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This article focuses on the location.
For the magic dust, see Great Divide Dust.

The pure of heart shall make the leap.
—Great Divide plaque src

The Great Divide is a Wonderland location on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It appears, with its only appearance, in the fifth episode.


Before First Curse

The Red Queen requests Alice's help for gathering some special dust as protection against Jafar. In return, she'll lend a hand in leading Alice to her lost love, Cyrus. Alice agrees and rides in the Red Queen's carriage to the Great Divide. Alice says that she's heard of the place and that there's a darkness there. Once they reach the Great Divide, the Red Queen shows Alice a tablet on the floor that reads, "The pure of heart shall make the leap" and to reach the dust, Alice has to cross towards the ravine by walking on thin air. Alice is wary of trying and failing, but then cracks the riddle as by having firm trust and belief in the purest feeling in her own heart—Cyrus. This allows her to walk on air for a few steps, but suddenly, she falls down into a cave pit. Visited by a younger, more vengeful child version of herself, Alice must face the dark emotions that plagued her after watching Cyrus' supposed death. The child Alice brings the Red Queen down to the cave as well, and pushes her older self to choose to take revenge. Alice moves to slash the Red Queen, but instead, stabs her sword into the ground. Though she believes the Red Queen deserves punishment, Alice doesn't want to be the one doing it. Happily, the child Alice congratulates her for making the right choice and turns into magic dust. Alice collects all of it in a bag. Upon returning to the cliff, she refuses to hand over the dust until the Red Queen tells her where Cyrus is. Instead, the Red Queen snatches the bag with magic, having lied to Alice, and leaves her with nothing. However, Alice still has a small amount of the dust tucked in her palm. She uses it to uncover Jafar's lair in the distance and begins making her way to Cyrus. ("Heart of Stone")


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