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Every script that I’ve gotten is so inventive and there seems to be no limitations of what I can do, and then underneath that as powerful as he is, there is this human quality. Love is in there. Even with a character like Hades, there’s desire and wish fulfillment in there. It just makes a villain like Hades the most fun to play.
—Greg Germann src

Greg Germann is the American actor who portrays Hades on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Gregory Andrew Germann,[1] better known as Greg Germann, born in Houston, Texas and lived there until he was seven.[2] He and his family later moved to Colorado outside of Golden, Colorado.[3] His mother, Marlene Marian (née Faulkner), was a homemaker, and his father, Edward A. Germann, was a playwright and professor.

Exposed to the performing arts at an early age, particularly through his father, he went on to be a theater major at the University of Northern Colorado. A constant stream of plays, such as Biloxi Blues, Assassins, The Person I Once Was, and War Games, led him to the gradual realization that acting would be his professional future, and after graduating in two years, he moved to [[Wikipedia:New York.[3]

On the big screen, Greg has also starred in Talladega Nights, Friends With Money, Down to Earth, Sweet November, The Last Producer, Caught in the Act, Down and Derby, Once Around and Clear and Present Danger. In addition to portraying a recurring character on Ally McBeal, he has directed a few of the show's episodes. He appeared with Kevin Spacey in the American Playhouse presentation of Darrow, opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Showtime's Conduct Unbecoming.[3]

He appeared on ABC's In Case of Emergency as Sherman Yablonsky until it was canceled after one season, and was also in the pilot episode of Eureka as the director of operations, Warren King. In 2006, he guest-starred in the series Desperate Housewives. He has appeared in NCIS since the Season 10 episode, "Shiva", playing NCIS Assistant Director Jerome Craig.

Greg is married to actress Christine Mourad, with one child, Asa August.[1]


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