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This article focuses on Henry's Motorcycle.
For his car, see Henry's Car.
Cinderella: Well, I suppose there are worse ways of getting to a ball than getting escorted by a handsome man in a tiny smoke-breathing carriage.
Henry: Motorcycle.
Cinderella and Henry Mills src

Henry Mills' Motorcycle is a vehicle featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.

Henry's Motorcycle takes the place of Cinderella's carriage from the fairytale "Cinderella", and the Disney film Cinderella.


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After Fourth Curse

Henry rides the motorcycle through a Magic Bean portal on a quest to find his own story as his mother watches. ("Hyperion Heights")

He arrives in the New Enchanted Forest and, years later, rides the motorcycle down a path through the forest. Suddenly, a carriage appears and Henry swerves to avoid it but frightens the horse, causing the carriage to crash and throw the woman inside of it into a nearby field of Hyacinths. Henry rushes to make sure she is okay and realizes she is Cinderella. When she comes to, Henry offers to take her to the ball on his motorcycle, but after he gives her a brief lesson, she punches him in the face, knocking him off the motorcycle, and steals it to ride alone. After Lady Tremaine kills the Prince and frames Cinderella, Henry helps her escape, telling her to take the motorcycle and meet him where they first met. ("Hyperion Heights")

When Cinderella arrives, she is assaulted by two guards but is saved by Tiana. Tiana convinces her to join the Resistance against her stepmother and the royal family. Leaving her glass slipper as a sign for Henry, Cinderella and Tiana board the motorcycle and head to the resistance camp. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")


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