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This article focuses on the Wish Realm version of Hook.

I wouldn't get between a father and his child. [...] Because a child... That's why I'm doing all this in this first place. I'm trying to find my daughter.

—Hook (Wish Realm) to Hook src

Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook, also known as Nook,[1] and currently known as Rogers, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the eleventh episode of the sixth season. He is portrayed by starring cast member Colin O'Donoghue, and is the Wish Realm version of Hook.

Hook is based on Flynn Rider from the Disney film Tangled, and takes the place of the prince from the fairytale "Rapunzel". He is also an allusion to Charles Kingsleigh from the live-action Disney film Alice in Wonderland.


After Third Curse

In the realm created by the Evil Queen's wish for Emma to have never been the Savior, Killian Jones and his counterpart's history are the same, up to the point when the Evil Queen casts the Dark Curse in the Enchanted Forest and her other version fails to cast it in the created realm. ("Tougher Than the Rest", "A Pirate's Life")

In anticipation of the Evil Queen casting the Dark Curse, Hook speaks to his crew to prepare them for its arrival, however, the Queen informs him that she is now unable to cast it because Snow White and Prince Charming have taken away her magic. Wanting safe passage on Hook's ship to leave the kingdom and avoid being captured by the couple, she offers him an alternative to killing Rumplestiltskin with a map to a witch's tower, where he can find magic capable of defeating an immortal like Rumplestiltskin. For the journey to the New Enchanted Forest, Hook brings Smee along with him to the outskirts of the tower, where he climbs up alone and discovers Rapunzel inside. He asks about the witch's magic, to which Rapunzel shows him a flower that no longer has magic in it as it was used to imprison her. After she advises that a viable flower can be found in the witch's garden nearby, Hook agrees to come back for her once he has gotten it, despite Rapunzel's skepticism of him. Arriving at the garden with Smee, Hook sings a pirate's tune about rum, triggering a giant-sized gnome into attacking both men. Smee insists he try a different song, so Hook sings a few lines from a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him. This reveals the flower's location, which Hook grabs in time, causing the gnome to crumble away. He then returns to Rapunzel, who is thankful that he kept his promise to her. Hook asks about how she will use the flower to free herself, but Rapunzel gives a vague answer before seducing him into her bed. The next morning, Hook talks to Rapunzel about when they are set to leave, only to be interrupted by the sound of a crying baby. To his shock, she tells him that the child is his and then sheds her disguise to reveal herself as Gothel, the witch he was seeking. Gothel explains how she used him as well as the flower's magic to gain someone of her own bloodline, whom she intends to leave in her place so she can finally escape the tower. She assures him she left one petal for him to use for his revenge, however, when Hook is reluctant to abandon the child, she reminds him that he has most likely sacrificed many lives to satisfy his revenge. Still, Hook turns her down in the end, leaving Gothel to depart alone. Hook later fulfills his deal with the Queen, but he gives his ship to Smee, deciding not to pursue his revenge anymore as he now has someone more important to look after. Returning to the tower, he sings his mother's lullaby to his infant daughter, whom he also names Alice in honor of his mother. ("Eloise Gardener")

As Alice grows up into a young girl, she and her father often play chess together in the tower. One night, she has a nightmare about the witch, Gothel, flinging her father out of the tower, and begins to fear the dream will eventually come true. Hook decides he will do whatever it takes to help her escape, and he leaves her a white knight chess piece, promising to come back as soon as he is finished with his mission. She, in turn, gives him a black rook. Going back to the Wish Realm, Hook seeks out an old enemy, Rumplestiltskin, who remains powerless and trapped in a dungeon, agreeing to free him if the latter gives him magic capable of allowing Alice to leave the tower. Rumplestiltskin accepts the deal and tells him about Maui's fish hook, a magical item in Captain Ahab's possession which can shatter any prison. At a tavern, Hook catches up with Smee before meeting Ahab, who arrogantly regards him as old and past his prime. Hook, uninterested in bloodshed, instead wagers the Jolly Roger in a game of dice for the fish hook. Channeling a bit of luck from the black rook, he rolls a winning hand and gains the hook, however, Ahab taunts him about going soft as rumors say he gave up on hunting down his crocodile. Hook boldly lies, stating that he intends to use the weapon to kill the Dark One. On return to the dungeon, he is in the midst of asking Rumplestiltskin how the hook works when Ahab shows up, proclaiming him weak for not killing the Dark One but actually needing his help to protect Alice. Ahab demands a public duel with Hook so others can see him for who he really is, while Rumplestiltskin insists Hook free him first and he can destroy Ahab for him. Wanting to fight his own battles, Hook consents to a pistol duel, during which he and Ahab both walk 10 paces in opposite directions before turning and aiming at each other. As Hook fires his shot, he has flashbacks of happy moments with his daughter before Ahab's bullet nicks his arm. Ahab is mortally wounded, making Hook the winner of the duel, however, Hook realizes his family is more important than his pride. He rushes back to Alice and shows her the hook that will free her, but when she tries to hug him, he is thrown into the wall. As a result of Hook's heart being poisoned by Gothel, his chest begins to burn and a strange mark appears on Alice's arm as a result of her attempt to get close to him. Only then, Gothel reveals to Alice that her father took a little detour before returning to her and the bullet that grazed him during the duel was coated with the poison currently affecting him. She then banishes him out of the tower, and as Hook struggles in pain, she takes the fish hook and teleports away, leaving him helpless as he listens to Alice's cries for help from within her prison. At some point after this, Hook encounters Lady Tremaine. ("A Pirate's Life", "Eloise Gardener", "Knightfall")

As the years pass, Hook grows old and disheveled and begins to resemble a clumsy drunkard. One day in the Wish Realm, he hears that Princess Emma has been kidnapped and a large ransom will be rewarded by her family if she is returned to them safely. He tracks her down in the forest with Pinocchio, whom he believes is holding her captive, before attempting a daring rescue, but Emma tries to dissuade him from it. Instead, Hook grabs one of Pinocchio's belongings, stumbling for a moment about what to call the strange object, to which Pinocchio awkwardly points out to him that it's a chisel. Before the pirate can do anything else though, Emma knocks him unconscious, making him drop the chisel, and then teleports him back to his ship. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

While living at a small hovel near the sea, where Hook loses himself in booze after giving up hope of ever reuniting with Alice, a mermaid named Ariel befriends him and steers him back onto the right path in life. With her persuasion, Hook decides to resume searching for a way to be with Alice again. ("Homecoming")

After Fourth Curse

In time, Hook somehow learns about the true love shared between his other counterpart and Emma and travels the realms in search of Emma, hoping that she may be the key to breaking the curse on his heart. Due to the wish Emma's son Henry makes while in the New Enchanted Forest, Hook from the Wish Realm is taken to this land, where the other Hook also arrives to help Henry. Hook from the Wish Realm follows his counterpart to a port town and announces his plans to take his place; although the other Hook believes that he will be easy to defeat due to his drunkenness, the pirate reveals he hasn't touched rum in some time and skillfully knocks him unconscious before bottling some of his blood. He brings the blood to Lady Tremaine, who is less than thrilled to see him again, offering to help her deal with Henry, who has fallen in love with Cinderella, in exchange for her disguising him as the younger Hook so that he may take his place in Storybrooke with Emma. Tremaine agrees, using the Fairy Godmother's wand and Hook's blood to accomplish this feat. Hook locates Henry and Regina in a forest cabin, spinning a story of encountering Cinderella at the port just before she fled and giving Henry a note supposedly written from her stating that she has no interest in ever seeing him again. Heartbroken, Henry determines that he has failed, despite Regina's protests, and he hurls the note into the fire before storming out to prepare to return to Storybrooke. Regina insists that Hook go cheer up Henry, which Hook reluctantly attempts to do. However, when Henry questions how Emma is doing, Hook becomes flustered as he does not know the answer, only to be saved when Emma herself arrives with the announcement that she is pregnant. Horrified that he is taking the other Hook's child just as the witch once did to him, Hook has a change of heart and goes to recover his counterpart and apologize. The other Hook, however, refuses to believe him, and in the following scuffle Hook from the Wish Realm is stabbed by his own dagger. As Wish Realm Hook is dying, he tells his counterpart the tale of his daughter and begs for forgiveness before asking him to help find her, but Hook insists that Emma can save him. When Emma finally arrives, she manages to connect with the Hook she once fell in love with and fully heals his wound. Before Emma and Hook return home, they encourage Hook from the Wish Realm to team up with Henry to find Cinderella and his daughter. Hook, Regina, and Henry bid farewell to the happy couple as they disappear through a magic bean portal to return home. ("A Pirate's Life")

After Regina gets her locator spell to work, Hook accompanies her and Henry to a camp, finding Cinderella has since joined Tiana in a Resistance to take down Lady Tremaine. Cinderella mistakes Hook to be Henry's father, but the captain introduces himself to clear up the misunderstanding. As Tiana is going over the battle plans, which involve two separate groups of Resistance members each heading for Tremaine's manor on opposite sides, she mentions that she will be leading one of them. While Henry and Regina decide to join Cinderella in one group, Hook asks if he can go with Tiana. She agrees, saying that they need all the help they can get, before telling everyone to rest up for the night before they head out in the morning. The next day, Tiana informs Hook and Henry that they should be going soon, to which Hook coyly notes that his hook is sharp and always ready. When Cinderella reveals Tremaine has a trap set for them in her manor, Tiana calls off the plan by asking everyone to pack up. Tiana then walks away on her own, while Hook turns to stare at her retreating form. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

While Hook is the midst of learning from Regina that the tower where his daughter was imprisoned is now in ruins, his now-grown daughter Alice arrives to reunite with him. Alice tries to hug him, but a wary Hook keeps his distance because his heart is still cursed. After she assures him that she found magic to shield herself from it, Hook embraces her, only to be hurled backward by the curse as the poison in his heart rapidly increases. Alice tries to go to him, but this worsens her father's pain, which causes her so much distress that she runs off. While Regina stays to look after Hook, Henry and Ella pursue Alice and follow her to New Wonderland. After this adventure, Henry and Ella return to a recovering Hook and give him Alice's knight chess piece, telling him that Alice believes they can be together again someday once he is cured. ("Pretty in Blue")

As Henry pursues an experience with adventure and danger, Hook and Ella accompany him into a cave to slay a golden dragon, only to find a scrounger freeloading on wine that the beast left behind after it migrated elsewhere. While Ella marches the man out of the cave, Hook listens to Henry's longing for heroism and a prestigious reputation so he can be worthy enough of Ella's hand in marriage as he feels he has nothing to offer her. At some point after this, Hook gets in touch with Black Beard of the Wish Realm, persuading him as well as Smee and the rest of the Jolly Roger crew to go along with a grand ruse to give Henry what he wants, in the form of a treasure hunt and the exploits of a rare ring called the Star Sapphire. As payment for their help, Hook promises to split the remaining treasure with them three-ways. Hook then brings Henry to a tavern in the Wish Realm, where he shows him a map to Davy Jones' Locker, an underwater site of treasures, however, they have to sneak aboard the Jolly Roger since Black Beard currently owns it. The pair hide in barrels until the vessel is at sea, to which they locate Smee and attempt to form a coup to reclaim the ship for themselves, but Black Beard and his crew surround them. Black Beard prepares to kill Henry on the spot, but when Hook introduces him as "Prince Henry of Storybrooke", the pirate captain decides to keep him alive until after the treasure is found, in order to celebrate by giving the sharks some royal blood. Hook, Henry, and Smee are in restraints as a chest is hauled up from Davy Jones' Locker, and in it, Black Beard finds the Star Sapphire. Hook breaks free from the ropes before cutting Henry loose and handing him a weapon as encouragement to get the ring from Black Beard. Henry succeeds in fighting his way to Black Beard and making him forfeit the jewel, but realizes the situation is a setup after the pirate expresses knowledge of his bride-to-be. Hook tries to explain his actions, in that the other Hook never let Henry down and he wanted to do the same, however, Henry insists a fake adventure has no meaning for him. They are interrupted by an incoming storm, but even as Hook steers the ship away, a whirlpool at sea keeps following them. Realizing the watery vortex is magic and that Davy Jones wants his ring back, Henry entrusts Hook with getting the ship as close as possible to it. Hook begins turning the helm, but Black Beard attempts to force it the other way, and Hook eventually stops his meddling by punching him in the face, making him pass out unconscious on the deck. Once the ship is close enough, Henry climbs onto the bowsprit and throws the ring into the whirlpool, causing it and the storm to disappear. Despite Hook's ruse failing, this bout of adventure gives Henry the courage to propose to Ella with the knowledge he doesn't have to make a name for himself to be good enough for her. ("Breadcrumbs")

Sometime after Ella marries Henry and gives birth to their child, Hook is present as Henry happily introduces his new daughter Lucy to everyone. Hook and the others quickly arm themselves when Drizella arrives to give them a prophecy about a curse she will cast on Lucy's eighth birthday, but with Tremaine's help, Drizella is turned into a statue on the spot. ("The Eighth Witch")

Investigating Dr. Facilier's warning about a beast running wild in the kingdom, Tiana holds off on her coronation and is accompanied by Hook and Ella when she goes to the Fairy Docks for proof of the creature's existence. When a lone hunter appears, Hook and Ella draw their swords at the man, who says the beast is a gator and he is tracking it. Tiana is doubtful of his claims but becomes defensive when he suggests she can leave. In response, the man is humored by her fiery temper as she reminds her of himself and takes a step towards her. Hook blocks him, jabbing his sword inches from his face and cautioning him not to speak so loosely with a future Queen. The man pushes the sword away before introducing himself as Prince Naveen and explains his intentions of killing the gator with his enchanted spear. After Naveen begins leading the hunt, Hook gets into a disagreement with him about the difference between a crocodile and a gator. Naveen eventually sees drag marks on the ground that indicates someone was taken by the beast. As Hook follows the prince to a distance up ahead, he calls for Tiana and Ella after finding an injured man who tells them the gator is now hiding in the bog. Hook and Ella are ordered by Tiana to take the man to a healer, while Tiana and Naveen stay behind to corner the gator. Later, Tiana returns to her castle to tell Hook, Ella, Henry, and her mother Eudora of her success in defeating the beast at the cost of losing Naveen to Facilier. Before going out to greet her subjects as their Queen, she asks her friends to join her because she trusts they will help her protect her people. ("A Taste of the Heights")

In the courtyard of Queen Tiana's castle, Hook sadly watches Ella and Henry fawn over baby Lucy, as the child reminds him of his own daughter. Regina offers support by telling him he will be with Alice and have happiness again. When an open portal suddenly appears, Hook quickly draws his sword to prepare for a battle, but the person who comes through is Zelena, Regina's sister. Zelena confronts Regina for giving her daughter Robin access to magic which caused her to summon and be kidnapped by Mother Nature, who also goes by the name Gothel. Hook's interest in the conversation perks when he hears that name, while Zelena looks confusedly at him, recalling she just saw him with Emma in Storybrooke, before remembering there are now two Hooks. Hook tries to join Zelena when she leaves to go after Gothel, and at first, she wants nothing to do with him, going as far as to snidely give him the nickname "Nook" and insisting that as the Wicked Witch, she works alone. However, he persuades her into letting him go with her even though she may not care for his reasons for wanting to get even with Gothel. Somehow, Hook acquires a map for the location of Memento Mori, where Gothel is likely to be, and he follows the clues on it to find the invisible door entrance. Inside, he and Zelena interrupt Madame Leota's seance to confront Gothel about Robin, but Leota demonstrates her immense power by pinning Hook to the wall. Robin arrives to stop the assault, and when given a chance to make her own choice, she decides to stay with Gothel and magicks a door for Hook and Zelena to let them leave. Outside, Hook convinces Zelena to go back for her daughter and prove to her that, above all, she truly loves her. Zelena returns in time to save Robin from being sacrificed to the Resurrection Amulet and agrees to take her place instead. Hook holds back Robin to keep her from trying to go into the circle, and Robin seizes a bow and arrow to knock the amulet from Gothel's hand. After Hook grabs the amulet, Robin intimidates Gothel into teleporting away. ("Secret Garden")

Sometime after Zelena and Robin stay in the New Enchanted Forest, Hook joins Henry, baby Lucy, Ella, Regina, and Zelena by a campfire in the woods, where, from a distance, Alice observes them through a spyglass.[2] Although Alice stayed in Wonderland attempting to seek a cure for her father, she left after being unable to find one. As Henry bounces Lucy in his arms, Hook makes silly faces at the baby, which Alice witnesses and comments to herself about how happy her father looks. ("The Girl in the Tower")

As Alice finds love with Robin, Hook and his daughter begin corresponding with each other through letters, which Robin helps to deliver back and forth. One day, he catches Mr. Gold, the Dark One from Storybrooke trying to visit Alice's cottage. Despite knowing the other heroes, including the other Hook, think of the crocodile as a villain who has since reformed into a better person, Hook expresses continued mistrust toward him. Mr. Gold claims he wants to help Alice, to which the pirate demands he heal his cursed heart instead so he and his daughter can be together again. The Dark One insists he cannot because Gothel used dark magic to curse him and to cure him would mean using just as dark of magic to restore him. Upon being given information about Alice's possible destiny as the Guardian, Hook scoffs at Mr. Gold for trying to weasel his Dark One powers onto someone else since he's grown tired of them and refuses to let him near Alice. Mr. Gold attempts to convince him that Alice should have a say in the situation, however, Hook declines to let him manipulate her and undo the happiness she has found with Robin. He then forces Mr. Gold to leave and further instructs his daughter in a letter to not talk to the man if he comes to her. Later, Mr. Gold stops Alice from assuming her Guardianship, which would cause her to become immortal, while his reversion to darkness occurs, making him scaly skinned and impish as he used to be. Hook, hearing of his selfless act, realizes the Dark One really has changed and vows to one day repay the debt he owes him. After the two men shake hands to start anew as friends instead of enemies, Hook asks him what he will do now, and Mr. Gold amicably tells him he'll do what Rumplestiltskin has always done best: spin. ("The Guardian")

Years later, Hook is at Lucy's eighth birthday celebration, but before the girl can blow out her cake candles, Gothel arrives with seven witches to free Drizella before whisking her away to help her enact the curse. While Henry devises a plan in case the curse cannot be stopped, Hook goes to Mr. Gold for help. Mr. Gold cannot stop the curse, however, he gives Hook a white elephant figurine to keep his and Alice's familial bond intact once they are cursed. Hook spots Alice near a tree and goes to her, but stops several paces away because his poisoned heart is still forcing him to be apart from her. She mentions staying with Mr. Gold because of the sacrifice he made for her and then gives him a letter which she wants him to deliver to Robin. After the heroes receive word from Lucy that Henry has been kidnapped by the coven of witches, Ella stops Hook, Jack, and Tiger Lily from going to rescue him as she realizes this is a means to divert their attention from the curse. Instead, Regina and Zelena confront Drizella at a summoning altar before Hook, Jack, and Ella each ambush and hold one of the witches as their hostages. The plan goes awry when Drizella states she isn't going to cast the curse, and with Regina's approval, Hook lets go of Gothel, who unveils a nearby cloaked figure, revealing a sickly Henry. As the only way to save Henry's cursed heart is by going to a Land Without Magic, in addition to the final curse ingredient being a witch who sacrificed the thing she loved most, Regina casts the curse. In the moments before the curse takes effect, Ella wonders how she will find Lucy in the new realm they are going to if she won't remember her, and Hook gives her the white elephant to ensure she and her daughter can be together even in their cursed lives. ("The Eighth Witch")

During Fifth Curse

After Regina cast Drizella's curse to save Henry's life, Captain Hook becomes Rogers, a cop who works at the Hyperion Heights 42nd Precinct Police Station. The curse he was afflicted with prior to the curse becomes dormant, due to the fact he is now in a Land Without Magic. In his cursed memories, he remembers having a childhood interest in the ocean and a desire to go there, but the dream was left unfulfilled as an adult because he had no family or anyone to go with. Rogers also recalls one of his first cases is a missing little girl named Eloise Gardner, and the night she disappeared, he was drinking instead of patrolling the neighborhood. A lead takes him into an alley where he is shot from behind, but a blonde woman appears, touching his wound and keeping him alive until an ambulance arrives for him. However, he never solves the case and is haunted by it, especially because he feels responsible for her disappearance. ("Hyperion Heights", "A Pirate's Life", "Greenbacks", "Eloise Gardener", "The Eighth Witch", "Knightfall")

A year later, Henry arrives at the police station needing help with finding his missing car, and after an officer named Samuel provides little to no assistance, Rogers steps in to offer aid instead. He gives Henry a form to fill out and promises to do his best to check the local impoundments to see if the car is there. After some searching, Rogers turns up with no trace of the vehicle anywhere. Henry is frustrated over the news, however, he quickly calms down after Rogers assures him he's on his side and just needs more time. Victoria shows up looking for her missing granddaughter Lucy, and she notes to Rogers that Lucy's mother Jacinda is also suspiciously gone. After Henry eventually reveals Jacinda has likely taken Lucy to Bainbridge Island, Rogers is joined by Victoria's daughter Ivy in his police car as he drives there. Ivy tells Jacinda that it was Henry who ratted her out, although Rogers tries to soften this blow by mentioning Henry was only trying to help. Before ushering her niece into the police car with her, Ivy grabs Henry's book from Lucy's bag and hands it to Rogers, telling him to dispose of it as he sees fit since it's caused too much trouble for Lucy. Rogers flips the book open and appears mesmerized by something he sees in it, but he snaps out of his daze after Ivy asks if he is all right. Later, Rogers returns to the station, where he receives news about being promoted to Detective, in part due to Victoria's recommendation. He shakes hands with his new partner, Weaver, who assures him that they will do great work together. Some time afterward, Rogers stands by his police cruiser as he looks through the storybook, seemingly transfixed by a picture of the same blonde woman who once saved him. ("Hyperion Heights")

Unable to put his curiosity to rest, Rogers shows up the next day at Henry's apartment and asks if the blonde woman in his book was based on a real person. Henry, however, declares the woman is just a character he made up. Rogers is disappointed by this and prepares to leave, but then Henry requests his help with locating a cemetery where some of his family are buried. Although it's not his usual line of work, Rogers agrees to try. Later that morning, Rogers meets up with Weaver, who chides him for being late. He protests that the shift doesn't start for another hour, however, Weaver criticizes him for not considering that he chose him for this job despite the other officers complaining Rogers wouldn't work well with a fake hand. Rogers is puzzled by this, wondering why Weaver would choose him when he doesn't even know him. Weaver suggests he'll have the answer when he's a bigshot detective one day, and then tosses him the car keys, telling him to drive since he is the new guy. The two men arrive at Belfrey Towers, where they are assigned by Victoria to get rid of Henry. In the elevator, Rogers asks Weaver why they are accepting orders from her, and Weaver agrees that they don't work for Victoria, but they do work for him. They visit Roni at her bar for information on Henry's movements, though Roni refuses to offer up anything. After Weaver leaves and Rogers goes to pay Roni for Weaver's drink, Roni presses him to be careful of the latter, whose previous partners have all mysterious vanished. Outside, Rogers tells Weaver that they haven't gone far enough in finding dirt on Henry, to which Weaver amusedly wonders if Rogers has a dark side. Upon obtaining a search warrant for Henry's apartment, the two look around, with Weaver discovering evidence that Henry had a daughter at some point in his life. Weaver explains that they've located a vulnerability that they can use against Henry, and questions if this bothers Rogers before pressuring him into being loyal to him or suffer the consequences. Before leaving the apartment, Rogers swipes a swan keychain from Henry's dresser. When Victoria demands Henry be removed from her charity event, Weaver tasks Rogers with slipping Victoria's bracelet into the man's pocket and framing him for theft. Rogers purposely bumps into Henry, but he puts in the keychain instead, causing Henry to be exonerated when Weaver later asks him to turn out his pockets. Rogers tries to dispose of the bracelet into a sewer, but Weaver stops him, expressing approval over his moral code and how this is what he has sought after in a partner. Later, Rogers gives Henry a list of cemeteries in Seattle, despite having no luck finding the names of his deceased family. He tells him about his quest to find the missing little girl and how the woman who saved him gave him the inspiration to do things the morally right way. Rogers believes, after seeing Victoria accuse Henry of theft, that she may be responsible for keeping him from locating the girl. He shares this theory with Roni as well, suggesting that Victoria is involved with ruining everyone's lives in Hyperion Heights and the three decide to work together to oust Victoria for her crimes. ("A Pirate's Life")

At the bar, Roni tells Rogers and Henry about her encounter with a drunk employee from the building commission who alluded to accepting a bribe from Victoria. Rogers decides to do a stakeout at the plaza where the employee and Victoria are scheduled to meet, in the hopes of coercing the man into confessing everything. At the police station, he prints out a document with information on the man, an executive director named Michael, and begins heading out when Weaver asks him to tag a folder as evidence. Rogers declines because he is busy and lies about having to be present for a court date for a parking ticket he wrote up. Across from the plaza, Rogers observes Michael accepting an envelope from Victoria, while he himself is unaware that Weaver is watching him from the bridge above. Rogers corners Michael in a restaurant, and upon the latter's denial that he knows anything about Victoria, he pulls the envelope from Michael's jacket, revealing a wad of cash inside. He places Michael under arrest, however, at the station, Weaver allows the suspect to leave. Rogers is annoyed at him for allowing a criminal to go scot-free, to which Weaver reprimands him for lying and his poor attempt at doling out justice when it'll only attract unwanted attention from Victoria. Weaver then curtly tells Rogers to enjoy the rest of his day off; implying he should be off from duty because of the stunt he just tried to pull. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

From Weaver, Rogers finds out that Victoria is afraid of Tilly, one of Weaver's street informants, and that the girl may possibly know something big about Victoria. Weaver wants to use Tilly to obtain the necessary information, but Rogers disapproves of his partner using her as a disposable pawn. In turn, Weaver warns him not to school him on how to deal with his informant, as he is aware Rogers has his own baggage concerning his old case with the missing girl, Eloise. Rogers expresses dismay at his callousness towards Tilly because he thought he cared for her, though Weaver coldly asserts he doesn't care about anyone except himself. Later when Weaver is hospitalized after being shot by Tilly, Rogers shows him the bullet that almost killed him and jokes that he must be immortal to have survived. He also informs Weaver that Tilly has since calmed down soon after her pills started to take effect. Weaver then instructs him to let her go and file a report about a masked robber shooting him before fleeing on foot. Rogers, surprised by Weaver's orders, comments that perhaps he does care for Tilly after all, although an annoyed Weaver snaps at him for daring to give his opinion on the matter. Outside in the waiting room, Rogers gives Tilly an update about Weaver's recovery from the gunshot wound, with Tilly expressing deep remorse for her actions and she promises Rogers that she will not go off her pills again. Rogers notices she is sitting near a chess board, and after taking the seat across from her, he starts the game by moving the black rook. ("Beauty")

In the bar, Rogers shows Henry a box of evidence linked to Eloise, the missing girl he never found. Roni agrees to help him store the box in the backroom for safekeeping, while Rogers leaves with Eloise's old journal. On the way back to work, Rogers opens the book to a drawing of a tower window with a red sky before hearing a commotion inside the station. He rushes in to help an officer fend off an attack from a bearded man, Sam, who was found at Pleasure Island Cabaret in a drunken state. Rogers then notices a tattoo on the assailant's wrist which matches another drawing from Eloise's book. When he interrogates him about the tattoo's origins, Sam claims to have gotten it while he was serving a prison sentence as a way to ward off evil. Rogers doesn't believe him, but the man stands by his words. As Rogers leaves, Sam protests about not being let go despite helping him, though Rogers implies he is lucky as the man he got into an altercation with at the cabaret didn't want to press charges against him. Later, Rogers helps Jacinda find a truck at the impound lot so she and Sabine can use it to start a food truck business. After Sabine gifts Rogers a bag of her homemade beignets as thanks, Rogers tells her that the fire that broke out at her workplace was deliberately set, and although the camera footage can't be recovered, he suspects Victoria did it. As Rogers and Sabine continue talking in the station, Sam watches them from across the street, where he informs someone on the phone that they have a problem now since Rogers is looking for Eloise. ("Greenbacks")

As Weaver prepares to leave the hospital to go back to work, Rogers reminds him that the captain wants him to rest for at least a week. After Tilly is left behind after Weaver departs to go talk to the captain at the station, Rogers persuades her to help him with his search for Eloise. Tilly brings him to her shed by the railroad tracks, where she suggests they have another chess match while they discuss Eloise's case. Rogers asks if they should reset the board, but Tilly insists against it as it's more fun if the game begins in the middle. Prompted by Tilly, Rogers tells her all about Eloise, who, until she disappeared ten years ago, was a normal girl who loved art and hated school. He goes on to say she was also an amateur poet and was fearless, and his belief that something must have spooked her. Rogers shows her the protection rune that Eloise drew in her journal but he remains confused about what he is missing. Tilly turns around the chessboard, telling him to look at the pieces he already has on his side, and that he has to pay attention to them as they may help him get onto the path to Eloise. With Tilly's advice in mind, Rogers reexamines the file he has on the man with the tattoo, Sam, and decides to pay a visit to his home. He arrives there, but when no one answers the door, he shines a flashlight in and spots a body on the floor, prompting him to break in and find Sam is now dead. ("Wake Up Call")

After police backup is called to the crime scene, Rogers accuses Weaver of conspiring with whoever killed Sam to keep him from finding Eloise. Weaver calls him out for accusing him with no proof and believes Rogers' obsession is affecting his judgment. In a conversation with Henry, Rogers is adamant that Eloise is still alive and, despite how crazy it sounds, he feels a familial bond with the missing girl. Henry accompanies him to the troll statue, where Rogers asks for Tilly's opinion on Eloise's journal. Tilly deducts that Eloise had a bad home life with unloving parents and that she probably wasn't taken against her will. Rogers states he has already gone down that road before by talking to the street kids, but Tilly points out they wouldn't want to talk to a cop. He then prompts her for assistance with this, and Tilly eventually agrees as she doesn't want Rogers to write her up for the stolen watches she is attempting to sell off. Later while waiting for Tilly to report back, Rogers admits to Henry that he's so invested in Eloise because he feels guilty for her disappearance, as he was drinking instead of patrolling during the night she went missing. Tilly provides information about a guy at the old group home who used to date a girl named Rain, who wrote poetry, loved Salinger, and drew often in her notebook. She gives Rogers one of Rain's drawings, which matches a missing page in Eloise's journal, but she reveals Rain died in a car accident and her body was never identified since her name was a pseudonym. As Rogers is reeling from the shock of Eloise's death, he nearly drowns his sorrow in alcohol, only to angrily set down the bottle. Some of the spilled liquid causes the color in the drawing to run, which helps him figure out it is a forgery because all the other pages in the journal have always remained intact no matter what. Realizing Weaver made Tilly lie to him, he confronts the man. Weaver admits he was acting on Victoria's orders, but the real reason he did it was to protect Rogers from himself as he is not ready to know the whole truth about what is going on in Hyperion Heights. Rogers vows to find Eloise now that Weaver has confirmed his suspicions that she is still alive, even though Weaver insists Eloise is not who he is truly looking for. Upon not finding Victoria at Belfrey Towers, he convinces Ivy to give him access to a tracking system on Victoria's car. Rogers corners Victoria in one of her property buildings, where he rescues a woman who claims to be Eloise. In the aftermath of Victoria's arrest, Rogers tells Tilly how disappointed he is in her for obeying Weaver's commands as he thought she was not that kind of person, before accompanying Eloise in the ambulance as it drives away. ("Eloise Gardener")

As Rogers arrives at the precinct, the other police officers applaud him for his heroism in rescuing Eloise, except for Weaver, who cautions that he has no idea what he's blown open. Eloise thanks him with a cake, and as she tells him about her not so smooth readjustment to normal life, Rogers hands her his card and suggests she call him if she needs anything. Rogers is cutting a slice of the cake when Roni drops by looking for Weaver. Roni persuades him to try reaching out to Tilly again and to not judge her too harshly for obeying Weaver as she believes the girl only allowed herself to be a pawn because she had no other option. Upon noticing Eloise's cake, Roni promptly dumps it into the trash, much to Rogers' confusion, as she tells him that too much sugar will kill him. At the troll statue under the bridge, Rogers reconciles with Tilly as he now understands she saw Weaver as a father figure. Tilly reflects on her perception of Weaver, whom she thought was a good person and had cared about her, but without him, she doesn't know where she belongs in the world. Rogers gives her the chessboard and invites her to play a weekly chess game with him from now on, as he too is feeling lost since solving Eloise's case and doesn't know what to do next. ("Pretty in Blue")

Arriving outside the station, Rogers is shocked to see Victoria is now a free woman as Weaver informs him the judge had no choice to let her go seeing as Rogers did not have a warrant. Rogers, more than certain that Weaver pulled some strings for Victoria in order to get something out of the arrangement, vows to dig up whatever he is trying to hide. Weaver advises him to not as ignoring his advice thus far will only do more damage. Not to be deterred, Rogers sets off a fire alarm in order to get into the police station evidence room, where he finds a pirate book in a bag before his interest is piqued by a box of files. In it, he finds folders with information on several people; Victoria, Ivy, Sam, himself, and Sabine. Rogers goes to follow-up with Sabine about what Weaver questioned her about concerning the fire at Mr. Cluck's. Sabine explains being shown an object that was supposedly used to force the back door open, and when Rogers asks her to describe what it looked like, she instead draws it for him, revealing it is a dagger-shaped weapon. She describes how Weaver had her hold it and asked if she "felt" anything from it. Still unsure what Weaver is up to, Rogers confronts him with Sabine's drawing and why he has been investigating everyone in Hyperion Heights. Weaver confesses to looking for someone whom he believed Victoria could have helped to find, and that everything he has done is to reunite with his wife. Rogers finds the story unbelievable yet he believes Weaver is telling the truth. He offers to help him, to which Weaver tells him that they need to find Lucy. ("One Little Tear")

After Lucy mysteriously falls into a coma, Sabine calls him so he can investigate where the girl was during the day. As Rogers is trying to get information from a construction worker who was in the area around that time, Tilly grabs his attention by mentioning the symbol in Eloise's journal. She then leads him to the same painted symbol on the troll bridge's wall, where it is being scrubbed away by a worker. The pair later arrive into the evidence room, finding everything in a mess, including a disheveled Weaver, before Rogers tells him about the appearance of the symbol in Hyperion Heights. Weaver recognizes which symbol he means and shows him a coin bearing the same marking. Rogers then asks what it means, and Weaver ominously states that "they" - the Coven of the Eight - are here. ("The Eighth Witch")

When Rogers questions Weaver further about who exactly "they" are, Weaver tells him that Eloise is a member of a dangerous cult and though she was seduced into it, she eventually became its leader and is now attempting to recruit other girls, such as Victoria's other daughter Anastasisa, who is still trapped in the cult. Rogers finds this hard to believe and remains certain Eloise is innocent. After discovering Victoria has gone missing, Rogers becomes concerned she might have gone after Eloise. He goes to check up on her at her apartment, where, unknown to him, she is hiding Victoria's youngest daughter Anastasia in the closet. Rogers enters after seeing the door is unlocked and apologizes for startling Eloise before explaining his reasons for coming to see her. Upon seeing the cartoons playing on the television and cereal on the table, he asks if she is alone. Eloise says she has things as they are to remind her of simpler times, but Rogers remains unconvinced and starts to walk towards the closet. She stops him by shattering a teacup before pretending she did it by accident and telling him that closed spaces still make her wary. When Eloise asks him to walk her to her art therapy class, Rogers agrees and leaves the apartment with her. At the police station, Rogers shares his suspicions with Weaver about Eloise hiding something but he is still skeptical about his theory that she is in a cult. Weaver shows him information about botanical garden greenhouse and suggests there will be a ritual involving a sacred orchid and a sacrifice that they have to stop before someone gets hurt. Rogers only starts to believe him after they arrive in time to find Victoria dead as Ivy tells them her mother saved her from being the sacrifice. ("Secret Garden")

In the police station evidence room, Rogers blames himself for Victoria's death, believing she would still be alive if he hadn't rescued Eloise. Weaver suggests there were forces at work beyond his control, but that the situation can still be repaired. He shows Rogers a file on Andrea Sage, the doctor overseeing Lucy at the hospital who died on the same night as Victoria. Although the death was ruled as due to natural causes, Weaver finds it suspicious that a lock of Doctor Sage's hair was missing. Rogers theorizes it was another coven member who killed her, and Weaver agrees, stating that person could lead them right back to Eloise. The detectives pay a visit to Hilda, a bakery owner who was with Andrea the morning prior to her death. Hilda confirms Andrea was at her bakery, however, she did not actually see her because she is blind. She explains the doctor bought her usual teacake and gave her some test results. As Rogers tries to use Hilda's blindness to his advantage by sneaking into the backroom, the woman catches on and tells him that room is off limits because of food sanitary reasons. Hilda then apologizes for not being of more help due to her condition and offers the detectives a cookie for the road, but Rogers declines before walking out to follow after Weaver. Later, Rogers and Weaver break into the bakery during the night, discovering the gas is on and an unconscious Hilda is handcuffed to a table leg. ("A Taste of the Heights")

While Rogers is at work, Tilly tries to interest him in a chess game even though he is working a case. She believes a game could help him on a bad day and that she has a feeling something terrible will happen soon. Rogers is too busy for games and he tells her people are in danger. Tilly is hurt she is not important to him, to which Rogers denies that she isn't and simply asks her to go home for now. As Tilly leaves, Weavers comes in to update Rogers on the situation with Hilda, who is recovering at the hospital with guards posted outside her room in case the culprit comes back. Eloise shows up unexpectedly to help them find the killer, but in the interrogation room, she becomes upset at Weaver's suspicion of her when he questions her about where she was the night of Victoria's death. Rogers apologizes on his partner's behalf, however, Eloise wants Weaver gone so she can talk with Rogers only. While Eloise is left in the interrogation room, Weaver warns Rogers of the woman's skill in manipulating others. Rogers believes he will be fine, considering Eloise's targets are lonely lost girls and he is not, and he intends to let her believe she is in control of the situation. He then goes back to Eloise, reassuring her that Weaver is away on a coffee break, which Eloise knows is a lie but she cooperates, satisfied that she doesn't have to deal with his partner anymore. When Eloise convinces Rogers that he cannot find the killer without first knowing who he truly is, she asks him to show her one of his favorite paintings. Weaver objects against this and believes Rogers doesn't even understand the price he is paying for it, but Rogers insists he is willing if it'll get him the answers he wants. Rogers returns with a painting of a ship at sea, and Tilly protests his decision, but he ignores her. Upon seeing the painting, Eloise inquiries about the story behind it. Rogers tells her about his childhood fascination with the ocean, though he eventually grew up and forgot about it. On further probing by Eloise, Rogers admits he never fulfilled his dream in adulthood because he has no one to share it with. Eloise then tells him that while he expressed his pain through painting, the killer has expressed it through murder and both victims were given a specific gift before their deaths, chocolate marzipan truffles in a heart-shaped box. This leads Rogers and Weavers to a flower shop where the chocolates were last delivered, but the woman they are looking for already died years ago, making them suspect that the killer set them up. They check up on Hilda, only to find her dead with Tilly standing over her with a scalpel. Tilly flees after berating them for not listening to her, and later, the detectives find a coven symbol in Tilly's shed, which, unknown to them, was left by the actual killer to make Tilly look guilty, though neither believes she killed anyone. To help Rogers understand, Weaver tells him about a bad experience Tilly had with the coven many years ago, during which her father was taken from her. While Weaver heads back to the station to buy themselves some time, Rogers agrees to track down Tilly to prove her innocence. ("Knightfall")

Locating Tilly at the troll statue, Rogers convinces her to get into his car before taking her to Henry's apartment to lay low for a while. He discusses Tilly's situation with Henry, who suggests locating a trusted alibi to clear her name. Tilly, overhearing them, tells them she doesn't have friends who can provide one, so Rogers asks if she can account for where she was between 3 and 4 PM yesterday at the time of Hilda's death. Since Tilly cannot, Rogers pinpoints her whereabouts yesterday by asking about the spot of sugar on her sleeve, which Tilly recalls was from when she got beignets from Sabine's food truck. Rogers and Henry go to investigate this while Tilly has to stay put in the apartment, however, Tilly later leaves to secure an alibi, only to discover none of the people she interacted with remember her being there. Henry sees Tilly wandering the streets and pulls her into an alleyway, where Rogers chides her for being out in the open where she might've been seen. Tilly denies that anyone did see her and begins to doubt she actually exists, but Rogers persuades her to have faith in herself by retracing her steps. Tilly recalls she came into the alley after having the marmalade sandwich, and in the dumpster, she retrieves the backpack she left there at the time. On return to Henry's apartment, Rogers suggests Tilly needs something from her bag that has a timestamp on it, like a receipt, to show where she was, but instead, Tilly finds two hair clippings. Rogers recognizes them as the tokens that the killer took from his victims, which frightens Tilly into believing she really did murder those women despite having no memory of it. After Tilly flees the apartment, Rogers and Henry locate her at the troll statue again, except this time Tilly points out a security camera in the troll's eye, proving she does have an alibi after all. Rogers reviews the footage at the police station, which shows Tilly walked past the statue at 3:20 PM during Hilda's death. Tilly leaves to go home and forgets to take her bag with her, but Rogers shows up at her shed to return it to her. Out of concern for her safety since the killer is still on the loose, Rogers invites her to stay with him at his home instead, which Tilly happily accepts. ("The Girl in the Tower")

Upon walking into Weaver's office, Rogers expresses surprise over seeing him gluing together a broken teacup, remarking that he never pegged him for an antiques' kind of guy. He asks his partner if he wants to grab lunch and work on the Candy Killer case, which is the nickname that has been given to the murderer because of the candy boxes he gifts his victims before killing them. Weaver declines, suggesting they both need a break from work for now, and that perhaps wandering another path will lead them to where they need to go. Rogers then decides to head to the market to pick up some more jam for Tilly. Sometime during the day, Lucy commences with Operation Bromance to cheer up Henry with a guys' night out by texting him, Rogers, and Nick. Rogers receives a message from Lucy stating Henry has information about the Candy Killer case and that he should meet with him at Flynn's Barcade. He finds Henry has just lost in the game Galaga, but when Nick arrives asking if Lucy is around, the three men realize they have been duped by the girl. Henry grumbles that Lucy has literally "texted him into the friendzone" now that she is done pairing him up with Jacinda and he apologizes for wasting Rogers' and Nick's time, however, Rogers insists he wants to stay. Rogers then puts a token into the machine and plays Galaga as Henry watches. Later in the night, Henry attempts the game again but fails miserably, with Rogers commenting that Henry has two good hands and even he got a better score than him. After sitting down at a table, he tells Rogers about his difficulty in forgetting about Jacinda. Roger parrots Weaver's earlier advice and says it to Henry, who doesn't understand what he means. As Nick returns with drinks for his companions, he suggests Henry should try his hand at getting to know other women in the bar, and Rogers agrees by telling him to ask out the next woman who walks through the door. To Rogers and Nick's surprise, Jacinda comes in, having come to wait while a table at the next door restaurant she and Sabine reserved is not yet available. While the lovebirds hang out, Rogers plays pool with Nick but misses his shot because his mind is still on the Candy Killer because he doesn't really have any leads on the case. Jacinda eventually leaves for the table next door, and towards the end of the evening, the three men exit the barcade. Seeing that Nick's car is broken, Rogers offers to help but the latter assures him that he can take care of it and wishes him good luck on the case, quipping that the answer might be right under his nose. After leaving Nick to his car, Rogers and Henry walk off together. ("Sisterhood")

Investigating the indoor parking lot where the Candy Killer attacked Ivy, Rogers and Weaver are unable to find a single trace left behind by the assailant. They discuss the benefit of Ivy's decision to leave town as soon as she did, in order to be far from the killer's grasp, though they believe the next victim may not be so lucky. Rogers then splits from Weaver for the day, explaining that he has to get Tilly to her new job as her voracious appetite at home has left him paying a lot for her much-loved organic marmalade. While accompanying Tilly to Sabine's food truck, where she will work, Rogers nags at her to stop being nervous and to not bite her nails. Tilly then wonders if he is the one who is actually nervous, and Rogers admits he had to pull some strings to land this job for her but it's likely she'll have a knack for it. Before leaving Tilly in Sabine's hands, Rogers receives his favorite order from Sabine. Rogers checks in with Weaver at the evidence room, where Henry is helping them with cracking the killer's interest in his novel. After figuring it out, Henry tells them that the killer wrote in corrections for the Hansel and Gretel story, such as Gretel dying instead of living happily ever after with her brother and the underlined emphasis on the word "twins", which seem to suggest the killer believes himself to be Hansel avenging his sister's death. Rogers praises Henry for his good work and then leaves to begin looking up records of people who have sisters and who may also be a twin, in addition to finding a match for someone with a scar or burn mark. That evening, Rogers comes to the food truck, noticing that Sabine is doing Tilly's job of making beignets. Sabine reveals Tilly was better suited for selling the beignets out front and that she even came up with the idea of giving out free samples as a way to boost sales. When Tilly ends her shift, she happily tells Sabine and Rogers that talking to the customers have given them the chance to know her name now, unlike in the past when she snuck away with food and went unseen by them. As she leaves with Rogers, she also tells him about meeting Margot and how special it was because Margot truly saw her for her. ("Breadcrumbs")

After being notified by Samuel that Henry's car was found abandoned on the road with a flat tire, Rogers agrees to look into the matter soon. When Kelly enters the precinct with a familiar looking heart-shaped box in her hands, he realizes she is the Candy Killer's next intended target. He tries to talk to her about it, and though Kelly only wants to speak with Weaver, he insists she comes with him to the cafeteria so she can answer some questions. However, Kelly lies about needing to make a phone call first, leaving her daughter Margot and Rogers to proceed to the cafeteria first without her, while she goes to Weaver's office. After following up with the airline Henry was supposed to check in with, Rogers receives confirmation from them that he never boarded his flight to New York. He finds Jacinda at a running track and asks if she has heard from Henry recently, and she states she got a text from him. As Jacinda fetches her phone from inside her car, Rogers sees a gingerbread house DIY kit in the backseat, which Jacinda says Nick gave to Lucy. Upon skimming the alleged text message from Henry, Rogers asks her to look at it again to see if anything in it sounds off. Jacinda notices Henry referred to her in writing as J, a nickname Sabine usually calls her, however, Rogers recalls Nick also called her that at Flynn's Barcade during the other night. He then questions if Nick has any scars, and Jacinda admits Nick does but he is very self-conscious about them. Realizing Nick is the Candy Killer and that he may have kidnapped Henry, Rogers tells her he doesn't have time to explain but urges her to go home and not answer her phone or let anyone in for her own safety. Later, Rogers bursts into Nick's apartment with a gun before freeing a restrained Henry and leading him out. Nick, who was overpowered by Kelly during a confrontation with her at the bar, is arrested that night and held at the police station. ("Chosen")

As Nick is being held in the interrogation room, Weaver unlocks the door as Rogers goes in with him, only to find the man is now dead. Rogers doesn't think murder is possible since no one else had the key to the room and he speculates Nick died from a medical condition. However, Weaver finds straw left behind by the voodoo doll that Mr. Samdi used to kill Nick. After discovering the Dark One's dagger missing, Weaver leaves the station in a tense state and tells his partner he is going after the person responsible for Nick's death as Rogers is unnerved by how he has never seen Weaver this scared before. Rogers replays the footage of Nick in the interrogation room when he was still alive, however, the camera cuts out and he is unable to see the moments leading up to Nick's murder. Samuel comes in to hand over pictures that Rogers had printed out from footage taken from cameras across the street at the time of the death, which show Drew was present in the area. When Roger is asked by Henry for a chance to talk to Nick despite knowing it's against police protocol, he reveals what happened at the station recently, leaving Henry shocked at his former friend's passing. Henry, still wanting answers about something Nick previously showed him, persuades Rogers to allow him access to Nick's apartment to search for the item. While both of them are in the apartment, they discover Drew lurking in there until he pushes Rogers aside before taking off. Rogers apprehends him after a long chase, and Drew confesses he was trying to find something in the apartment to protect himself from Mr. Samdi, who killed Nick, as he fears he will be next on the man's hit list. Drew warns Rogers that Samdi has unimaginable power and directs him into taking a closer look at Nick's coroner report as proof of this. Back at the station, Henry brings coffee to Rogers, who just reviewed Nick's report, which reveals he apparently died from being stabbed in the heart from the inside. ("The Guardian")

While Drew is being kept in the interrogation room, Rogers visits him so they can talk further about Nick's manner of death. Drew insists Samdi used magic to kill Nick, and while the detective may think magic is nothing but a fairytale, it is real and pockets of it are in this realm, and that Nick was hunting actual witches who are starting a war in Hyperion Heights. Rogers seems to change his mind about Eloise after this, and crosses out the word "cult" in her file and changes it to "coven". Tilly comes to him in hysterics over Eloise, who claims she is her mother. Rogers agrees to help her figure things out as he is starting to suspect there is more to Eloise than what he knows, and together, they go to Henry's apartment. Henry lets them in, revealing he too is conducting his own investigation into the impossible; that everything in his book actually happened. The three discuss the probability that, if Eloise really is in a coven of witches, the reason she isn't using magic is because the bigger the spell, the more magic users are needed for it. After getting a call from Samuel about the coven members being spotted going into a theater, Rogers leaves with Tilly to go there. As the pair is in Rogers' car looking to see if Eloise will show up to the theater, Tilly plays with a paper rabbit origami. Rogers worries she is bored, but she is happy to do something with another person for a change. Tilly admits she is hungry, which Rogers helps with by giving her a sandwich. She thanks him it, in addition to everything else he has given her, and she wonders how she got so lucky to meet someone like him. Seeing Eloise go into the theater, the pair follow her in, There, Rogers is restrained while Eloise smugly admits to him that she is indeed in a coven of witches as he was starting to believe. Eloise then tries to persuade Tilly into joining their coven family and helping them to cast a spell, which Tilly wants no part in it and resents the coven for killing her father, but Eloise reveals Rogers is actually her father. Still, when given the chance, Tilly refuses to join the coven, leading Eloise to threaten Rogers' life by extracting some of his blood and implying she will take his life too if Tilly continues to deny her. Tilly finally consents, and after Eloise performs a ritual where Rogers' blood is one of the three items sacrificed, Rogers begs Tilly not aid the coven any further. He considers that, if he is truly her father, he doesn't want her to go through with it. Tilly agrees he is right, declaring he really is her father and professes that is why she can't let him die. Once Eloise completes a spell incantation, all the witches, including Tilly, link hands with each other in a circle and a pillar of fire rises from the center of the coven symbol, bringing magic to Hyperion Heights. ("Flower Child", "Is This Henry Mills?")

After Gothel leaves The Hyperion, Rogers remains a hostage and witnesses one of the coven members morph into a tree, which Samuel tells him is the reward each woman will have once they've completed their role in the ritual. Rogers distracts him by asking if he'll be rewarded too, and while the latter is not looking, he escapes from his restraints by taking off his fake hand in the process. He then knocks Samuel unconscious and tries to talk to Tilly, who refuses to leave with him. Rogers tries to pull her away from the ritual circle, but a magical blast throws him back, causing him to feel intense pain, which is the poison in his heart being reactivated. He finds Weaver at the police station and learns that magic is real and everything in Henry's book actually happened. Rogers tries to make sense of what Gothel said about him being Tilly's father, and Weaver helps by explaining the familial bond he has with her has always been there although Rogers didn't understand it at the time. Weaver comes up with an idea to rescue Tilly from the ritual by tracking down Margot, Tilly's girlfriend, and persuading her to come with them to save Tilly. The trio arrive at the lower floor of The Hyperion, where Margot tries to convince Tilly to leave with her, but Tilly shoves her away before shrinking her, Weaver, and Rogers. One by one, the other coven members morph into trees after their roles in the ritual are complete, leaving only Tilly, but when Henry breaks the curse, she snaps out of it. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

After Fifth Curse

Directly after the Dark Curse is broken, Rogers, Weaver, and Margot are returned to their normal sizes. Weaver welcomes back Rogers, who has since regained his memories, by calling him "Captain Hook", as the latter recognizes him as "the crocodile". After Tilly, Margot, and Weaver have gone to the Community Gardens to face Gothel, Rogers joins them there, despite the poison in his heart making it difficult for him to be close to his daughter. He fights against the pain to stand beside Tilly and grabs her hand to show his support for her so she can defeat Gothel, while Margot does the same with Tilly's other hand. As Gothel and Tilly shoot magical beams at each other, Tilly's magic breaks through and hits Gothel, turning her into a blackened tree. Rogers is later resting on an ambulance stretcher as he continues battling with his cursed heart, while a saddened Tilly watches from nearby and is comforted by Margot. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

Making a full recovery at the hospital, Rogers is eventually discharged and allowed to go home. As he arrives at his doorstep, his phone rings and he answers, hearing Tilly on the other end. She makes mention of being nearby to him, to which Rogers looks across the street and sees her there, unable to get any closer or risk triggering his curse again. Rogers asks about how she and Margot are, and Tilly tells him that they just got back from a party at Roni's where they celebrated everyone being reunited after the curse. However, Tilly is still sad that they can't be together, though Rogers promises he will find a way to fix it. The pair exchange I love yous before Tilly hangs up and walks away. Meeting up at the evidence locker, Rogers talks to Roni and Weaver about Wish Rumplestiltskin's recent appearance in Hyperion Heights before Henry arrives with news that the Dark One has kidnapped his family to the Wish Realm. Rogers proposes he has a way to get there, and then picks up his old hook hand, declaring that Captain Hook is ready to go home. Borrowing Tilly's broken looking glass, which, unknown to the heroes, has been tampered with by Rumplestiltskin to manipulate exactly where they end up in the Wish Realm, the foursome goes into the portal altogether. Rogers and Weaver arrive in the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin's farm, where Weaver is reminded of his cowardice in maiming his own leg during the Ogre War but that this fight against the Dark One is one he won't back down from. Having just the thing to defeat Rumplestiltskin, Rogers takes Weaver to an old seaside hovel he lived in after losing all hope of reuniting with Alice, though someone helped pull him out of his drunken stupor. He then uses a conch shell to summon this friend: the mermaid Ariel. Alarmed by the sight of Weaver, whom she mistakes for Wish Rumplestiltskin, Ariel tries to throw her trident at him, though Weaver shrinks it in time. After explaining that Weaver is helping him defeat the Dark One, Rogers asks her for some squid ink, which she gives to him. ("Homecoming")

At Rumplestiltskin's castle, Rogers and Weaver join up with Henry and Roni, who have found Jacinda and Lucy are now trapped in a snow globe with a snowstorm raging inside it. Weaver takes the squid ink with him to deal with Rumplestiltskin, with Henry wary of whether he can be trusted. Rogers offers to keep an eye on Weaver, but since he has no magic, Roni goes in his stead. Believing he can save his family with the Author's pen, Henry prepares to find it alone, and when Hook insists on accompanying him, Henry knocks him out as he suspects Hook would stop him if he knew where he was going. After Weaver fails to kill Rumplestiltskin, he, Rogers, and Roni track down Henry, who has just had the Author's pen stolen from him by the Dark One. Sir Henry, having cut his own deal with Rumplestiltskin, writes the Guardian's powers out of existence, barring Weaver from giving up his Dark One powers and ensuring the perpetuity of Rumplestiltskin's powers. Rumplestiltskin then teleports Rogers, Henry, and Weaver into the same globe world that Jacinda and Lucy are trapped in, leaving Sir Henry to deal with Roni. ("Homecoming")

After being trapped in the snowglobe world, Rogers, Weaver, and Henry seek shelter in a cabin, where they find Lucy and Jacinda. Rogers notices Weaver is feeling the brute of the cold just like he is, which doesn't make sense since he's supposed to be immune. Weaver, realizing Rumplestiltskin used the Author's pen for another purpose besides erasing the Guardian's powers, states that he stripped him of his immortality and powers, leaving him susceptible to death. While Weaver loses confidence in beating the Dark One now that he is powerless, Hook chastises him for feeling sorry for himself and reminds him that he too has a lot at stake because he may never be together with Tilly again. Bracing the icy weather outside, the two men attempt to break the glass, but nothing works. When Rogers suggests they try another spot, Weaver reveals it wasn't Rogers' good heart that made him choose him as his detective partner, but his unshakeable determination in never giving up. Rogers then asks why, with all the power Weaver once had, that he didn't use it to destroy him, to which Weaver explains that he was the closest thing he had to a friend. As the men nod in shared acknowledgment of each other, they see something fall onto the snow, Maui's Fish Hook, which they use to break the glass, freeing themselves as well as Henry and his family. Now in Rumplestiltskin's castle again, they find Tilly and Margot, along with Zelena from a past timeline, were the ones who sent them the hook. Rogers and Tilly are both so relieved to see each other but are forced to remain apart when the poison in Rogers' heart acts up. To rescue Roni from Sir Henry's captivity, Rogers and Margot prepare to distract the Black Knights guarding the entrance to the prison. Although it's not the best timing, Margot asks Rogers for his blessing to marry Tilly. Rogers happily agrees and Margot persuades him to continue fighting the growing poison in his heart so he can walk his daughter down the aisle at the wedding. Mustering up his strength, Rogers then reveals himself to the knights before charging at them, which allows Henry enough time to sneak in to find Roni. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

After the rescue is a success with unexpected help from Snow and Charming, the group gathers at the war council room to discuss the storybooks Rumplestiltskin has made to entrap each of them in unhappy lives in alternate realms. Rogers is joined by Tilly, Margot, and Henry to track down Weaver, who has since found a bit of magic to give himself the heart-ripping ability to use on Rumplestiltskin. However, Sir Henry's blood, which becomes darkened from his hatred for Roni, helps to open the portals to the storybook realms. Rogers grabs onto his daughter's hand to prevent her from being sucked in, although this gives him excruciating pain. The portals close after Roni persuades Sir Henry to turn away from darkness, however, Rogers is already on the verge of death from the toll of his poisoned heart. Weaver blames Rumplestiltskin for causing this, and in a final act of bravery to defeat the Dark One and do the right thing, he rips out his own heart, giving it to Rogers to cure him. Rogers is revived as Weaver dies and Rumplestiltskin perishes out of existence. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

After Sixth Curse
After Regina unites all the realms, the citizens of the United Realms elect her as their new ruler. Hook attends the surprise coronation, where Regina is crowned as "The Good Queen". ("Leaving Storybrooke")


Eloise Gardener


  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriages and relationships that result in offspring
  • † denotes the deceased
  • Hook/Rogers and Gothel/Eloise have never been married



  • The name "Rogers" is a reference to the Jolly Roger, Hook's beloved ship.
  • According to Colin O'Donoghue, a first name was not established for Rogers.[3]

Production Notes

  • According to Colin O'Donoghue, the older version of Wish Hook is one of his favorite versions of Hook to play.[4]
  • It takes approximately three hours to do old Wish Hook's makeup.[6]
  • Wish Hook became a storytelling device for Season Seven because Jennifer Morrison left the show after Season Six,[7] and the writers felt that separating Emma and Hook, whether it was for the season or forever, was not what the audience deserved. They discussed the various options and ramifications, and felt that allowing Wish Hook into the new story gave them the ability to explore the character in different ways.[8]
  • Colin O'Donoghue said that Rogers feels "a sense of loss, and he doesn't know what it is, what's missing".[9]
  • Rogers being a police detective is a shout-out to the real Hook's original days when he and his brother wanted to join the navy.[10]

Props Notes

  • According to Colin O'Donoghue, Rogers' prosthetic hand enables him to move his fingers but it does not have complete mobility to make a fist. They tried to use a flesh-colored glove to simulate a prosthetic hand, but it looked too weird.[3] ("Hyperion Heights" et al.)
  • The black chess rook that Wish Hook got from Alice is a subtle foreshadowing of her backstory: A rook is shaped like a castle tower and Alice grew up in Rapunzel's tower. ("A Pirate's Life")
    • Fittingly enough, when playing chess with Tilly in the Hyperion Heights Hospital, Rogers places the black rook next to the white knight,[11] foreshadowing Alice's identity as his daughter: In "A Pirate's Life", Wish Hook stated that his daughter has his knight. After Alice's identity is revealed, the color of the knight is revealed to be white in "Pretty in Blue". ("Beauty")
  • The car Rogers' drives is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport.[12] The car's license plate number is B5923C.[13] ("The Garden of Forking Paths" et al.)
    • The letters XMT also appear vertically before the plate number. Typically plates that are marked with XMT signify a vehicle belonging to the Washington State Patrol, as well as an exemption from licensing fees.[14] ("The Garden of Forking Paths" et al.)

Set Dressing

Costume Notes


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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