

One morning at work, Samuel notifies Rogers that Henry's car was found abandoned on the side of the road with a flat tire. Kelly walks in with her daughter Margot, with Rogers noticing she is holding the tell-tale sign of being the Candy Killer's next target: a heart-shaped chocolate box. He tries to talk to her about it, and though Kelly only wants to speak with Weaver, he insists she comes with him to the cafeteria so she can answer some questions. However, Kelly lies about needing to make a phone call first, leaving Margot and Rogers to proceed to the cafeteria first without her, while she goes to Weaver's office. Kelly shows the chocolate box to Weaver, who sardonically wonders how it feels for her to finally be chosen first before her sister. When Kelly asks about the killer's identity, Weaver admits his name in Hyperion Heights is still unknown but his New Enchanted Forest name was Hansel, shocking Kelly, who remembers how greatly she wronged him in the past. Weaver is not interested in helping her, but when reminded by her that letting her die will keep him from reuniting with Belle, he leads her to the evidence room, where he returns her old Oz pendant to her. Though it no longer has magic, he believes it'll help her survive as it has before. Kelly expresses frustration over having to continually pay for mistakes she made in the past even though she's changed from her old self, and Weaver suggests she should accept it is a part of her whether she wants it or not. She then compares the both of them having bad parts of themselves they cannot be rid of no matter how hard they try. Weaver believes in allowing things to stay as they are because it proves how far they've come and how much they have to lose. While Kelly returns to the bar, Margot stays at the station under Weaver's protection. After Nick's arrest, he is held in the interrogation room, where the lights flicker before Mr. Samdi enters. He reveals to Nick that he was the one who woke him up, in the hopes he would take care of Gothel for him. Nick asks for another chance to finish off the witch, but Samdi states the opportunity is gone now that he has been caught and is too much of a wild card to remain in the deck. Samdi then shoves a needle into a voodoo doll; causing Nick's chest to spasm until he collapses dead over the table. ("Chosen")

As Nick is being held in the interrogation room, Weaver unlocks the door as Rogers goes in with him, only to find the man is now dead. Rogers doesn't think murder is possible since no one else had the key for the room and he speculates Nick died from a medical condition, but Weaver finds straw left behind by the voodoo that Samdi used to kill Nick. After discovering the dagger missing from its box in the evidence locker, Weaver leaves the station in a tense state and tells his partner he is going after the person responsible for Nick's death as Rogers is unnerved by how he has never seen Weaver this scared before. Rogers replays the footage of Nick in the interrogation room when he was still alive, however, the camera cuts out and he is unable to see the moments leading up to Nick's murder. Samuel asks if there is something wrong with the TV and Rogers explains that an electrical surge wiped the footage, which Samuel comments is bad timing before handing Rogers the pictures and asking if they are his, which he confirms they were taken from the cameras across the street during Nick's death. On several of the stills, Drew is present in the area. When Roger is asked by Henry for a chance to talk to Nick despite knowing it's against police protocol, he reveals what happened at the station recently, leaving Henry shocked at his former friend's passing. Henry, still wanting answers about something Nick previously showed him, persuades Rogers to allow him access to Nick's apartment to search for the item. The two then leaves the station to head over to the apartment together. At the evidence locker, Roni confronts Weaver for stealing her potion which she needed for curing Henry's poisoned heart, and that he used it locate the dagger. Weaver explains that he found it in the possession of the Guardian, Tilly, who was protecting it. Roni scoffs over the fact the dagger was never in danger, and that he betrayed her trust for his own selfishness. Before storming out, she puts an end to their dealings by declaring he has not changed no matter how much he believes he has. Later, Henry brings coffee to Rogers in his office, as a pick-me-up after his confrontation with Drew. Rogers, who was warned by Drew to review Nick's autopsy report in order to understand how powerful Samdi is, shares the results with Henry, who is in disbelief that Nick died after being stabbed in the heart from the inside of his body. ("The Guardian")

As Samuel is attending to the front desk at the station, he sees Eloise come in and comments on her status as a weird cult leader before asking if she is visiting Rogers and Weaver. Eloise instead insists she needs help from someone in his position, to which Samuel declines, but Eloise uses magical persuasion to compel him into agreeing to track down her coven sisters. While Drew is being held in the interrogation room, Rogers enters to talk to him about the implausible way that Nick died. Drew states Samdi did it with magic, and he explains that while such a thing doesn't exist in a land without magic, pockets of it have made their way to this world. He further brings up the fact Nick was killing off women who were witches in a coven and declares there is a war brewing that no one in Hyperion Heights is safe from. Later in his office, Rogers crosses out the word "cult" in Eloise's file and writes in the word "coven". Tilly comes to him in a frenzy about Eloise, who claims she is Tilly's mother, despite how crazy it sounds. Rogers believes there is something more going on and agrees to help her figure it all out. ("Flower Child")

After escaping from the coven's grasp as one of their rituals is underway, Rogers finds Weaver at the police station and demands an explanation for the crazy things he saw while he was being held hostage. Weaver states magic is real and everything in Henry's book actually happened. He urges Rogers not to believe based on proof what he is saying is true but to take a leap of faith by believing in what he witnessed with his own eyes. As Rogers recalls Gothel revealing that he is Tilly's father and the subsequent pain he felt from being close to Tilly, Weaver explains that the familial was always there and the curse on Rogers' heart was Gothel's way of keeping him away from his daughter. Rogers then realizes that is probably why he couldn't be near Tilly when he tried to rescue her earlier from a strange ritual she was embroiled in. Weaver comes up with an idea to save her, and when Rogers asks who he was in the other life he lived, Weaver simply tells him that he was a survivor and a captain. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

After Fifth Curse
Sometime after the Dark Curse is broken, Weaver returns to the police evidence locker on his own and opens a safe, where he keeps a book of his and Belle's travel memories. He is shocked to see the book is missing and then leaves the precinct to go find it. ("Is This Henry Mills?")




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