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Michael: Yes. We know exactly who we're working for.
Belle: But Rumple said that...
John: Greg and Tamara didn't know. They were patsies. We, on the other hand, are aware of our real mission.
Michael, Belle and John src

The Home Office is a group of characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the eleventh episode of the second season.


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During First Curse

The Home Office was created by Peter Pan in Neverland. Two of the earliest known members of this initiative were Michael and John Darling, who both agreed to work for Pan in order to ensure their sister Wendy is alive and unharmed as Pan's prisoner. While Michael and John do age into adulthood, Pan uses magic to stop them from getting any older, allowing the brothers to remain unchanged for a century-long. ("Dark Hollow")

Sometime after Owen Flynn's experience in Storybrooke and failure to locate the town, which seems to have vanished into thin air, he unsuccessfully tries to convince people of its existence, but no one believes him. He is eventually approached by "believers" from the Home Office and is led into thinking they aim to rid the world of magic. ("Welcome to Storybrooke", "Selfless, Brave and True", "Second Star to the Right")

During one Home Office mission, Michael and John come to Boston, where they apply as prospective parents in a closed adoption for an infant boy whom Pan wants. However, the plan falls through once they learn the woman who meant to return the boy to the adoption agency has decided to keep him. ("Save Henry")

Eventually, Owen joins the Home Office and takes on a different name: Greg Mendell. In time, Tamara also becomes a member of the Home Office as Greg's professional and romantic partner. She, like Greg, believes the organization's goal is to destroy magic. ("Selfless, Brave, True", "Second Star to the Right")

After First Curse

Known Members


Production Notes

  • According to Edward Kitsis, the point of the Home Office was to lead the audience "down a different path", as "we have all been trained with initiatives and secret organizations".[1]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


  1. Wieselmann, Jarett (April 29, 2013). 5 'Once Upon A Time' Finale Spoilers!. Entertainment Tonight. “The creators promise fans will learn what The Home Office is and what they're after, but not why they want it over the next two episodes. Eddy adds, "We've all been trained with Initiatives and secret organizations, [so] we're hoping to lead you down a different path.”

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