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Brought your lucky flower... a hyacinth.
Henry Mills to Cinderella src

Hyacinths are a plant species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.


After Fourth Curse
While riding around the New Enchanted Forest on his motorcycle, Henry nearly crashes into a woman on a horse-drawn carriage. He manages to avoid her, but the panicked horse causes the carriage to veer off the road, throwing the woman from her seat and knocking her unconscious onto a bed of hyacinths. Henry, realizing she is Cinderella from the glass slippers she is wearing, helps her up. Later when Henry tracks her down at a royal ball, he gifts her a hyacinth flower bud by placing the stem it in her hair. ("Hyperion Heights")

During Fifth Curse

After tricking Henry into coming to Hyperion Heights to reclaim his laptop, Lucy loiters in the abandoned community gardens, where she scatters hyacinth seeds onto the soil beds. That night at work, Jacinda finds a quarter and goes to the gardens' wishing well. She makes a wish before throwing the coin in, and magically, one of the flower seeds that Lucy planted earlier sprout from the soil into a fully bloomed hyacinth. ("Hyperion Heights")

In her office, Victoria looks over a handwritten note that Lucy sent her, in which she wrote about the hyacinths in the garden. Nearby, a bouquet of those hyacinths sits in a vase. When Detective Weaver comes in with his partner Rogers, he notices the way Victoria is glaring at the flowers and wonders if she means to make them wilt or burst into flames with her gaze alone. ("A Pirate's Life")

Unable to see Lucy because Victoria now has custody of her, Jacinda goes to the gardens, where the hyacinths are growing, in order to leave a letter for her, but she is caught by Victoria, who announces her plans of demolishing the area to build new condos. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

While Victoria is in her office during an evening, the hyacinths are still on the table when Ivy comes in and tries to offer her support. ("Greenbacks")

As Victoria is nursing a migraine, Ivy ponders if the pollen in the hyacinths are the reason she feels unwell. She then takes the flowers to Eloise, who deducts a seed of magic in them, however, she cannot harvest it without soil to grow it in. After Ivy fetches them, Eloise plucks some of the hyacinth petals and buries them in the soil, she is able to magically grow a plant with liquid capable of triggering someone's memories. ("Wake Up Call")

While an unconscious Lucy is staying at the local hospital, a bunch of hyacinths in a vase are placed by her bed.[1] ("Secret Garden")

Paying her respects to Victoria after her death, Lucy visits her gravesite with her mother and places a bouquet of hyacinths there. ("A Taste of the Heights")

When Lucy comes to find Roni at the bar to tell her about Henry's poisoned heart and that he'll die if the curse breaks, Roni confirms that, since they last spoke, she remembers her life as the Evil Queen. She agrees to help Lucy beat the curse with a secret mission she dubs Operation Hyacinth. ("Knightfall")


On-Screen Notes

  • Hyacinths are Cinderella's lucky flowers. ("Hyperion Heights")
  • Cinderella's cursed counterpart is named "Jacinda". It is a variant form of "Jacinta",[2] which is the Spanish and Portuguese feminine form of the name "Hyacinthus".[3] This name is the Latinized form of the Greek name "Hyakinthos", which is derived from the name of the hyacinth flower.[4] ("Hyperion Heights" et al.)


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Note: Hyacinths appear next to Lucy's hospital bed in "Secret Garden".[1]


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