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Will you take my lucky coin, to keep you safe?
—Young David to his father src

The Good Luck Charm, also known as the Lucky Coin, is an item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the sixth season.


Before First Curse

One day while Robert is at the tavern having a drink, King George arrives to ask the patrons for help finding his son James, who has been kidnapped. Robert informs his wife Ruth about his plans to track down James, the son they were forced to give up several years ago and bring him back to live with them. When Ruth expresses skepticism that James would like a dying farm and a drunk for a father, Robert vows to change for his other son, David's sake in order to fix their broken family and fix himself in the process. He tells David that he is going away on a two week supply run, and by the end of it, he promises to be sober. Before Robert leaves, David wraps a coin around his father's wrist as a good-luck charm. With Rumplestiltskin's aid, Robert tracks down James' location to Pleasure Island. While there, he encounters a talking wooden puppet named Pinocchio, who notices Robert's coin and provides him with information about where to find his son. James, after learning the truth from Robert about his real family, wants to return to the farm with him, however, when King George learns that Robert is James' birth father and he refuses to give the boy up again, the king commands his guards to execute Robert and stage the death as an accident. After gaining gold from the king as payment, the men prepare to kill him, but before they can execute him, they are taken out by Hook. Robert mistakenly believes Hook saved his life, however, the latter is only interested in the gold and doesn't want the risk of Robert telling the king. Despite Robert insisting that he won't say anything and just wants to go home, Hook stabs him through the chest, killing him and then ordering his men to dump the body and cart in a ravine to make it look like an accident. ("Murder Most Foul")

Later, an unnamed shepherd finds the coin in the wreckage of the cart. After the Dark Curse is cast, the coin ends up in Mr. Gold's pawnshop. ("A Bitter Draught", "The Other Shoe")

After Third Curse

In Storybrooke, the Evil Queen comes to steal the coin, but when Mr. Gold discovers the theft, she willingly forfeits the coin when he asks for it. Knowing she has plans to cause trouble in town, he offers her the coin if she doesn't involve his wife Belle or her unborn child. The Queen agrees and Mr. Gold returns the coin to her. Later that night, David finds a letter from the Queen addressed to him, with the coin that he once gave to his father Robert. He confronts the Queen about it, to which she asks him to consider if his father's death was truly an accident. ("A Bitter Draught")

Later, David comes into the pawnshop for information about his father's coin. Mr. Gold senses his desperation for the truth concerning his father's death and agrees to provide the necessary details if he delivers a cassette tape to Belle. David consents to the deal, and Mr. Gold gives him a card with information about the coin. The card reveals his father was stabbed by someone, rather than getting drunk and was dead before he and the cart fell down the ravine. He later shares this revelation with Snow, who encourages her husband to leave the past behind by accepting that his father did not betray him by succumbing to his drinking habit. David agrees to burn the card and leave things be, but after Snow leaves the room, he decides to keep the card. ("The Other Shoe")

One night, Robert's spirit appears before David, causing him to pass out from shock. After waking up, David retrieves his father's coin from the ground. The next day, David puts together a whole posterboard of clues related to Robert and is fiddling with the coin as Hook knocks on his door, in preparation to ask for David's blessing so he can propose to Emma, but he never gets the chance since David pulls him on a mission to help him steal potions from Emma's shed. Upon obtaining the potions, they return to the loft to use them in a concoction for locating Robert's whereabouts prior to his death. David makes a potion and pours the liquid into a larger beaker before putting Robert's coin in it. Hook opens a map of the Enchanted Forest, and David rolls the coin onto it, with the coin landing on Pleasure Island, revealing it as Robert's last known location before he died. They go to August for information and ask him if he ever saw Robert there. August recognizes David's lucky coin, which Robert was wearing at the time that he saw him, and reveals Robert was seeking his other son, James, though he never knew David had any connection to them. David confronts Albert Spencer about the murder, but eventually, with Hook's help, he lets go of his need for revenge on his father's killer and decides to dispose of Robert's coin into the dock waters. After getting rid of the coin, Robert's spirit vanishes. ("Murder Most Foul")

List of Owners


On-Screen Notes

INV. ITEM 2027

DESCRIPTION: Antique round coin with
a center hole, cast in tin.

CONDITION: Well worn

PROVENANCE: The coin was taken off
the body of a dead man, a shepherd in
the wreckage of a cart. The man had
been stabbed, and was evidently dead
before the cart went off the cliff.
("The Other Shoe")

  • Later, the information card about the good luck charm[1] is pinned to the bottom of David's poster board of clues about Robert.[2] ("Murder Most Foul")



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