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Who dares trespass in Gothel's garden?
Gothel to Rapunzel src

Gothel's Garden, also known as the Witch's Garden, is a New Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventh episode of the seventh season.

Gothel's Garden is based on the location of the same name from the fairytale "Rapunzel".


After Fourth Curse

On a stormy night, Rapunzel attempts to steal radishes from the garden in order to curse her husband of illness, when she is approached by Gothel. Gothel is impressed by Rapunzel's selfless reason for risking her own life and then offers to bless Rapunzel’s family with wealth if she gains something in return. Unwittingly, Rapunzel says she will pay any price, which prompts Gothel into locking her into the tower, where she is then separated from her family. ("One Little Tear")

Rapunzel comes to Gothel at the garden, begging her to save her daughter, Anastasia, who is dying after falling into the frozen water. Gothel preserves her body but intends to take Anastasia as a replacement for Rapunzel in the tower. She then reveals her motives: she is searching for the Guardian and had thought Rapunzel to be the one she was looking for, however, she failed to be pure of heart as she sacrificed another person’s happiness for her own by poisoning Cecelia. Dead set against allowing Gothel to take away her daughter, Rapunzel manages to trick the arrogant witch by using Gothel's own potion to trap her in the tower. There, Gothel remains for some time, trapped in there by blood magic with the hopes that she will be able to have someone of her bloodline take her place the tower so she can escape. ("One Little Tear")

Hook and Smee from the Wish Realm arrive at the garden looking for a golden flower capable of defeating an immortal like Rumplestiltskin, for "Rapunzel" told them there would be one in the witch's garden that would appear by singing. Hook sings a pirate's tune about rum, triggering a giant-sized gnome into attacking both men. Smee insists he try a different song, so Hook sings a few lines from a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him. This reveals the flower's location, which Hook grabs in time, causing the gnome to crumble away. ("Eloise Gardener")


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