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This article focuses on Henry's Car.
For his motorcycle, see Henry's Motorcycle.
Really? You checked every lot and chop shop and none of them have my car?
Henry Mills to Rogers src

Henry Mills' Car is a vehicle featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

After the Dark Curse sends the inhabitants of the New Enchanted Forest to Hyperion Heights, Henry Mills comes to own this car. ("The Eighth Witch", "Hyperion Heights")

As a way to make ends meet after the failure of his novel, Henry becomes a pickup driver for the company Swyft. On one night, Henry picks up a woman named Susan, a family donning Mickey Mouse ears, as well as a plethora of others. After finishing his shift, Henry goes back home to his one-bedroom apartment. ("Hyperion Heights")

After a young girl named Lucy shows up on his doorstep, the former steals his laptop and gives Henry instructions to meet her at the bar, Roni's. Annoyed, Henry follows Lucy's guidelines and drives his car under the Aurora Bridge before parking it down the street bar. After retrieving his laptop and meeting Roni, as well as the young girl's mother, Jacinda, Henry leaves the establishment, only to find his car missing. At the police station, the man files a report with the help from Officer Rogers. However, Victoria Belfrey who is Jacinda's stepmother and is searching for a missing Lucy, pries Henry for information about her whereabouts in exchange for locating his car, to which he complies. Later on, Rogers' eventually finds the car and Henry reclaims it. ("Hyperion Heights")

Henry, who has unintentionally separated Jacinda from her daughter, vows to make up for his wrongdoings. After convincing the caterer for Lucy's ballet to open another bar, he opts to leave his keys and car at home and instead takes the bus to the community center. Rogers would later swipe his keys but hands them back to him at the end of the night. ("A Pirate's Life")

After coming to the conclusion that the timing was wrong for him and Jacinda to start a relationship, Henry along with Roni go to San Francisco, in search for a woman named Kelly West. During his time in the city, he finds out Lucy has been admitted to hospital and soon, a worried Henry boards a plane back to Seattle, while Roni and Kelly drive back in his car. ("The Eighth Witch")

As Henry finishes up a night shift with Sywft, he parks his car in the vicinity of Roni's, before meeting with Roni herself, as the later is walking back to her bar. ("Knightfall")

While on his way to the airport, Henry stops his car outside of the Hyperion Theater and pulls up Jacinda's phone number but ends up not calling her. As he is driving out of the city, a piece of glass becomes lodged in his tire, resulting in a flat. Soon after, Nick pulls up and offers Henry a ride to the airport, to which Henry agrees and leaves his car in front of the troll under the Aurora Bridge. ("Breadcrumbs")


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