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This article focuses on the Storybrooke location, Granny's Diner.
For Granny's inn, see Granny's Bed and Breakfast.
For the character, see Granny.

Regina: When a fairy talks about the center of Storybrooke...
Snow: She means the heart of Storybrooke: Granny's.

Regina and Snow src

Granny's Diner is a Storybrooke and Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode[1] of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


During First Curse

One night, a man, Kurt, is camping in the woods with his son, Owen, when a massive and dangerous storm approaches. They take cover in their tent, and in the morning, Kurt's car is crushed by a tree trunk. Taking supplies, they use a map to hike to the nearest highway, but before they can, Owen spots a town in the near distance. Kurt can't believe the sight because they drove through the same area yesterday, which was completely barren. They go into the town, Storybrooke, and are taken to the diner by the sheriff, Graham, where they meet the mayor, Regina. Learning they will be rooming in town until Kurt's car is fixed, Regina becomes bothered by the outsiders' presence. While she excuses her to speak privately with Graham, Granny, the owner of the town's only bed and breakfast, arranges to have a guest room set up for them. That night, Regina returns to the diner to speak with Kurt. Noticing Owen is in her seat, she asks him to move, but he refuses, so she takes the seat next to him. Regina notifies Kurt that she gave orders for his car to be fixed within a week. Finished for the evening, Kurt motions to Owen that it's time to leave the diner. On the way out, Owen gives Regina a little present for allowing him to sit in her seat, which she is touched by. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Ten years into the curse, Mary Margaret caries a bouquet of flowers as she walks past the diner and says good morning to Granny, who grumbles about her granddaughter Ruby sleeping off a hangover and how she's doing her share of work as result of that. ("Awake")

Eight years later, Regina fulfills her longing for more in life by heading to a Boston agency and adopting a child. She names the boy Henry as her father's namesake and brings him home. One morning, she is unable to stop his insistent crying in the diner. Granny advises that soothing a child with a bedtime story works, which Regina attempts, but Henry ends up vomiting on her clothes. ("Save Henry")

The morning after Emma decides to stay in town for a week, she goes to the diner, where she is given a free cinnamon hot chocolate by Ruby, who works there as a waitress. Ruby states she has an admirer, to which Emma looks behind to see Sheriff Graham sitting in a booth. Emma approaches him and says she is flattered, but is not in town to flirt. Sheriff Graham corrects her and says he did not send over the hot chocolate. Instead, Henry admits he sent it over, and then insists Emma walk him to school, which she does. ("The Thing You Love Most")

During an evening date at the diner, Dr. Whale jokingly remarks to Mary Margaret that he heard she wants fifteen kids. Shocked, Mary Margaret denies it and states she is only a teacher to fifteen children. She does, however, go on to express a desire to get married and have children in the future. She stops herself from speaking upon realizing Dr. Whale is not listening to her. Instead, Mary Margaret notices he has been ogling Ruby. Unhappily, she asks for the check as Ruby passes, and the date ends on a bad note. The next day, Mary Margaret is asked by Emma, per Henry's request, to read the Snow White fairytale to a hospital coma patient, John Doe, as the boy believes she is Snow White and the man is Prince Charming. She agrees, as Emma wants to help Henry realize on his own that fairytales aren't real, and they agree to meet at the diner for a full report. From a book, Mary Margaret reads the story, and John Doe, while still unconscious, grabs her hand. Though Dr. Whale can find nothing amiss, she hurries to the diner the next morning to inform Emma and Henry what happened. Mary Margaret believes she got through to John Doe somehow, and she and Henry hurry back to the hospital as an astonished Emma trails behind. ("Snow Falls")

After walking Henry to the bus for school, Emma heads into the diner for some cinnamon hot chocolate. Regina strolls in and asks how her walk with Henry was. She lets Emma know she no longer feels threatened by her presence in Storybrooke. Regina explains this is so because she knows Emma never stays anywhere too long, and cannot change even for Henry. After Regina is gone, Emma spills hot chocolate on her shirt and goes into the diner's laundry room to wash it and change into another outfit. There, she meets Ashley, a young woman who is pregnant and due to give birth soon. She is very distraught since no one believes in her abilities to take care of a baby. Emma urges Ashley to decide on her own if she wants to change her life, and then do it. Taking the advice literally, Ashley breaks into Mr. Gold's pawnshop to steal back her baby's adoption papers. Afterwards, she pepper sprays Mr. Gold and seemingly disappears. He enlists Emma's help to find Ashley. Emma's efforts to look for her all lead to dead ends. She talks to Ruby at the diner and eventually figures out Ruby gave Ashley her car to flee town. ("The Price of Gold")

While Mary Margaret is at the diner, Dr. Whale shows up and asks if she quit the volunteer position at the hospital because of him. He leaves just as Regina shows up to talk to Mary Margaret about David. She tells Mary Margaret that she and David do not belong together. Regina mentions David left his wife, Kathryn, and Mary Margaret should stay away from him due to the fragile state he's in, and because she is close to destroying many lives. However, Mary Margaret later meets David in private after he makes clear of his intent to be with her. In the end, he dumps her; citing that his marriage is more important. Heartbroken, Mary Margaret sits alone at the diner when approached by Dr. Whale. After a bit of prodding, she reluctantly asks if he ever went into a situation in which he knew will have a negative impact, but does it anyway only to regret the outcome. Quickly, Dr. Whale says no; prompting Mary Margaret to ask how he can do that. Dr. Whale states he'd rather not do what is expected because it keeps life "interesting". He then offers to buy her a drink, to which she replies, "You can buy me two." ("The Shepherd")

The night after Emma sees Graham sneaking out of Regina's house and realizes he and the mayor are having an affair, she begins to avoid him. Hoping to grab an evening nightcap, she walks into the diner in time to see Graham very drunk and throwing darts. Emma turns to leave, and he purposely throws a dart that hits the wall right next to her. Afterward, he follows her out and kisses her. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Following Graham's sudden and unexpected death, Sidney Glass runs for Sheriff. Emma fights for the job as well. A suspicious fire breaks out that nearly kills both Emma and Regina; with the evidence perpetuating Mr. Gold was the suspect who started the fire. At the election debate, Emma makes a promising and honest speech to the townspeople, and openly accuses Mr. Gold for what he did. This makes a strong impression on the townspeople since Emma is not afraid of standing up to Mr. Gold. Later, Emma glumly retreats to the diner with the expectation she lost the election when Regina and Sidney walk in to congratulate her as the new sheriff. ("Desperate Souls")

Mary Margaret, in her growing infatuation with David, has been going to the diner daily at 7:15 A.M. when he also comes in to get coffee for he and his wife, Kathryn. She admits to Emma that she cannot stop thinking about him, and has been watching him frequently from a distance.

Meanwhile, Regina is bothered by a stranger's appearance in Storybrooke, and the fact this man was speaking to Henry. She sends Emma to find out more information about him. Emma approaches the stranger in the diner one day. She questions him about the box he carries around. The man is amused and says not knowing would drive someone crazy. He allows her to see what is in the box on the condition he buys her a drink. A typewriter is revealed to be in the box. He claims to be a writer. As he leaves, Emma asks about the drink he was going to buy her. He says, "Sometime."

Despite the growing attraction between Mary Margaret and David, she decides to stop going to the diner at the usual time. The day she is at the diner on her own time, David happens to walk in. Once he sees Mary Margaret, he walks out. Confused, she follows him out. Mary Margaret asks what he is doing here. David says he was trying to avoid her. She admits to doing the same. They share a kiss, and unbeknownst to them, Regina is watching nearby. ("7:15 A.M.")

Stopping into the diner, newest town guest approaches Henry, who questions him on why he has come to Storybrooke. The man declines to give an answer. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

On Valentine's Day, David is reading a book at the diner. Mary Margaret happens to notice it's a book she has read before and they share a brief conversation about it. Ruby notices their banter and offers to push their tables together, but both parties quickly decline. Soon, Emma arrives to join Mary Margaret's table. As they talk, Ashley walks in with her daughter, handing her over to Granny, and pulls up a seat near Emma and Mary Margaret as she tells them how things are going with Sean. Ruby invites the three women for a girls' night at the Rabbit Hole, but Emma is too busy with sheriff business to attend. ("Skin Deep")

The same stranger, who Henry previously spoke to, bumps into Emma and he asks her out for a drink. When Emma asks him what his name is, he introduces himself as August Booth. August asks her to meet him outside of the diner later. ("What Happened to Frederick")

One morning, Leroy is eating breakfast when Walter and Mr. Clark show up asking him to move, which he refuses to do. Mary Margaret enters announcing Miner's Day and asking for people to help her to sell candles, but everyone is still angry about her affair with David and they turn away. She asks Leroy if he would help, but he insults her by stating that she is the only person in town that people like less than him. ("Dreamy")

During her evening work shift, Ruby is awed by August's tales of travelling around the world to exotic locations. From the counter, Granny repeatedly calls her, but Ruby keeps trying to buy time to continue listening to August's stories. Finally, Granny bluntly tells her to stop flirting and do the diner's paperwork. Thoroughly embarrassed, Ruby marches over to the counter only to find out Granny wants her to start working weekends and taking on more responsibilities at the diner. Unwilling to settle, she argues with her grandmother until quitting the diner job on the spot and walking out. ("Red-Handed")

Following Mary Margaret's arrest on charges of murdering David's missing wife, Kathryn, Henry broods at the diner when August walks in to take a seat next to him. Seeing how upset Henry is about Emma having to arrest Mary Margaret, August lets the boy in on a secret. Henry learns August believes the storybook stories are real and he is making it his mission to convince Emma they are true. Henry is pleased by the news and recalls trying to find proof for Emma. Before leaving, August suggests he should search in the book. ("Heart of Darkness")

As Emma is leaving the diner, David asks her about Mary Margaret and attempts to justify why he questioned her innocence. Though he pleads to see Mary Margaret, Emma pointedly tells him that she doesn't want to see him at this point. ("The Stable Boy")

Having found evidence that Sidney, a previous ally, is conspiring against her to help Regina frame Mary Margaret for murder, Emma confronts him at the diner as he tries to deny everything. When pressed further, Sidney gives admission to being in love with Regina. Emma gives him an ultimatum to either go down with Regina or help her bring the madam mayor down. ("The Return")

Despite losing his storybook previously, Henry regains it after Emma mysteriously finds it in a container under her car. While at the diner, Henry notices there is now a new story in the book that isn't yet finished. He says the story is about Pinocchio and curiously wonders if there is more to it, but Emma suggests he hurry off to school. ("The Stranger")

Hoping to gain full custody of Henry after learning how manipulative Regina is, Emma consults with Dr. Hopper in a meeting at the diner. He admits her custody case is not strong, especially since she can't prove any of her allegations against Regina are true. Archie is also concerned about how Henry is being affected by the dispute between Emma and Regina. He says that a court would see that, since Emma arrived in town, Henry has stolen things, skipped school, and repeatedly put himself in danger. Emma perceives that Archie is implying that Henry is better off with Regina, and he says that the boy's adoptive mother would never hurt him. Archie believes the war between her and Regina needs to end or Henry will keep getting hurt. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

After First Curse

After Emma breaks the curse and all Storybrooke residents, including Will regain their Enchanted Forest memories, Mr. Gold seeks vengeance against Regina for locking Belle up for twenty-eight years by branding her as the next victim of the Wraith. While the Wraith runs loose in Storybrooke, Will walks through town, bypassing Emma as she drives past, and heads to the diner. Ashley, who now works there as a waitress, and Leroy have just come out of the closed diner. Will bumps into Ashley as he walks to the diner entrance, and secretly swipes a key from her. Leroy points out the diner is not open, but Will ignores him. After they leave, he uses the key to sneak into the diner to make himself a cup of coffee. From the ground of the diner, a portal bursts forth and the White Rabbit pops out. As it turns out, the White Rabbit is looking for Alice to inform her Cyrus is alive, so Will uses the portal to reach Alice in England. ("Broken", "Down the Rabbit Hole")

Since regaining his memories following the broken curse, Marco has desperately been trying to his young son to no avail. Finally, at the diner, Henry reveals his son's name in Storybrooke, August, and the older man hurries to find him. At the counter, Henry and David sit and discuss ways to get back Emma and Mary Margaret, who were sucked into a hat portal to another realm. ("We Are Both")

Wishing to help bring back Emma and Mary Margaret, Henry calls Regina, who is packing up her office as she has been asked to leave, and invites her to have lunch in ten minutes, at Granny's diner. When she leaves, Henry enters through an interior door to steal her skeleton keys, which open the vault. ("Lady of the Lake")

After a fight with Mr. Gold, Belle comes to the diner to get refuge. Ruby comes by the counter to ask if she is alright. Belle is unsure of her emotions, so Ruby offers her a place to stay and suggests she re-opens the library. Later, Belle is being taught by Ruby the names of the foods served in the diner. She also hands Belle a key to the library someone left for her. ("The Crocodile")

When the dwarves find diamonds in the mines, which can be used to make fairy dust and rescue Emma and Mary Margaret, the whole town celebrates at the diner for the night. Ruby is serving at the counter, and briefly goes to take a break. She is approached by Billy, who asks her out on a date. Ruby is hesitant to accept since she is worried about turning into a wolf during the first curse-free wolfstime. Belle notices her discomfort and rescues her from the conversation by saying they are having a girls' night out. Later, Albert Spencer approaches David and warns him that he plans to make his life hell as revenge for ruining his plans for family in the past. ("Child of the Moon")

One night, Belle and Mr. Gold are enjoying burgers at the diner before Regina interrupts them and tells that Cora is trying to cross realms into Storybrooke. He believes that Cora is dead, and they talk of the animosity that she would have for both of them. Belle curiously inquiries about who Cora is, though Mr. Gold replies that she will never have to meet her. ("Into the Deep")

Emma and Mary Margaret make their long awaited return to Storybrooke after using means of a portal from the Enchanted Forest to traverse home. In excitement to make up for lost time with their friends, they head off with Henry, David, Ruby, and the dwarves to Granny's for lunch. ("Queen of Hearts")

In honor of Mary Margaret and Emma's homecoming, Granny hosts a dinner at the diner, and all of Mary Margaret and David's friends attend, as well as Regina, who is invited by Emma. She pops in carrying a tray of lasagna the other residents are not very eager to try. Leroy thinks she has doused it with poison, but she persuades him there's nothing life threatening in it, and many sample her cooking, which is quite good. Regina is able to spend a short time with Henry, who is happy to see her. However, everyone else pays little attention to Regina. Crestfallen, she departs early from the party. Emma notices, and follows her out. ("The Cricket Game")

Over at the diner, Mary Margaret pores over various houses that are currently on the market in town. She longs to move out to a bigger space for herself and David. Though she asks his opinion on several houses for sale, he is disinterested in all of them. He wishes to return to the Enchanted Forest, but she cautions the land won't be the same as it was with ogres desecrating what used to be their home. David senses this might be all the more proof they need to go back to take back what is rightfully theirs, but Mary Margaret is tired of agonizing over constant battles, and just wants to settle down. ("The Outsider")

Havoc is wrecked on Storybrooke when Regina helps to unleash a giant's wraith on humans by offering him a magic mushroom which restores him to his former mammoth size. The effects of the mushroom eventually wear off, and the giant, Anton, warily accepts the help of David and the town residents to rescue him from death. The citizens welcome Anton to their town by bringing him to the diner. Awkwardly, Anton acknowledges he will likely live in the woods, but Leroy interjects Storybrooke has all kinds of living creatures, and he will easily fit in. ("Tiny")

Aware of Cora's dangerous presence in town, Mary Margaret takes a course of action to sway Regina's mindset so she might come to the side of good. After learning Cora and Regina intend to steal Mr. Gold's dagger, she calls the madam mayor to the diner under false pretenses. Only after they are both seated, Mary Margaret reveals the true reason she wanted to talk. She offers Regina a second chance to pick the side of good. Regina scoffs; wondering if perhaps she has always been good until being dubbed evil. In particular, Mary Margaret wants to know why Regina is reverting to how she used to be after all the progress of trying to be good. Bitterly, Regina says she knows she'd never be accepted because no one in town believes she can actually change. Before leaving, she warns Mary Margaret to stay out of her way or else. In a last ditch attempt, Mary Margaret suggests Cora does not care about Regina, or Henry, and it has always been about obtaining power. Regina retorts that she wouldn't know anything about mothers, much to Mary Margaret's dismay, as she lost her own mother at a young age. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Worried over Regina's plan to murder Mary Margaret for the death of Cora, Emma and David consider killing Regina to stop the blood feud. Henry, upset over their idea, runs out of the apartment, but Emma follows him out and takes him to the diner. Neal is waiting at a table booth, and tries to bribe Henry with a delicious dessert, but he doesn't fall for it. Neal suggests that Henry should move to New York with him to keep him safe from Regina. Henry resists the idea before agreeing and excusing himself to the bathroom, but he only pretends to and slips out of the diner on his own. At the counter, Emma is having some coffee when Greg comes in. Ruby has his order ready on a tray, but he asks to have it wrapped up to go. He chats with Emma briefly, saying he is on doctor's orders to get some exercise, so he is going hiking in the woods. Emma is perplexed by his stay, and that he hasn't gone back in Pennsylvania yet. Greg grins and says the town is growing on him, just as Ruby comes back with his bagged food, and after he pays, he leaves. Uneasy about Greg's continued stay in town, Emma and Ruby exchange a glance full of uncertainty. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

One morning, Emma and Henry visit Neal in his room at the bed and breakfast, and he sends Henry off to the diner to get three cups of hot cocoa. Only after Henry is gone, Neal admits to Emma that he invited his fiancée, Tamara, to come to Storybrooke so they could all meet. Later, Tamara seeks refugee at the diner after Neal tries to tell her about who he really is, and she does not believe him. At a nearby table booth, Greg is having a slice of apple pie when Regina comes by to make small talk. Meanwhile, Emma is urgently called by Mary Margaret to meet up with her at the diner. As Mary Margaret is rushing in, Regina passes her, spitefully telling her to try the fish special as it suits her blackened soul. Mary Margaret is momentarily stunned, but shakes it off to find a waiting Emma. She explains August's current dilemma, and within earshot, Marco hears every word she says. The three of them make their way to find Mother Superior to give August a helping hand. Several seats down at the counter, Tamara has been listening to the conversation, and is on the prowl to investigate August's whereabouts. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Hard at work tending to the growing fields of magic beans, David and Leroy stop at the diner to order ten bowls of chili for themselves as well as Anton and the other dwarves. Granny prods them about what they've been doing out there, but Leroy merely says it's just landscaping. Mr. Gold arrives to speak with David, so Leroy heads out alone with the chili orders. David learns Belle's memory was apparently jogged by Regina, though not in a good way. Belle doesn't recall her life the Enchanted Forest, but of her false memories during the curse. Desperate to win Belle back, though she is completely different with false memories, Mr. Gold asks how David won Mary Margaret's heart while cursed. David tells him that in order to get back the real Belle, he needs to show her the man she fell in love with. That night, Mr. Gold successfully sets up a date with Belle, now calling herself Lacey, at the diner. As they wait for their food orders, she is surprised that his fearsome reputation is nothing like the real him. Later, Lacey says people can't tell what a person is like until they see what is in their heart, which is something she once said in a past life. Shocked by her words, Mr. Gold spills iced tea on her dress. Lacey goes to clean up at the restroom, but in truth, ditches him to have a rendezvous with Keith. ("Lacey")

Suspicious of Neal's fiancée, Tamara, Emma purposely bumps into her at the diner. This causes the contents of Tamara's purse to fall onto the floor of the diner. Emma rushes to pick up the scattered items, and she is stunned to see Tamara has a list of numerous Storybrooke residents and their Enchanted Forest identities. After seeing this, Emma asks Tamara how she feels about Storybrooke as she knows it is a lot to take in. Tamara says that that is an understatement, but Emma would know that better than anyone. Emma tells Tamara that Henry helped her get through the "craziness" of Storybrooke, and Tamara tells her that Neal is doing the same for her. Warily, Emma expresses concerns should the outside world ever find out about a town full of fairytale residents. To this, Tamara pleasantly hints that she is trustworthy and can keep a secret. ("The Evil Queen")

Tamara reveals her true objective in town by teaming up with her ally, Greg, to activate a trigger and destroy Storybrooke's magic. To save the townspeople, David and Hook steal back a magic bean from Greg and Tamara. Arriving at the diner, they all get ready to leave, but Henry asks Emma where Regina is. Once Emma tells Henry that Regina is absorbing the trigger and won't survive, Henry refuses to leave her to die. When Henry compares this situation to when they saved Regina from the Wraith, Mary Margaret gets the idea to send the trigger to another world, much like they did with the Wraith. Emma says that the plan is too risky, but Archie, along with everyone else in the diner, agree that it is the only way to survive. The diner violently shakes, and Emma asks for the beans, but Mary Margaret says that she can't take the easy way out like she did by killing Cora, and that she did it because it was easy, and that she would rather take the harder path. Emma agrees, so David tosses her the pouch containing the beans, but Hook snatches it away from her. Hook tells Emma that if Regina wants to die for them they should let her, but Emma tells him that he can either work with them and be apart of something, or he can work by himself and have it end badly. Hook then hands over the pouch, asking her why she is so passionate, and she responds that Henry just lost his father today and she won't let him lose his mother too. Hook inquiries who is Henry's father and learns it's Neal. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

At the diner, Archie and Belle are talking about her fears that Mr. Gold will die while trying to save Henry from Greg and Tamara. Belle deeply wishes to help save the boy, though Archie thinks she has done more than enough by protecting Storybrooke. To Belle, pouring a potion over rocks is not considered much in her own eyes. Archie realizes she wants to be a hero and highlights that by enacting the spell, the bad guys are kept out of town. Belle doesn't truly believe anyone is coming to town, and concludes the reason she wasn't on the ship to Neverland is because Mr. Gold doesn't need her. Suddenly, Leroy pops in with a guest, Ariel, who brings news from Neverland about Mr. Gold. ("Dark Hollow")

When the heroes come back from Neverland, a celebration is held at Granny's. There, Emma gives Henry, who is actually Peter Pan in disguise, his fairytale book, which was with Neal. Nearby, Hook tells Neal that he intends to back off from pursuing Emma for Henry's sake. Meanwhile, Regina tries to convince Mother Superior to give back Tinker Bell's wings. However, head nun says she cannot return her magic because Tinker Bell no longer believes herself. Neal asks Emma out on a date, and she is encouraged by her parents to accept. Some time later, while the couple is having lunch, Mr. Gold approaches and gives David an elixir to heal him from a poison he was poisoned with in Neverland. After being healed, David suggests to his wife that they start trying to have another child. Mary Margaret, noticing Neal sitting alone at a table booth, is saddened that Emma didn't listen to their advice. While David goes to find Emma, Tinker Bell bumps into Hook in the diner hallway. Though clearly still head-over-heels for certain blonde, Hook tries to convince Tinker Bell into having a drink with him. All-knowingly, she recognizes he wants more than just a drink and declines his offer. Suddenly, they hear a scream outside and rush out as David and Emma pull up in a truck. Emma suspiciously regards Hook and Tinker Bell as being together, especially when they both give conflicting answers. ("The New Neverland")

During Second Curse

Pan succeeds in casting the Dark Curse, so Regina has no other option than destroying the curse scroll, which sends all Storybrooke inhabitants, except Emma and Henry, back to the Enchanted Forest. One year later, everyone comes back to the Land Without Magic due to Snow White enacting a new curse. As a consequence, no one remembers anything from the last year. ("Going Home", "A Curious Thing")

Emma and Henry are brought back to Storybrooke by Hook, but the boy remembers nothing of the town or his time there. Ruby serves him an order of hot chocolate, however, he is surprised when she adds cinnamon in. Henry asks how she knew he liked cinnamon, and Ruby hastily says it was just a guess. Mary Margaret, who is heavily pregnant, and David enter, and Emma introduces them as old friends. At the counter, Regina turns around and drops her cup in shock over seeing Henry, who has no idea of who she is. As David, Emma and Regina leave to investigate the circumstances of their return to Storybrooke, Mary Margaret keeps Henry company. She suggests going to the library since he likes books. While he is grabbing his coat, a woman named Zelena introduces herself as a midwife and offers to help Mary Margaret during her pregnancy. Later that day, Leroy, who is following a scheme with Emma and Regina, enters the diner and lies; telling everyone that Regina managed to create a potion to restore their memories. Worried, Zelena quickly leaves the diner to steal the potion. ("Witch Hunt")

After discovering a spinning wheel littered with strands of spun gold in the cellar of the Wicked Witch's farmhouse, Emma and her allies conclude Mr. Gold is indeed alive. In a morning meeting at the closed diner, they discuss where to search for Mr. Gold while Regina decides do more sleuthing alone at the farmhouse for evidence of magic. ("Quiet Minds")

Following a funeral service for Neal, the townspeople regroup at the diner to mourn quietly. Hook offers to take Henry out for the day and help him learn more about Neal, which Emma allows. At the counter, Regina eyes Robin Hood's lion tattoo, which she once saw on an unknown man who was destined to be her second chance at love. Tinker Bell, the fairy that used pixie dust in the past to show Regina the man, notices Robin Hood's tattoo and confronts her about it. The conversation turns sour when Regina refuses to take Tinker Bell's advice. Suddenly, the Wicked Witch, Zelena, storms in to reveal herself as Regina's half-sister and challenges her sibling to a public battle after sundown. Regina is in disbelief over Zelena's claim, though the latter tells her to dig into the past to find the truth. After she is gone, everyone is still trying to make sense of what just happened. Taking Zelena's words to heart, Regina heads to her vault for answers. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

While Emma is taking magic lessons with Regina, David and Mary Margaret encounter a washed-up Ariel, who is actually Zelena in disguise, near the beach. Ariel explains that since the first curse was undone, she has been searching for Eric to no avail. They take her to the diner hoping Hook can provide help since he is the only one who wasn't affected by the second curse. He claims to know nothing, but is pushed by David and Mary Margaret into assisting Ariel further by going with her to the pawnshop. With Hook gone, the couple watch over Henry in his stead. Later that evening, Emma, her parents, Henry and Regina have a meal together at the diner. ("The Jolly Roger")

To learn more about why Zelena was abandoned by Cora, Regina summons her mother from the land of the dead with David, Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret's help, but the attempt seemingly fails. Awaiting news from Belle as she researches what spell Zelena intends to cast, Emma shows off her strengthening magic skills at the diner to Hook. At one point, she teleports his hooked hand a distance away, but he only reacts grumpily and refuses to elaborate on his bad mood. Belle bursts in to with news on Zelena's spell, and the trio head back to Regina's house. ("Bleeding Through")

Having stopped running away from love, Regina begins a romance with Robin Hood. In the hallway of the diner, they passionately kiss as Henry passes through. She departs for the inn to meet with David, Emma and Mary Margaret as they form a plan to shatter the current curse by recreating the effects that caused the last one to break. Though the first curse ceased when Emma gave Henry true love's kiss, it was the storybook that caused her to start believing in magic. The foursome leave to look for the book in Mary Margaret's loft. As they pass through the diner on their way out, Henry notices them and stops Emma to ask her where she is going. When questioned, she affirms that it is business that has to do with the person who murdered his father. Henry demands to know the whole truth, but Emma shuts down the conversation entirely until he backs off. Before she goes, he requests her set of keys to access their inn room. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse

By bestowing a kiss of true love onto Henry, Regina breaks the second curse and restores everyone's lost memories from the missing year in the Enchanted Forest. Additionally, she defeats Zelena with light magic. Rather than kill her, Regina spares her sister's life with imprisonment, though Mr. Gold secretly kills the witch out of vengeance. From Zelena's death, her time spell is enacted. Following the birth of Mary Margaret's second child, she and David plan to have a celebration at the diner where they will announce their son's name. Archie, Aurora, Bashful, Belle, Doc, Dopey, Hook, Kathryn, Leroy, Marco, Mother Superior, Mr. Clark, Mr. Gold, Regina, Robin Hood and Walter attend the party as well as many other townspeople. At some point, Emma's decision to leave Storybrooke for New York comes up. When challenged by both Henry and Regina, she abruptly leaves. While Hook goes to talk some sense into her, the townspeople notice Zelena's time spell is activated. By accident, Emma and Hook fall into the time portal and travel into the past to recreate the very first meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White. After returning to the present, Emma realizes her home is in Storybrooke and vows to stay, a decision that pleases her parents and Henry. Soon, David calls for the people's attention in the diner, with Mary Margaret announcing their son will be named after a hero that saved them all: Neal. ("Kansas (Episode)", "Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

Following the naming ceremony, Ruby stands in the hallway of the diner apart from the others, watching everyone enjoy the festivities. When Mary Margaret notices something is off about her friend, Ruby admits she feels out of place in town as the only existing werewolf left. As such, she explains having helped Tiny tend to the bean fields, which produced one single magic bean. She wants to use it to return to the Enchanted Forest and seek out any other werewolves, to which Mary Margaret gives her blessing, wanting her to be happy. ("The Bear King")

Outside the diner, Hook tells Emma his long-kept secret: that he traded his ship for a magic bean so he could cross worlds to reach her again. Touched by his actions, Emma finally reciprocates his feelings with a kiss. Marian, who was brought back from the past, is recognized by Robin as his deceased wife, despite that he is already in a relationship with Regina. As Marian reunites with her husband and son, Roland, Regina angrily berates Emma for her interference in the past and causing trouble in the present. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

Since Robin decides he must honor his marriage vows with Marian, Regina is left heartbroken by their breakup. In this difficult time, Henry tries to help his mother by making her a basket of comfort food, such as chocolate and red wine, but she sends a note asking him not to visit her. Hurt and confused by her response, he runs away to the diner. Emma, after reading the letter herself, follows him there to explain Regina just needs space while she heals. Henry, however, believes Regina is making the wrong choice by pushing him away. Suddenly, the power goes out. Radioed on a walkie-talkie, Emma receives a report from David of a town blackout and she agrees to wait for him to arrive so they can investigate the issue. Knowing Henry is never one to pass up a mission, she asks if he would like to come. Jokingly, she suggests various operation names, like Nightshade or Blackthorn, but he is not feeling up to it. Later in the night, Emma, suffering exposure to extreme temperatures, and Henry reunite at the apartment as everyone pitches in to warm her up. She apologizes for not being of much help earlier in the diner, but Henry is relieved she is okay since he is only down to one mother now and didn't want to lose her after already losing Regina. ("White Out")

Since reconciling with Regina, Henry grabs a cup of hot chocolate from the diner when his adoptive mother gifts him new comic books. When she prods him about the storybook's Author, he realizes there is more to her questions. Regina admits she intended to seek out the writer so the person can rewrite a happy ending for her. Henry loves the idea and suggests they work on it as a secret mission, which Regina then dubs "Operation Mongoose". Suddenly, Robin arrives to ask for Regina's help with Marian, who has collapsed from an apparent freezing spell. That night, after the culprit who cast the spell is discovered, Emma exits the diner where Hook is waiting for her at a nearby table. He tries to engage her in conversation, but Emma breezes by; warning him that she's not in the mood. Believing she is avoiding him due to distrust, Hook voices these concerns, but Emma reveals she is keeping her distance out of fear of losing him like her prior lovers; Graham, Neal and Walsh. Hook assures her that he is good at survival, and then the two make-up with a kiss. ("Rocky Road")

After telling Henry about her relationship status with Hook, Emma drives him to the diner where she intends to ask her boyfriend out on a date. As they exit the vehicle, she asks Henry if he minds the situation. Admittedly, he doesn't like it but wants her to be happy. With a pat on her back, he urges his mother to go into the diner. When Hook sees Emma walk in, he believes she has new information about the Snow Queen, but instead, she pops the question to Hook. Happily, he agrees to their first date, and due to his insistence, she allows him to plan their outing. "(The Apprentice")

Walking into the diner, Will sees a moody Robin Hood playing darts and tries to avoid a confrontation with him by exiting. However, Robin stops him from leaving by hitting a dart at the wall near the door. Will approaches Robin, who has still not forgiven him for once endangering the lives of the Merry Men due to his foolish endeavor in stealing a looking glass for a woman. The two then share a conversation about their complicated love lives. Caught in a dilemma, Robin knows he must forget the woman he truly loves, Regina, since the only known way to save Marian is with true love's kiss. Due to this, he talks about needing to remember that Marian was the one who changed him for the better. Going by a past conversation he had with Marian, Will gives Robin advice she once said about true love, which is something one must always fight for every day even if it means giving everything up. ("The Snow Queen")

As Will has a drink at the diner, Robin enlists his help on a mission to help Regina find the Author of the storybook. Will gives him details of Storybrooke under the first curse, in which time was frozen, but as the curse weakened, the hands of the clock tower began moving again. He believes the tower is the main source of the town's magic and suggests they find information about the book's Author in the library below the tower. ("Smash the Mirror")

As the Snow Queen's spell threatens to overtake the town, Mother Superior and the other nuns gather in the diner with Belle to make a counterspell. To create it, they need a hair strand from someone who survived Ingrid's spell; Elsa's sister Anna. Upon further examination, the nuns discover they can use Ingrid's mirror shard in Anna's necklace to ward off her imminent spell. Mr. Gold arrives to take Belle away, but she affirms her help is needed with the counterspell, to which he decides to keep his wife company. Meanwhile, Elsa pretends to give the necklace to Emma by stuffing a pouch with rocks, and she takes the real pendant to locate Anna. After Mother Superior examines the pouch, everyone realizes Elsa duped them. Belle warns it's now too late to create the counterspell, and their only hope is if Anna is present. Emma catches up with Elsa, and they find Anna. Belle, informed they are en-route to the diner, departs with Mr. Gold and leaves the remaining work to the nuns. Under Mr. Gold's orders, a reluctant Hook absorbs the nuns into the Sorcerer's hat. Witnessing the demise of her fellow sisters, Mother Superior tries to crawl to safety before Hook corners her and she, too, is swallowed into the hat. Shortly after, Emma arrives with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff, but the nuns are nowhere to be found. ("Fall")

When Ingrid's spell reaches the town, a group that includes Granny and the dwarves exit the diner. With anger overcoming love due to the curse, everyone starts to fight on Main Street. ("Shattered Sight")

After Ingrid sacrifices herself to lift the spell of shattered sight, her magic is undone. Unfrozen, Marian has her heart returned to her by Regina. In gratitude, she goes to the diner to thank Regina for saving her life twice. Admittedly, Marian is aware of Robin's love for Regina. Not wanting Robin to stay with her out of obligation, she willingly agrees to step out of the way so he and Regina can be together. Sometime later, Anna, Elsa, Emma and Kristoff regroup at the diner while they attempt to locate a portal to Arendelle. Hook, while his actions are controlled by Mr. Gold via his heart, walks in and reveals the discovery of a portal in a mansion. He credits Mr. Gold for helping to conjure it and even convincingly reasons the crocodile has turned over a new leaf. Emma decides to take a chance with the portal but notices something is off with Hook. He assures her nothing is wrong and gives her a brief kiss. As Hook turns to walk away, he rebels against Mr. Gold's subjection by grabbing Emma's wrist before letting go of her hesitantly. That same day, after restoring Hook's heart, Emma approaches Regina, who is heartbroken since Robin left Storybrooke in order to save Marian's life. Regina grumpily deters Emma from talking to her, but the sheriff assures that she only wants to share a drink. Shortly after, Henry bursts in and asks them to follow him to a mansion where he found a clue on the Author of the storybook. ("Heroes and Villains")

As life goes back to normal in town, Regina exits the diner with Henry, and they share a hug before he gets on the school bus. When the nuns are released from the Sorcerer's hat, a party is held in the diner to welcome them back as Belle, Emma, Granny, Henry, Hook, Mary Margaret and Regina attend the celebration. Unbeknownst to them, the Chernabog, a vicious demon, is also unleashed from the hat. Encouraged by Henry, the mayor approaches Mother Superior to show her one of the blank storybooks found in the Sorcerer's mansion. Surprised, the head nun questions if the Sorcerer is in Storybrooke. Regina confirms she has been looking for him so he can rewrite her a happy ending. As Emma joins the conversation, Mother Superior explains that the Author and Sorcerer are two different people, however, she does not have knowledge of their whereabouts. She knows the Author has been gone for a long time, but he left clues in his works to explain why. Emma wonders if Henry's book is one of those works, but, before Mother Superior can answer, the Chernabog begins attacking the townspeople, to which Emma and her allies rush out to stop it. Later on, Emma and Hook meet at the diner and observe Henry, who uses a magnifying glass on the storybook as he looks for clues on the Author. Checking the time on her phone, Emma notices that her parents are late to dinner and calls them, but they do not pick up. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

At a table in the diner, with Neal in his stroller next, Mary Margaret and David observe Cruella and Ursula, who are waiting for their drinks. Giving the women a cold reception, Granny purposely delays their orders. Will enters and asks for the usual, to which Granny quickly hands him two cups of coffee. As he leaves, Regina arrives with Henry. Cruella and Ursula complain about Granny's behavior and jokingly suggest that Regina should rip her heart out as she once did to so many villagers. To prevent Henry from hearing more about her past actions, Regina asks him to go to her office, which he does after telling her to bring him chocolate frosted donuts later. When Regina threatens to expel Cruella and Ursula from town if they insist to remind her of her days as the Evil Queen, the duo leaves the diner. Right after, David and Mary Margaret warn Regina about the women's intentions, but she believes they only want redemption. Outside, Emma and Hook approach the diner as Cruella and Ursula leave. David, who followed them out, enlists Emma's help to investigate the women. Later in the day, Hook picks up a grilled cheese sandwich with onion rings and brings it to Emma at the sheriff station. ("Unforgiven")

With the trio restored after Maleficent's revival, the three ladies spend time at the diner. Regina, going undercover, enters and feigns interest in joining their enclave. Maleficent offers her a drink and asks if she is still as bad as she claims to be. Downing the drink, Regina then crushes the glass to pieces in her hand to prove she is. At some point during the night, the foursome ends up drinking heavily and causing a big mess at the diner, which greatly upsets Granny. When Regina fails to report back to David and Mary Margaret since infiltrating the villains' circle, they frantically search for her. Hook asks Granny about Regina's whereabouts, to which she recounts last night's events. As he exits the diner, Emma pulls up in her car and asks him about what he found out. Hook tells Emma what he learned from Granny and assures her it's likely Regina has the situation under control. Despite this, Emma is concerned about why she isn't around even if things went as planned. ("Enter the Dragon")

Upset about the villains' plans to use the Author and make Emma evil, Mary Margaret storms out of the apartment as David follows to console her. During the conversation, she notices some customers at the outside diner tables are asleep. After stepping into the store, they notice everyone is unconscious and it must be from Maleficent's sleeping spell. Since both of them have already been under a sleeping curse, they are immune to the spell's effects. They then leave to figure out what the villains are doing. ("Best Laid Plans")

In the aftermath of killing Cruella to save Henry, Emma learns Mr. Gold set her up. Gathered at the diner with her parents, Henry, Hook and Regina, she considers going after him, until Maleficent proposes an alliance since Mr. Gold is now their mutual enemy. In exchange, Maleficent wants her to find her daughter, Lilith. Recognizing the name, Emma rushes out in disbelief, as she goes to check a newspaper microfiche, discovering Maleficent's daughter is her childhood friend Lily. After babysitting Neal for the evening, Belle stops by Granny's to pick up dinner for Will. ("Lily")

As Emma is returning to town after finding Lily, Hook approaches Mr. Gold at the diner, informing him that the savior has not turned dark as he hoped. After the pirate is gone, Isaac frets over their plan, which is now crumbling because the quill's ink can only be powered by the savior's darkness or else it won't work. When Mr. Gold's heart affliction suddenly worsens, he magically whisks himself and Isaac to the pawnshop. Later, Maleficent spends time at the diner with her daughter, who is only interested in getting revenge on Emma's parents. Having let go of her prior grudge, Maleficent considers they move on from the past and only think about being happy together. Annoyed at her mother's softness, Lily decides to leave town if she isn't willing to help. Maleficent begs her not to, recalling that her own existence is bound to magic, and therefore, she cannot follow Lily out of Storybrooke without returning to ash. Lily brushes her off, walking out of the diner, as a desperate Maleficent goes to Mary Margaret for help to stop Lily from leaving town for good. ("Mother")

Before Third Curse

With everyone's stories reverted after Henry undoes Isaac's manipulations, another diner party commences, with almost all the townspeople in attendance. Sitting together in a booth, Regina looks over the Henry's Once Upon a Time BookOnce Upon a Time storybook]] with Henry, until Robin drops by to take her on an evening walk. Nearby, David apologizes to Hook for killing him in the alternate reality, while he teases Mary Margaret for ripping out his heart. Having witnessed her parents be true villains in Isaac's story, Emma admits she was wrong to hold a grudge against them for what they did to Lily. Spotting Lily sitting by herself at the counter, Emma goes to talk to her. The brunette reveals her crescent moon necklace is a piece of the shell she hatched from, as well as the only clue about her father, whose identity not even her mother Maleficent knows. Suddenly, Belle rushes in, interrupting the festivities to seek help for a dying Mr. Gold. She warns that once he dies, only the Dark One will remain, meaning all of them will be in danger. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

To track down a missing Emma, who has become the Dark one and fled to another realm, someone with both dark and light essence must wield the Apprentice's wand to reach her. Hook believes Zelena would be a good candidate for harnessing the wand, but Regina is against letting her sister off her leash, so out of desperation, he finds Henry at the diner, asking him to use the quill to banish Emma's darkness. Henry admits he cannot, having broken the quill previously, as he thought it was too much power for him to have. Hook makes plans to break Zelena out, which Henry decides to help with, despite knowing that Regina won't like it. The plan goes wrong, with Zelena escaping and forcing Regina to forfeit the wand to her. Zelena then creates a cyclone, but it drains her magic, giving Regina a chance to reclasp the magic absorbing bracelet on her again. While the main party seeks cover in the diner from the incoming cyclone, Granny begins clearing items from the table as she tells the cook, Floyd, to turn off the fryers and secure the condiments. Granny questions whether her insurance will cover the damage from the cyclone, to which Regina reassures her that the diner will be fine. To get to Emma, Regina redirects the cyclone into taking them to the Enchanted Forest, causing the diner to be absorbed into the cyclone. ("The Dark Swan")

After the diner building lands in the Enchanted Forest, some of the group go off to search for Emma, and when they come back with her, Granny rushes out, exclaiming that she got the backup generators working again, but the fryers are out. Soon, the rest of the gang exit the diner to greet Emma, before they are approached by King Arthur and his knights, who take them to Camelot. ("The Dark Swan")

After Mary Margaret receives a warning from Lancelot about Arthur being a villain, she helps to keep the former knight's return a secret, by sheltering him in the diner. Once she and David concoct a scheme to test Arthur's trustworthiness, Mary Margaret returns to the diner with the Dark One's dagger so Lancelot can lead her to the Dark One's Vault to hide the weapon. Following a confrontation at the vault, she, Lancelot and David capture Arthur and hold him in hostage in the diner, while they make plans to unite Excalibur with the dagger after installing a new ruler of Camelot. This is cut short when David realizes too late that Arthur has another trick up his sleeve, just as the diner is surrounded by Camelot soldiers, with guards led by Guinevere breaking in from the back door. Guinevere frees Arthur and proclaims her love for her husband, though Lancelot quickly realizes she is under the influence of enchanted sand. He tries to persuade her to fight it because her feelings for Arthur are not real anymore, but she snatches Excalibur from him, before ordering the guards to take him to the dungeon. Left with David and Mary Margaret, Arthur lets Guinevere do the honors of blowing enchanted sand onto the couple, in order to make them comply with getting the real dagger. ("The Broken Kingdom")

Once Merlin is freed, Emma and Regina take him to the diner, where the great sorcerer undoes the effects of enchanted sand from David and Mary Margaret, as Hook, Belle, and Robin are also present. Having regained their sensibility, the couple are apologetic towards Emma for previously confronting Arthur by themselves, as they had no idea then how dangerous he would be. Turning the discussion back to their main goal in Camelot, Hook asks Merlin if he can truly get rid of Emma's darkness. Merlin confirms he can, however, there is a catch. He warns Emma about the darkness possibly affecting her from the inside where no one can see it, and for it to be removed, her heart must be ready to be free of it. ("Dreamcatcher")

After the heroes, along with Merlin, rescue Lancelot from Arthur's castle dungeon, they return to the diner. The next morning, Merlin sits at the counter looking at some Apollo bars. When he picks one up to examine it, Emma walks up from behind, strangely getting a sense of deja vu. Emma is unable to place where she has met Merlin before until he recalls a time during her childhood when he stopped her from taking an Apollo candy bar. Merlin reminds her of his warning to her then about not pulling out Excalibur from its stone. Although Arthur has already freed Excalibur, he cautions that the sword will return to the stone once more in the future, and she must not take it out then. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Moving along with the plan to rid Emma's darkness, Merlin explains the sword and dagger must be reforged into one weapon, but it can only be done with the flame from mankind's original fire. As the conversation goes on, Hook peers out the diner window, worriedly observing an insomniac Emma outside, weaving dreamcatchers. While Merlin and Emma retrieve the ember, the others must steal Excalibur from Arthur. Seeing as Merlin has the power of foresight, Hook asks in which manner he sees them obtaining the sword. Merlin admits there are many paths that can be taken, but this answer dissatisfies Hook, who is tired of the sorcerer giving unspecific answers, particularly when the mission may fail, while Emma's well-being is at stake. Eventually, Merlin manages to calm down Hook, asking him to have faith that Emma get better after both their quests are finished. Later, Merlin exits the diner to tell Emma about what she must do to reclaim the flame ember. Before setting off, Emma gathers water from a well outside the diner, when Hook approaches to gift her a ring necklace as a reminder that he loves her and is waiting for her return. Succeeding in obtaining the ember, Emma then journeys back to the diner with Merlin, but on the way there, Merlin mysteriously disappears. ("Nimue")

As Emma enters the diner, she finds Henry sitting at the counter while Granny is behind the cash register. She tells them about her success in getting the ember, which Granny expresses relief at as it'll help move their plan along. While mother and son talk, Granny exits to the back room. Upon finding out from him that no one else has returned yet, Emma recognizes something is not right, especially since Merlin's odd departure earlier. She calls for Granny to lock up the diner, to which Granny comes out with her crossbow and throws Henry the keys to close the front door. Suddenly, the keys freeze in mid-air, as Granny and Henry also become frozen. Merlin appears to Emma, telling her that Arthur has tethered him to Excalibur, and she must turn over the ember to Arthur or he'll kill her family. Sometime later, Henry exits the diner, overhearing Emma arguing with the darkness, and to inspire her into continuing her fight against the darkness, he shows her a newspaper ad of a house Hook wants to move into with her. After rescuing her family and friends, Emma still has trouble igniting the flame. Regina uses the dagger to try and force the truth out of Emma, but she only stops after Emma's parents and Hook come out of the diner to see what is going on. With some inspiration from Hook, Emma is able to fix the ember. However, in the diner, as she is combining Excalibur with the dagger, Hook collapses from a wound he sustained earlier from Excalibur. Since the wound cannot be healed, Emma whisks Hook out the diner and to the middlemist field to turn him into a Dark One so he won't die. ("Birth")

The remaining heroes search the Vault of the Dark One for Hook, but they find him already gone from the area. Given the unpredictability of the situation, Merlin suggests returning to the diner, where he can at least make a potion in case things with Hook get worse. Later in the night, Emma coaxes Hook into coming back with her to the diner so Merlin can remove their darknesses. Hook plays along, pretending he wants his darkness removed, but instead, he wishes to get revenge on Mr. Gold, and to do that, he has to enact another curse to take everyone back to Storybrooke. After going to the diner alone to get Merlin, he rips out the sorcerer's heart, intending to crush it and enact another curse. Since Nimue exists within Hook, he can sacrifice the heart in her place, since Merlin is the thing Nimue loves most. Emma walks in on this, and she learns Nimue's goal is to have all the Dark Ones rise from the Underworld. After Hook has killed Merlin and added the heart to the curse brew, Emma magically knocks him out. With plans of somehow restoring him to the man he used to be, she absorbs his memories into a dreamcatcher and then does the same with everyone else, so no one remembers Hook being a Dark One. As Emma cradles Hook, the curse engulfs the diner and spreads out to Camelot. ("Broken Heart")

After Third Curse

Six weeks after the journey to Camelot, the diner, as well as the Storybrooke residents in it, are transported back to town because of the new curse, which, unknown to everyone except Emma, was cast by Hook. While patrolling Storybrooke, Mr. Clark and Walter notice a bright light and later arrive at the diner to ask what happened. The group, still dressed in Camelot attire, find themselves unable to recall anything beyond entering King Arthur's castle. When Mary Margaret asks where Emma is, the Dark One herself enters, exuding an enigmatic demeanor of having fully embraced her darkness. When Mr. Clark sneezes, Emma takes offense to this and turns him into a statue. She then walks around, gauging everyone in the room, and to throw them off her actual goal, she declares she will punish them for what they did to her. ("The Dark Swan", "Broken Heart")

The following night, after Regina has proven she can protect the townspeople from danger even without Emma's help, many of the residents have a quiet night at the diner, where Granny has resumed her business. While Mary Margaret sits in a booth cradling her son as David is beside her, Regina, Robin Hood and Roland enter. Behind them, Leroy and Walter arrive carrying the statue of Mr. Clark, as the other dwarves walk in. Henry spots a girl from Camelot, Violet Morgan, looking at the diner's jukebox, and teaches her about how it works. After putting money in it, he picks a song, which she thinks sounds familiar, almost as if she has heard it somewhere before. She introduces herself, and after Henry does the same, they shake hands. From his booth, David smiles, seeing the teens getting close, but he then notices Mary Margaret staring ahead aimlessly. Knowing she is worried about Emma, he offers comforting words about not giving up on their daughter. However, Mary Margaret fears that when they win this fight, Emma will be the one losing. Outside, across the street, Emma looks at the diner, listening to the jukebox music playing faintly, before she walks off. Hook, drinking alone at the counter, is joined by Belle, who jokes about giving him a glass if he asked her to, considering she is carrying around the rose in a glass jar. She asks how things went with Emma, and Hook admits true love's kiss didn't work, but he won't give up on saving Emma. Later, he and Belle share drinks together, as Regina walks past the six dwarves sitting a booth and magically reverts Mr. Clark to normal. ("The Price")

On another day, Hook walks into the diner, seeing Robin sitting at the counter and looking at something on a phone, so he offers to help him use it. Robin declines, casually stating that he's viewing an image from inside Zelena, causing much disgust from the latter, but he then clarifies that it's a photo of the baby. Despite how messed up the situation already is, Robin expresses happiness about the baby, but he is conflicted over letting Regina know this, as he doesn't want her to misunderstand his feelings. When the discussion turns to Hook's love life, the pirate recalls a locked door in Emma's new home that he wants to break into. As he begins talking about his plan to get in there, Granny walks by, dropping a takeout bag on the counter, which has a note from Emma asking him to meet her on his ship. Hook leaves to meet her, but he later returns to the diner, having failed with getting an answer from Emma about the locked door's contents. As Robin is in the middle of having lunch, Hook requests his help with breaking into the house, but the latter refuses, insisting he has left behind his thieving past. Hook reasons that, from his experience as a former pirate, the past never goes away for good, and he then asks Robin for help again. Before Robin can answer, both he and Hook are distracted by the jingle of the diner bell, as Belle hurries in to grab a sandwich from Granny. Suddenly, the second to last petal on the rose falls off, before all fallen petals magically regrow on the rose. Believing this means Mr. Gold is waking up, Belle drops her sandwich plate onto the floor and runs back to the pawnshop. ("Siege Perilous")

After Emma orders two takeouts of onion rings from the diner, she whisks Zelena to her house, offering the snack to her before making her a proposition, but Zelena turns her down. ("The Bear and the Bow")

When all the previous Dark Ones rise from the Underworld, they brand Mary Margaret and some of the townspeople with the mark of Charon, making their souls bound for the Underworld, so the Dark Ones can exist in the real world. Seeing no way of the situation, Mary Margaret decides she will spend her last hours with her family in the diner. Although Emma is invited to come, she instead sneaks in, seeing her parents, Henry and baby Neal together at a table booth, before leaving a farewell note to them on the jukebox. A short time later, Mary Margaret learns from the note's contents that Emma wants to sacrifice herself to save everyone. Before the group can leave to search for Emma, Nimue blocks their way, triggering the marks on their wrists, which transports them to the lake near the Underworld portal. ("Swan Song")

While Mr. Gold is away in the Underworld, Belle continues with her life in Storybrooke. On one of these days, she joins Leroy at the diner for lunch. From the Underworld, Mr. Gold uses a crystal ball to locate his son, without knowing Neal already moved on to a better place. Since he is specifically searching for his child, the crystal ball shows him Belle in the diner, causing him to realize she is pregnant with his child. ("Devil's Due")

Returning from New York City, the heroes introduce Jekyll to the town of Storybrooke and David takes their newly arrived guest to the diner. ("An Untold Story")

Following the arrival of the Untold Stories residents, Snow tells them to go to Granny's if they are in need of food and shelter. When they do show up, some of the townspeople help distribute blankets to them. ("The Savior")

The morning after, David tries to maintain order by directing the Untold Stories residents to food and shelter in the diner and inn. This causes unrest among the newcomers until Regina welcomes them to Storybrooke, and tells them to not be fearful of their stories playing out because she will brave the unknown with them. Afterward, Belle comes in, surprising everyone with her return. She explains having separated from Mr. Gold and that she is looking for another place to stay. Hook knows just the place and then prompts Emma to come with them. She declines, revealing that she has a session with Archie. Hook is impressed with her commitment, and she agrees that it couldn't hurt to talk about her issues. When a stranger comes in, Henry tries to consult the storybook about his identity. The man instead claims he's not important enough to have his own story, and while Henry is distracted, he leaves behind a note for David and Snow before disappearing. Outside the diner, Henry shows the note to his grandparents, who discover it's from the Count of Monte Cristo. Granny mistakenly believes they are talking about the Monte Cristo sandwich, but after David corrects her, she resumes with her work at a nearby table. As David and Snow mull over what the Count wants with them, Regina reveals that she once hired him to kill them. After Regina kills the Count to protect them, Emma and Snow help her deal with what happened. Snow wonders what the Evil Queen meant by everyone having stories they don't want to be told, to which Emma's hand tremor acts up again. Both Snow and Regina notice, but Emma pretends to be fine. Henry theorizes that the Count's story ended badly because they need to figure out why people don't want their stories told before they can help them. David discovers a coin left for him by the Queen, whom he runs into outside. The Queen brings up David's past with the coin, which was something he gave his father, and she makes him question whether his father's death was truly an accident. ("A Bitter Draught")

After gathering up all the Untold Stories residents' names, Henry shows the list to Emma and Hook in the diner. Ashley asks to see the list because she wishes to offer free babysitting to any parents who have children. Upon seeing a new person come in, Henry and Emma leave the booth to get her name. When Ashley tells Hook to distract her daughter Alex while she looks at the list, he is unsure how to entertain the child. A moment later, Emma looks back at where Hook is and humorously notices him playing with Alex. Ashley asks Hook about his relationship with Emma, to which he states that they are taking things slow and aren't living together yet. Having had the experience of finding her own happy ending, the blonde reassures Hook that he and Emma will be fine. ("The Other Shoe")

By Jekyll's request, a grumpy Leroy picks up a mutton sandwich with extra pickles for him from the diner. ("Strange Case")

While sharing a meal with Aladdin at the diner, Jasmine suggests that he can still help Agrabah now even if he's no longer the Savior. Aladdin refuses to consider it and then leaves without telling her where he is going. After receiving advice from Emma about owning up to his mistakes instead of running away, Aladdin returns to Jasmine, who is sitting outside the diner reading a book. Jasmine is sympathetic towards him and knows he feels guilty about the fall of Agrabah, but she has more to tell him about what happened. Aladdin agrees, stating that he is ready to make up for his mistakes and help her rebuild Agrabah. However, Jasmine admits there is no going back since Agrabah has disappeared. She recounts her journey to a neighboring kingdom to secure an alliance, and on her journey back, she pushed through a sandstorm and discovered Agrabah was gone. ("Dark Waters")

After receiving the Acheron water from the Queen as a threat against the town, Snow meets with her family outside the diner, where they try to figure out what to do next. Regina tests the water on a nearby plant to prove the liquid is lethal, and that the Queen will use it on everyone if Snow and David do not forfeit their hearts to her. Emma becomes concerned about her parents dying before her vision comes true because the Oracle told her that the path she takes to her future can be different, but the outcome is always the same. ("Heartless")

Once Zelena agrees to help Belle escape Mr. Gold's clutches, they seek Aladdin at the diner and ask him to steal the Sorcerer's wand from the pawnshop for them. Jasmine is against it, as she doesn't want him to be sidetracked when he should be aiding her with restoring Agrabah, but Aladdin consents after much pleading from Belle. While Emma is trapped in the mirror world with Regina, she attempts to call out to Granny in the diner, to no avail. Before the school dance, Henry meets up with Violet at the diner, where he hears a noise coming from the hallway mirror, which is actually Emma and Regina calling him from the mirror realm. The Queen, disguised as Regina, distracts him before he realizes something is wrong. Henry tells her about feeling like he is not good enough for Violet, but the Queen assures him that he is because he's a prince, and would've become king if he was in the Enchanted Forest. However, she stresses that being royalty is not about titles, and instead, it's about exuding character and poise. With more confidence, Henry prepares to go back to Violet, but when "Regina" tells him to fix his posture, he realizes she is an impostor. He reveals the truth to Violet, who makes up an excuse so they can leave the diner. After rescuing his moms, Henry misses the dance but decorates the diner so he and Violet can have their own dance party. Violet is pleased with his handiwork, and eventually admits she's been distant with him out of discomfort over being in school and trying to fit in. She explains being confused about her identity and who she is supposed to be after seeing modern movies, but Henry persuades her that she doesn't need labels to define herself. As the young couple happily waltz together, Emma and Regina watch them from outside. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

At a diner booth, Snow happily regards her students' improving grades on a recent exam. Jasmine tells her about the genie lamp Aladdin found, and her reluctance about using it because she knows all wishes come with a price. Snow asks her to consider fulfilling her potential as a hero, and that the lamp can help her accomplish this by finding Agrabah for her. After Belle convinces Mr. Gold to not accelerate her pregnancy, she talks things over with Hook and Emma at the diner. The Queen, unknown to them, spikes Belle's chamomile tea with Mr. Gold's aging spell. Not knowing about the Queen's scheme, Granny brings the tea to Belle to help her calm down from the day's events, while Hook and Emma excuse themselves for a private chat. Hook asks Emma about what happened earlier in the pawnshop when she had her hand tremors. Emma admits she saw the vision of her own death again, except this time, she saw the blade that killed her had a red jewel on its handle. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted when Belle drops her teacup and reacts with horror and shock as her pregnancy speeds up. ("Changelings")

Taken hostage by the Queen, Jasmine is tied to a chair in the diner, where she begins calling for help. Emma, David, Hook, and Regina rush to her aid, but then, the Queen strolls out from the kitchen with the lamp in her possession. After summoning out Aladdin, the new genie of the lamp, the Queen reminds Emma of a wish she once confided in Aladdin about, which is her desire to have never been the Savior. When she uses her first wish to grant this wish, Emma vanishes to another realm. In the aftermath, David and Hook get into a squabble, with both of them blaming each other for not knowing where Emma went. Regina breaks up the argument by reminding them that they need to stick together since the Queen wants them to turn on each other, and then decides to confront the Queen by herself in order to find Emma. ("Wish You Were Here")

After discovering the Sheriff of Nottingham is in Storybrooke, Robin of Locksley finds his counterpart, Keith, casually strolling down the street. Without Keith noticing, Robin stalks him from across the street and stops in front of the diner, where he looses an arrow at the man. ("Murder Most Foul")

One morning at the diner, Hook is drinking rum at the counter when Archie walks in to sit beside him. The psychiatrist asks him how things went with David, whose blessing Hook wanted before he proposes to Emma. Hook reveals he got his future father-in-law's approval, however, he's since learned something bad about his past that will complicate things. Since no one knows the secret except him, Hook considers that it possible to take it with him to his grave if he wished to do so, however, he actually wants to be honest with Emma. Archie sees this as a sign of change in Killian, and whether Emma will be able to see it or not, Hook should tell her the truth and find out. By the night's end, Hook continues to drink rum, while leaving his food untouched, before leaving to go home to speak with Emma. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

After setting things right with her doppleganger, Regina talks to Henry, Mary Margaret, and Zelena in the diner, trying to persuade them that the Evil Queen has changed from her malicious ways. They remain unconvinced until the Queen makes things right by apologizing to her loved ones. To give her a future where she can find happiness, Henry uses the Author's pen to give her a fresh start in life, which transports her to another realm. ("Page 23")

Not believing her daughter's wedding should be put on hold because of the final battle, Mary Margaret brings David, Emma, Hook, and Henry to the diner in an attempt to persuade them that it is the perfect location for the wedding venue, with the ceremony taking place outside and the festivities inside. When she asks for David's opinion, he brings up one memory that is still a sore subject for him: her first date with Dr. Whale. She, incredulous that he is bringing up something that happened during the cursed years, prods him further on why he doesn't like about the diner. David suggests it's simply not grand enough for a princess like Emma, to which Mary Margaret attempts to find another place that he might agree with. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Upon receiving a hint from Mother Superior about where the other half of the Black Fairy's wand is hidden, Mary Margaret calls Regina for help deciphering the clue. Regina figures out from the phrase "heart of Storybrooke" that the wand is hidden in a place of sentimental value to the townspeople, with Mary Margaret correctly guessing that it is the diner. Interrupting Granny during the diner's lunch hour, Regina is in the middle of searching behind the counter when David, Snow, and Hook arrive to help her look. After David and Hook discover the wand hidden under the jukebox, she asks for it, however, both Hook and Snow express skepticism about whether she is the real Regina or the Black Fairy in disguise. This doubt is settled when the Black Fairy shows up to demand the wand from them, to which Hook gives it to Regina, who challenges Fiona to a fight. Regina then teleports both herself and the fairy outside, and as they have a magical spar, Mary Margaret, David, and Hook rush out to see Regina being overpowered by the latter. Luckily, Zelena saves her sister by crashing her car into the Black Fairy, forcing her to retreat. Later in the diner, Mr. Gold returns after purportedly fulfilling his task as a Savior by killing the Black Fairy. He presents the woman's blackened heart as proof to the heroes, who are both relieved the final battle is no longer an issue and Emma and Hook's wedding can happen tomorrow as planned. ("The Black Fairy")

As Emma and Hook's wedding reception is held on a rooftop building, the diner is seen in the distance on ground level. ("The Song in Your Heart")

During Fourth Curse

To sabatoge Henry's attempt at making Emma wake up from the Dark Curse, Fiona pushes him down the stairs of Dr. Hopper's office, causing his arm to break. As the paramedics wheel Henry into the ambulance, which is parked across the street from the diner, Mr. Gold notices the commotion and hears from Fiona about what happened. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

Outside of the diner, Emma begins loading her belongings into her car to prepare for her departure back to Boston. Henry, with his arm now in a cast, tries to convince her to stay to fight back against Fiona and the curse, but Emma still thinks he is talking nonsense and that this fairytale business has given both of them enough trouble. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

After Fourth Curse

Following the final battle, peace resumes in Storybrooke, and one night, the heroes gather in the diner for supper. As Mary Margaret, David, baby Prince Neal, Zelena and her daughter, Henry, Emma, Hook, and Granny mingle together, Belle and Mr. Gold arrive with their baby son Gideon to join them. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

During one of the years while Henry is away in the New Enchanted Forest, Granny continues running the diner and adds a new food item, a fish salad called poke, to the menu. ("A Pirate's Life")

For Gideon's birthday party, Belle and Mr. Gold decorate the exterior of the diner as their choice of venue for the celebration. Mr. Gold sneakily snaps a photo of his wife and child as Belle is busy fixing her son's clothes. Belle protests because she believes she looks like a mess, but Mr. Gold interjects that she looks beautiful. She then goes over a list, noting out loud which of their guests are bringing balloons, cake, and bubble wands, before Mr. Gold persuades her to calm down and that the party will be fine as long as Gideon has fun getting birthday cake all over his face. Mr. Gold gives Belle a travel album, telling her that she's been so patient with him, and now he wishes to finally fulfill her lifelong dream of traveling around the world. ("Beauty")

Several years later when Zelena's daughter Robin is experimenting with a magic spell in Regina's vault, one of her witch friends interrupts by answering her ringing cellphone. The girl apologizes and says she has to go since her mom wants to have dinner with her at Granny's. ("Secret Garden")

During Fifth Curse
During the train ride to get to Henry's apartment, Lucy reads his novel, Once Upon a Time, and is looking at the illustration of Henry and his family at the supper table in Granny's diner before she closes the book. ("The Final Battle Part 2")



On-Screen Notes


Join us for
Dinner Specials
from 4.00 to 6.00

Saturday Night[9]
("Broken Heart")

  • After the Final Battle, a few changes are made to the diner patio: Wooden flooring and a gate has been added and the formerly green fence is painted white.[10] ("Beauty")
  • The address number is 3711.[11] ("Leaving Storybrooke")

Diner Menu

  • The menu over the counter offers:[12]

  • Other dishes are listed on pictures on the walls. Curiously, some of them also appear on the regular menu, but at different prices. Left to right:[13]
Daily Waffle Special1


Blue Plate Special1


Smoked Haddock Dinner1


Soup of the Day


Eggs Benedict


Tomato Salad


Fish and Chips




Texas Chilli Special


Lobster Dinner


Dessert Special


1: Introduced in Season Two
  • Hot cocoa is not on the menu, even though Emma and Henry both order it in several episodes. ("The Thing You Love Most", "The Price of Gold", "Heart of Darkness" et al.)
  • Several customers are seen drinking or being served whiskey, which is not on the menu. ("Desperate Souls", "Dreamy", "It's Not Easy Being Green")
  • After moving in with Kathryn, David comes to the diner every morning at 7:15 AM to buy coffee for himself and his wife: one cream and sugar and one black. ("7:15 A.M.")
  • August is drinking coffee while Emma questions him. ("7:15 A.M.")
  • Emma loves grilled cheese and sends someone to buy it for her on two occasions. Henry also likes it. Regina initially didn't like Granny's grilled cheese, but seems to have developed a taste for it later, as she asked Granny to pick up some grilled cheese sandwiches for her and Henry while the latter was working on his car. ("Red-Handed", "Darkness on the Edge of Town", "Unforgiven", "Is This Henry Mills?")
  • Belle and Mr. Gold like to order hamburgers and iced tea. ("The Crocodile", "Into the Deep", "Lacey")
  • Belle tries the pancakes and Ruby explains to her what they are. ("The Crocodile")
  • Granny serves a special lasagna, often referred to, but it is not listed. ("Child of the Moon" et al.)
  • Henry, afraid of traveling to the Netherworld in his sleep, drinks coffee to stay awake. ("Child of the Moon")
  • On the first day of the Dark Curse, Granny talks about having put over easy eggs on the menu. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")
  • Regina orders apple pancakes on the first day of the curse. When Owen visits the diner with his father, he mentions that he likes it as well. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")
  • When Emma brings Henry into Granny's Diner to talk with Neal, she buys a coffee for herself. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")
  • Ruby serves Henry a large ice cream sundae ("extra everything") ordered by Neal, which is not on this menu, but is listed on a handout breakfast menu which has never appeared on the show.[14] ("Welcome to Storybrooke")
  • Greg Mendell is served sandwich in the diner, but then asks for it to be wrapped up to go, because he plans on going on a hike in the forest. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")
  • Greg eats pie at the diner, which is not on the menu. ("Selfless, Brave and True")
  • David and the dwarves order ten bowls of chili without beans. ("Lacey")
  • There is also a dinner menu in the corner, which offers other kinds of food.[15] Lacey orders chicken Parmesan and white wine from this menu. ("Lacey")
    • An order seen on a set photograph posted on Flickr mentions another dinner dish: Roast beef.[16]
  • When Neal talks to Hook in Granny's Diner after they return from Neverland, Neal says, "I don't think they serve rum at Granny's." However, rum has been added to the menu by the time Hook proposes to Emma. ("The New Neverland", "Ill-Boding Patterns")
  • One morning, Floyd can be seen frying bacon before the diner opens and Granny remarks that no one gets between Leroy and his bacon; even though bacon is not on the menu. ("Quiet Minds")
  • Emma brings Henry a sesame bagel from Granny's Diner and Isaac has a bagel when he is at the diner with Mr. Gold; which are not on this menu, but is listed on an unseen handout breakfast menu prop.[14] ("Quiet Minds, "Mother")
  • When Henry asks Regina to bring him chocolate frosted doughnuts, she brings him a box from Granny's Diner,[17] even though doughnuts are not on the menu. ("Unforgiven")
  • Hook brings Emma grilled cheese and onion rings from Granny's Diner and Emma serves Zelena onion rings from the diner, even though onion rings are not on the menu. After the diner crash lands in the Enchanted Forest, the fryers are damaged and Leroy is unhappy because this means "no onion rings". ("Unforgiven", "The Bear and the Bow", "The Dark Swan")
  • Monte Cristo sandwich is not on the menu, since Granny was "never a fan of the eggy bread". ("A Bitter Draught")
  • Leroy brings Dr. Jekyll mutton sandwich (which is not on the menu either) with extra pickles. ("Strange Case")
  • Granny serves Belle chamomile tea, even though tea is not on the menu. ("Changelings")
  • After the fourth curse, Regina mentions that poke was added to the menu. ("A Pirate's Life")
  • On the day that Tilly and Margot visit, Granny brings Leroy and the dwarves sandwiches in diner packages, but doesn't say which kind. ("Leaving Storybrooke")


Production Notes

  • A real lawyer office sign next to the Cannery Cafe in Steveston[32] (the real life cafe that doubles as Granny's Diner for exterior shots[33]) has been replaced by a "Storybrooke Real Estate" sign for the show;[3] however, the signage on the column, which says "law office", still remains. ("7:15 A.M.")
  • A food truck business was planned for Granny's Diner in Season Three. Graphics designer Neil Westlake created concept art for the food truck, but the project was eventually scrapped.[34]
  • An exterior shot of the diner from "A Bitter Draught", is stock footage from the filming of "Heroes and Villains": Even though the people walking by the diner are different, the parked car and the leaves on the ground are exactly the same.[35]
  • Showrunner Edward Kitsis has described Roni's as "the new Granny's – with alcohol and cassettes".[36]


Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

Props Notes

Set Dressing

  • The diner wallpaper[50] resembles trees. This is a reference to the Enchanted Forest.[51] ("The Thing You Love Most" et al.)
    • This is an actual wallpaper called Mirage Gray and was made by Graham & Brown[52] (as of June 2018, the exact color is no longer available).
  • A sign in the hallway points to the lobby at the inn.[53] At one point, Regina can be seen walking down this hallway, past the restrooms, before she comes into the lobby. ("Snow Falls" et al., "Witch Hunt")
    • In addition, the inn is located just around the corner from Granny's Diner.[54] The lounge of the inn is connected to the diner via a door.[55] ("The Thing You Love Most" et al., "Selfless, Brave and True")
  • The clock over the counter[56] is an Ergo Alice Retro Wall Clock from Ergo Industries,[57] a Canadian clock company. ("7:15 A.M. et al.)
  • There is a Storybrooke Daily Mirror newspaper stand[58] and a Storybrooke Daily Mirror vending machine outside Granny's Diner.[59] ("What Happened to Frederick" et al.)
  • The banner at Emma and Mary Margaret's welcome home party[60] is the same one used in Mary Margaret's apartment after she was released from prison.[61] ("The Return", "The Cricket Game")
  • When David is talking to Dr. Whale outside Granny's Diner, the fence is decorated with swan-shaped pumpkins,[62] a reference to Emma Swan. ("The Doctor")
  • In "Welcome to Storybrooke", the clock in the corner has stopped. It says 11:35,[63] even though the clock in the Blanchard loft shows the same time earlier in the episode.[64] The clock remains stuck at 11:35 in "Selfless, Brave and True"[65] and "And Straight On 'Til Morning".[66] In "It's Not Easy Being Green", the clock starts moving again.[41]
    • This is not the first time this clock is not working. In "The Thing You Love Most", when Emma is talking to Sheriff Graham, one of the clocks shows 7:50 A.M.,[67] but when Regina sees the clock tower earlier that morning, the clock shows 8:23.[68] Also, in "7:15 A.M.", David and Mary Margaret meet at 7:15 AM,[69] but the clock in the corner shows 12:34.[70] The clock shows the exact same time when Emma meets August at the diner later that day.[71]
  • The floral wallpaper in the hallway where the restrooms are,[72] is Rose Bunch Cottage Prints VC53104[73] and Acanthus Trail Cottage Prints VC51514 from Wallquest.[74] ("Lacey" et al.)
  • A work schedule prop list seen on a set photograph posted on Flickr lists the following employees: Granny, Red, Violet, Aine, Earl and Benny. A note pinned to a billboard in the kitchen is about a "staff softball game this weekend". Another note lists the phone numbers of Anton, Samantha, Daniel and Benny.[16]



$2.46 special
chicken salad


Breakfast – Daily from 9am – 3pm

All breakfasts use fresh natural ingredients including Hills natural free run eggs, handmade specialty sausage, naturally smoked preservative bacon.

Cereal or granola… $0.50

Hot oatmeal… (ask for flavour [sic] selection)… $0.50
Add fresh banana and blueberrys… [sic] $0.25

Baked Grapefruit… with brown sugar, half… $0.75 whole… $1.40

Breakfast Sundae… layered granola, vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit…$2.75

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast… with fresh fruit… $2.50

Blueberry Banana Pancakes… with fresh fruit… $2.50

3 eggs scrambled w/garlic, bacon and potatoes… $2.75

Farmers Breakfast… potatoes with veggies, melted age white cheddar, topped w/two eggs any style, fresh salsa and sour cream… $3.50

Truckers Breakfast… 3 eggs, sausage or bacon, potatoes and toast… $2.75

Huevos Rancheros… flour tortilla, 3 eggs scrambled with peppers and onions, black beans, rosemary potatoes, fresh salsa and sour cream… $3.50

Add cheddar cheese… $0.25

New Denver Omelet… smoked ham, or bacon, cheddar cheese, green peppers, potatoes and toast… $2.75


Fruit salad… $1.50

1 pancake or 1 piece french toast… $2.50

Specialty sausage or bacon… $2.50

Potatoes…… $1.50

Black beans… $1.50

Bagel or English muffin or croissant or cinnamon raisin bread… $1.50

Grilled or fresh tomatoes… $0.50

Toast… Sourdough or Multi grain… $0.50

Free run eggs… $0.50

Sour cream… $0.50

Cheddar cheese… $0.50

  • This menu can be seen lying on the counter in "The Stranger",[76] but it is too far away to read.
  • The menu is copied from selected excerpts from the former breakfast menu of The Templeton, an eatery in Vancouver, where Once Upon a Time was filmed. The original menu reads thus (the words that the prop department borrowed are set in bold and the prices are different):[77]


All breakfasts use fresh natural ingredients including Hills natural free run, non-medicated eggs, handmade specialty turkey sausage, Hertel's naturally smoked preservative free bacon and Yves veggie bacon.

Little box 'o Kellogg's cereal or Quaker Harvest Crunch granola … 3.0
Add fresh banana and blueberry coulis … 3.0

Baked Grapefruit with brown sugar and pecans
half … 3.0
whole … 5.0

Blueberry Bagel with Brie … 7.5
toasted bagel, blueberry coulis, melted brie

Breakfast Sundae … 7.5
layered granola, organic vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast … 9.0
with fresh fruit

Blueberry Banana Pancakes … 9.0
with fresh fruit

Farmers Breakfast … 9.5
rosemary potatoes sautéed with veggies, topped with aged white cheddar1 and two eggs,
fresh salsa and sour cream

Mangled Eggs … 10
3 eggs scrambled with garlic, bacon or veggie bacon and brie inside a toasted croissant, rosemary potatoes

Tofu Scrambler … 9.5
medium tofu sautéed with veggies, lightly seasoned with curry and nutritional yeast,
rosemary potatoes and toast

Truckers Breakfast … 10
3 eggs, turkey sausage or bacon or veggie bacon, rosemary potatoes and toast

Huevos Rancheros 11
flour tortilla, 3 eggs scrambled with peppers and onions, black beans, rosemary potatoes,
fresh salsa and sour cream
Substitute tofu scramble for eggs add … 1.0
Add cheddar cheese … 1.0

Veggie and Cheese Omelet … 11
peppers, zucchini, red onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, rosemary potatoes and toast

Hakai Omelet … 12
wild smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, rosemary potatoes and toast

New Denver Omelet … 11.5
smoked ham or bacon or veggie bacon, cheddar cheese, green peppers, rosemary
potatoes and toast

Big Ass Breakfast … 13.5
3 eggs, turkey sausage or bacon or veggie bacon, cinnamon raisin french toast o
blueberry banana pancakes, rosemary potatoes
and toast

Side Orders

Fruit salad … 4.0
1 blueberry banana pancake or cinnamon raisin french toast2 … 3.5

Smoked Salmon, Specialty turkey sausage or Hertel's bacon or
Yves veggie bacon or smoked ham … 3.5

Rosemary potatoes … 3.0

Black beans … 2.5

Organic Vanilla Yogurt … 2.0

Bagel or English muffin or croissant or cinnamon raisin bread … 2.0

Fresh tomato or pineapple salsa … 2.0

Grilled or fresh tomatoes … 2.0

Sourdough or Multigrain … 1.5

Cream cheese … 1.5

Free run egg … 2.0

Sour cream … 1.0

Cheddar cheese … 1.0

Real maple syrup … 1.0


Substitute mixed organic greens or fresh fruit salad for rosemary potatoes … 2.0

1: The show's version reads "melted age white cheddar"
2: The show's version says "1 piece french toast"

  • According to a set photo posted on Instagram,[78] the diner also has a handout menu with the same selection as the diner menu over the counter,[12] but divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. It also lists a special in the form of beef stew & bun, for $1.99. One of these menus can be seen lying on the counter when Emma enters the diner in "The Stranger",[79] but it is illegible. In addition, several of them can be seen in a holder by the corner in "The Apprentice", but they are mostly illegible.[80]

Costume Notes

Filming Locations

  • For exterior scenes, the Cannery Cafe in Steveston Village doubles as Granny's Diner.[33]
  • The interior scenes were filmed on a set inside The Bridge Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia.[84] The diner set featured a functional kitchen[84] with stoves and sinks that were fully operational.[85] The set also had a walk-in freezer that was built for the Season Two episode "Child of the Moon", with Ruby's claw marks prominently imprinted on the door.[84] The counter[85] and the tables[84] were made of Formica. The diner set was quite large, so that all of the cameras, cast and crew were able to fit in. In addition, the counter was completely movable.[84]
    • The exterior of the diner set matched the real-life Cannery Cafe in Steveston, and a façade of Storybrooke's Main Street, built to a three quarter scale, was across from the set to make it look like there is a real street outside the window.[84] The businesses represented on this mini-Storybrooke set were Storybrooke Country Bread, Modern Fashions and Standard Clocks, but at twenty percent smaller than their on-location counterparts. In order to recreate the characteristics of the stores, the crew had to get smaller versions of everything shown on location, like the wood sign on the door of the bakery, bread on a shelf, and all the items in the windows, like clocks and dresses.[86]
  • For the Enchanted Forest scenes in Season Five, a diner facade was built in Burnaby's Central Park.[87]



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