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David: Your squire works hard, Your Majesty.
King Arthur: "And you don't thank him enough." I can hear you saying it even when you don't. You're right, though.
David and King Arthur src

Grif is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the third episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by guest star Giacomo Baessato.

Grif is based on Giflet from the Arthurian legend.[1]


Before Third Curse

In Camelot, Grif is employed as King Arthur's squire. Before David and Arthur leave to search for the crimson crown, they get supplies from the Round Table room, where Grif comes in, carrying a relic chest. He sets it down on the table and then pulls out a seat for Arthur, who sits down and opens the chest, taking out a torch called the unquenchable flame to help guide his and David's journey. The quest is a failure, but from the adventure, Arthur grows to trust David. That night, as Grif, the other knights of the Round Table and David's friends are in attendance, Arthur knights David and gives him the Siege Perilous seat. ("Siege Perilous")

After Third Curse

Because of Hook's curse, Grif and some Camelot natives, along with Emma's friends and family, are transported to Storybrooke, with their memories of the last six weeks erased. Some days after this, Grif acts as an accomplice in Arthur's plan to gain David's trust. After Arthur tells David that someone stole a magic bean from the relic chest, Grif brings out the chest for David to examine. Since Grif is the one who found the chest broken into, David asks him for theories about who did it. At first, Grif stumbles on his words, but after a knowing look from Arthur, he suggests the Dark One is culpable. He starts to delve deeper into his theory, but Arthur cuts him off, telling him to stop being a fool. However, David imagines Grif's idea might be true, as Emma recently stole a dwarf ax, which can break just about anything. Even so, Arthur recalls that the Dark One doesn't need tools, and he points out the marks on the chest suggest it was pried open. Later, David uses a non-magical chalice to misled the Camelot natives into thinking whoever drinks from it will be revealed as the thief, causing Grif to flee on horseback to avoid capture. With Arthur assuming control of a truck, David uses a wooden beam to knock Grif off the horse. During questioning, Grif lies about stealing because he was tired of how Arthur was treating him, but he insists that he never saw a bean. Since Arthur believes Grif is not lying, David locks up the squire for now. While imprisoned, Grif is visited by Arthur, who reveals the Dark One is David's daughter, and because David hadn't been truthful in Camelot about it, he believes the Storybrooke folk cannot be trusted. Since they cannot go back to Camelot, Arthur wants to make the town their new home. To keep everyone else from discovering that Grif is his accomplice, Arthur presents the squire with viper poison, persuading him to ingest it for the kingdom's sake. After drinking it, Grif dies and his body disappears in green smoke. ("The Dark Swan", "Siege Perilous")



Production Notes



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