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This article focuses on the lasagna made by Granny.
For the one made by Regina Mills, see Regina's Lasagna.

Nobody would believe it if you told them my lasagna was frozen.
Granny to David src

Granny's Lasagna is a dish featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventh episode of the second season.


During First Curse
Henry is sitting at Granny's Diner with a plate of lasagna next to him and drinking hot cocoa with cinnamon. He notices there is now a new story in the storybook, which isn't yet finished. When Emma meets up with him at the diner to hear the latest news, he says that it is sensitive information, but he still chose to meet her at Granny's, out in the open, because he is hungry. ("The Stranger")

After First Curse

As the first curse-free full moon approaches, Ruby is afraid that she will turn into a wolf now that the curse is no longer restricting her shapeshifting ability. With her grandmother, she improvises a cage out of the diner's freezer, where she intends to house herself in while she is in wolf form. When David wonders what the two of them are doing, Ruby jokingly asks if he knows anyone who'd want thirty-eight lasagnas since they were emptying the freezer, to which Granny adds that no one would believe if they knew her lasagnas were frozen. ("Child of the Moon")

Having been accepted by the dwarves as one of their own, Anton is dropped by his new fellow brothers and David at the diner after a day of work at the bean fields. Leroy instructs him to rent a room from Granny, who he claims to make a mean lasagna. ("Tiny")

Unsure how to regain Belle's trust when she has memory loss, Mr. Gold approaches David at the diner to get advice on how to win her back. David finds it ironic that Mr. Gold came to get his help, to which the pawnbroker replies that he isn't at Granny's for the overpriced lasagna. Granny, who overhears this remark from behind the diner counter, shoots Mr. Gold a sharp look. ("Lacey")

After Second Curse

After their journey back from Neverland, David and Mary Margaret have lunch at the diner and he points out that the lasagna has never tasted so good. ("The New Neverland")

Learning that her sister wants revenge, Regina and her friends gather at the diner and speculate on the witch's possible motivations. Granny remarks that Regina might have done something against Zelena during the missing year which they have no memory about, but the mayor simply dismisses her by telling her to stick to the lasagna. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Before Third Curse
When the diner is taken away to the Enchanted Forest by a cyclone, there is some lasagna in the fridge, some of which Henry manages to heat for his date with Violet. However, before the dish is even served, Violet rejects Henry's feelings for her by telling him that they should remain only friends. ("Dreamcatcher")

After Third Curse

After Robin Hood's funeral, the townspeople gather at the diner for the wake. Among the several dishes served, a lasagna lies on the counter. ("Only You")

While in New York City, Emma gets a text from Granny about Zelena, Snow, Hook and David being sucked by a portal. As Regina asks for clarification on what exactly happened, Emma replies that Granny is an expert on lasagna, not magic. ("An Untold Story")


Production Notes

  • An unaired extended version of a scene from "Where Bluebirds Fly", titled "Wedding Lasagna", features Emma's family planning to have her wedding with Hook at the diner. Eventually, they change their mind, much to the disappointment of Granny, who had just had the idea to serve lasagna for the guests.[1]
  • According to Edward Kitsis, the lasagna is half-off at the diner on Friday nights. ("Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration")
    • Additionally, Adam Horowitz stated that many confraternization scenes at Granny's were shot on Friday nights and "the lasagna may be fake, but the fun is real". ("Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration")
  • A picture posted by Adam Horowitz on Instagram shows the lasagna pictured on the diner Daily Specials board. The board says "Granny's “ultimate” lasagne".[2] It can also be seen on an unused piece of concept art by Neil Westlake.[3]
  • During the shooting of the series finale, Adam Horowitz tweeted a picture of the diner with the title "Ready for a lunch break" followed by #lasagna.[4]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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