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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. It is nighttime. Pan, still inhabiting Henry's body, approaches the wishing well with Felix. In his hand, he carries the Dark Curse scroll.

Felix: You never cease to amaze me, Peter. Outwitting the Evil Queen in less than a day. It's impressive.
Pan: She loves the boy. That makes her weak. (They stop at the well's opening.) This is it. This is where we'll cast it. The ingredients?
Felix: (Hands Pan a bag) When it's done, will they all be dead?
Pan: (Takes a bottle out) Of course. They will be slaves to this new land we're making with no idea who they once were. Death is final, Felix. Their suffering will be eternal. (He continues set out various bottles as ingredients, and drops one into the well. As it hits the bottom, the water changes to a greenish hue.)
Mary Margaret: (Speaking off-screen) Another curse?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Belle, David, Emma, Henry, Hook, Mary Margaret, Neal, Regina and Tinker Bell are gathered outside the vault building with Mr. Gold.

Mary Margaret: It's happening again?
Emma: Gold, this curse, is it going to work like the last one?
Mr. Gold: The last one was created to service the Queen's wishes. This will be done per Pan's desire. I would count on something hellish.
Regina: The curse was built to be unstoppable. There's nothing that can be done.
Mr. Gold: Well, it is possible to stop it.
Regina: What?
Mr. Gold: By using the scroll it itself. It can only be undone by the person who used the scroll. That's you, Regina.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The wishing well. Pan eyes one of the ingredient bottles.

Pan: What she did is child's play compared to what I have in mind. (Drops the bottle into well as the water glows green once more)
Felix: I knew you'd win. Peter Pan never fails. (Pan flashes him a smile. Another bottle goes into the well.)
Regina: (Speaking off-screen) What do I have to do?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Outside the vault building.

Mr. Gold: (To Regina) You must destroy the scroll. Both yours and his curses shall be ended, but know this—there will be a price; a steep one.
Regina: W-what do you suggest?
Mr. Gold: Instead of going to him, bring him to us with a spell. (Regina gives him a confused look.)
Mr. Gold: One that will return Pan and Henry to their own bodies.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The wishing well.

Felix: (Looking from inside the well to Pan) Are we missing something?
Pan: Yes.
Felix: What is it?
Pan: The heart of the thing I love most.
Felix: You mean your son's heart? Rumplestiltskin?
Pan: No, uh, I never loved Rumple.
Felix: (Perplexed) Well, then, whose heart do we need? Who do you love?
Pan: Love can be many things, Felix. It doesn't just come from romance or family. It can also come from loyalty; friendship. (Felix's expression shifts to fear.) Only one person has always believed in Pan.
Felix: That's me.
Pan: Don't be afraid. Be flattered. (He moves to take out the heart.)
Felix: (Yelling) No, no, no!
(Pan reaches inside his chest as Felix gives a pained grunt. Pan tears out the glowing red heart and begins to squeeze it as Felix drops to the ground in anguish. The heart is pressed to dust into the well.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Outside the vault building.

Henry: If I'm back in my own body, that means I'll have the scroll. I can bring it to you guys.
Mr. Gold: Exactly right, Henry.
Regina: Even you aren't powerful enough to cast such a spell.
Mr. Gold: Well, given the proper tool, I could be.
Tinker Bell: The Black Fairy's wand. One of the most powerful fairies that ever existed. Well-versed in dark magic. The Blue Fairy exiled her, but before she did, she took her wand.
Mr. Gold: I assume our dearly departed Mother Superior has it hidden in her residence.
David: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's hit the convent.
Tinker Bell: Can I come? I should pay my respects to Blue, after all. (David nods in agreement.)
Mr. Gold: Then it's settled. The rest of us should get back to my shop and prepare Henry for the spell.
(Everyone begins dispersing from the group. The Shadow looms above; having overheard everything. A moment later, it flies off.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The wishing well. Pan finishes pulverizing the heart, and opens his palm to let the remaining dust fall into the well. He watches with satisfaction as a thick green smoke rapidly rises to the surface.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Inside the baby nursery of the royal castle, a pregnant Snow White approaches the Blue Fairy as Prince Charming listens in.

Snow White: What if it fails? A magic wardrobe? It's a long-shot. We all know this, so, what do we do if this plan doesn't work?
Blue Fairy: Then the Queen's curse will transport us to a new land. We will lose our memories and become slaves to her darkest desires. So, we have to have faith your child will find a way to save us.
Snow White: If we don't know who we are and we can't tell her that she's the savior, how will she know what to do?
Blue Fairy: One day, when the time is right, our story will reveal itself to her.
Snow White: Story?
Blue Fairy: You have to trust me.
Snow White: O-our story? What does that mean?
Blue Fairy: You don't know yet. But I do know it will happen.
Snow White: Then how can you be so sure?
Blue Fairy: Because I have the one thing you now need more than ever. (Snow White gives her a questioning look.) Hope. Good luck, Snow. Have faith. (She flits out of the room.)
Snow White: (To Prince Charming) That's easy to say when you have magic wings and a wand.
Prince Charming: What can we do but choose to believe her?
Snow White: (She doesn't answer and walks over to stare sadly at the unicorn mobile hanging over the baby crib.) This was supposed to be hers. We had such plans.
Prince Charming: Listen to Blue. Have hope we can prevail.
Snow White: This curse has destroyed every dream this family ever had.
Prince Charming: We don't know what the future holds for us.
Snow White: (Turns around) How do you know it holds anything good?
Prince Charming: Because the unknown isn't always bad. (Snow White looks at him in disbelief.)
Prince Charming: Life is full of twists and turns you never see coming. This curse—it's just another turn.
Snow White: (In tears) But all I ever wanted was for us to raise our child together. That was our happy ending and now it's gone.
Prince Charming: The future we imagined is gone, but that doesn't mean we can't find another one. An unexpected one. (He grasps her hands. Snow White contemplates his words for a moment.)
Snow White: I choose hope. (Turns around to glance at the unicorn mobile) I can believe it.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The pawnshop. Mary Margaret stares longingly at one of the unicorns on the baby mobile while touching it with her palm. Emma walks up to her. At the counter, Mr. Gold is consulting a spell book.

Mary Margaret: This mobile hung above your crib. (Emma looks confused.) Uh, um, it was supposed to hang over your crib.
Emma: I like the unicorns. (They both smile.)
Mary Margaret: Giving you up when the curse hit was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
Emma: I know.
Mary Margaret: Every time I look at you, I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't had to.
Emma: I do the same thing with Henry.
Mary Margaret: You were doing your best. You were giving him—
Emma: His best chance. (Sighs) Yeah. But still, things would have been very different I had kept him. We would have had a life together. A normal one.
(Belle, Henry and Regina walk in from the backroom to sit down.)
Emma: Back in Boston or someplace else. But I guess all that was just not meant to be. (Smiles at Mary Margaret, then walks over to Henry) You doing okay, kid?
Henry: Yeah. Just ready to be me again. (Emma nods.)
Mr. Gold: (Still looking at the spell book) Not much longer now, Henry. (He turns a page.) Not much longer. (Snaps the book shut) Once we have the wand, all will be as ensured.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the convent, Mother Superior's body is laid in an open casket as three of her fellow nuns are in mourning. David, Hook, Neal and Tinker Bell approach from behind.

Tinker Bell: Sorry to interrupt, but we need your help.
Nun #1: With what?
Neal: The Black Fairy's wand is here. We need it.
Nun #1: (Backing away slightly) We can never...
Tinker Bell: Yeah, yeah. It's a terrible thing, but what's coming is worse. Where is it?
(Before the nun can answer, a pounding noise comes from outside. They all turn to see something flying at high speed around the building windows.)
David: What the hell was that?
Hook: Pan's shadow.
(They see the Shadow on the other side of a stained glass window attempting to get in.)
Nun #1: What does it want?
Hook: The wand.
David: Run, run run!
(The nuns usher out of the room as the Shadow enters the convent.)
David: (To Shadow) Get the hell out of here!
Hook: Stay covered! Over there!
(They run to hide behind the church pews.)

SCENE: Neverland. Past. Hook and one of his crewman, Smee, are traversing through the island jungle.

Hook: Mr. Smee, you might want to pick up the pace. It would do our journey and your physique some good.
Smee: Sorry, Cap'n. (He stops walking and hears a brief rustle in the bush. He turns to look, but there is nothing.) It's just this place gives me the creeps. (Resumes walking, and doesn't see the watching eyes poking out from the bush) (to Hook) Don't you think we should head back to the ship?
Hook: Not until I've found a way off this accursed island. We've dawdled here for too long. Now that I know there's a dagger to end the Dark One, we must return to our land. My purpose is renewed. (He walks off.)
Smee: Why can't your purpose be back at the ship where it's safe? (As he moves to follow, someone knocks him out.)
Hook: (Turns around) Smee? (Suddenly, a knife is held to his throat by Tinker Bell as she grabs hold of his hair.)
Tinker Bell: Aren't you a little old to be a Lost Boy?
Hook: I'm not part of Pan's brigade and I can assure you I am anything but a boy.
Tinker Bell: Who are you, and why are you here?
Hook: I'm the captain of the Jolly Roger and I'm here— (He winces as Tinker Bell tugs harder at his hair.) —looking for some magic to help me make my way back home to my land. You don't have any, do you? Magic?
Tinker Bell: Fresh out. (Hook wriggles free.)
Hook: I don't buy that for a second. (He forces her back a few steps.) If I didn't know any better, I'd say you are a fairy.
Tinker Bell: And if I didn't know any better— (Glances down at his attire) —I'd say you're a pirate.
Hook: Guilty. So tell me, fairy, can you help me?
Tinker Bell: Help you? (She presses the blade to his throat and drags it along his skin.) Aren't you worried about me slitting your throat?
Hook: (Sets down his lantern on a rock and moves his face closer to hers.) Well, that's not the fairy way. You should be helping me find my "happy ending" or something else equally as precious.
Tinker Bell: I was a fairy. A long time ago. But then my wings were taken away. As for your "happy ending", you're on your own. (Pulls out another weapon when she sees Hook take something out of his pocket) Watch it!
Hook: (Grins) It's not a weapon. (Pulls out a bottle) In the traditional sense. (He uncaps the top and offers it to her.) Rum?
Tinker Bell: What's so important back home? (Takes a sip)
Hook: The Dark One murdered the woman I love. (Takes bottle back) And I intend to make him suffer for it. (Drinks)
Tinker Bell: And killing him is your "happy ending"? Even by doing so, you could end your own existence.
Hook: I'd risk my life for two things; love and revenge. I lost the first, and if I die for my vengeance, then that's enough satisfaction for me.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The convent.

David: So all we have to do is light the candle, right? That's how you trapped it in Neverland?
Neal: Yeah. This time I say we get rid of it for good.
Hook: I'll draw its ire.
Tinker Bell: You sure you want to do this?
Hook: It's the only way to prevent this bloody curse from obliterating us all, then it's a risk I'm willing to take.
Tinker Bell: I thought you'd only risk your life for love or revenge.
Hook: One other important thing—me. (Climbs out from behind the pew) (To Shadow) Hey! (Hook ducks as the Shadow lunges down at him. He flashes a smirk.) That the best you got? (The Shadow roughly knocks him off his feet; sending Hook sprawling onto the ground. David rushes to pull him back behind the pew.)
Tinker Bell: Can you trap it?
David: No, it's too high. We gotta get closer.
Neal: And I can't fly up there. (In realization) Tink.
Tinker Bell: If you didn't notice, I don't have my wings.
Neal: Use pixie dust.
Tinker Bell: It doesn't work.
David: Tink, you made it work once. You can do it again.
(Tinker Bell slides out of the pew and uncaps the vial of pixie dust. It begins glowing green. She closes her eyes in concentration, to which the dust begins working for her. Neal hands her the coconut halves. She lights a flame on the candle and flies into the air to entrap the Shadow inside. Once the lid is placed on, she comes back down to dump the coconut halves into an open fire.)
Hook: (To Tinkerbell) Look who's still a fairy.
Tinker Bell: Look who's still a pirate. You all right?
Hook: Well, I lost the hand once. It's nothing.
Tinker Bell: For the record, I know why you risked your life back there, and it wasn't for yourself or revenge. It was for Emma.
Mother Superior: (Speaking off-screen) Well done, Green.
(Everyone looks behind to see Mother Superior; restored to life.)
Tinker Bell: (In surprise) Blue. You were...
Mother Superior: Gone. I know. But when you killed the Shadow, mine was returned and I was revived. Thank you. You finally believed in yourself, Green. Tinker Bell. Welcome back.
Tinker Bell: I'm a fairy again? Even after I disobeyed all your rules?
Mother Superior: (Laughs) I might have been overly strict. You deserved your wings, Tinker Bell. And you have earned them back many times over.
Tinker Bell: (Tearfully) Thank you.
Mother Superior: As for the Black Fairy's wand... (She materializes it in her hand and holds it out to them.) Go, save us all. (Hands the wand to Neal, who departs from the convent with David and Hook)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The pawnshop. Emma and Regina are sitting with Henry when they turn to see David, Hook and Neal arriving in.

David: She's back. The Blue Fairy. She gave us the wand.
Emma: (To Mr. Gold) Do we need anything else?
Mr. Gold: Only one more item. (Opens a cabinet to take out a bracelet)
Mary Margaret: What is that?
Mr. Gold: This is one of the only useful things that I managed to pilfer from Greg and Tamara before they left for Neverland. It renders anyone with magic utterly powerless.
Regina: (Disdainfully) I haven't forgotten about all that, by the way.
Mr. Gold: Let me see your wrist, Henry. (He cuffs it on Pan's arm.) I want to make sure when my dear old Dad awakes that he is weakened. This will lock his powers.
Henry: So what happens now?
Mr. Gold: I enact the spell, you fall into a deep sleep and when you awake, you're back in your own body.
Regina: (To Henry) Then you hang into that scroll and come find us as fast as you can. (Neal hands the wand to Mr. Gold.)
Henry: (Sighs) I gave my heart to Pan. I thought I was being a hero. I'm sorry.
David: You're not the one who needs to be sorry. Pan does.
Mr. Gold: It's time. (Henry lies down on a cot.) Keep your eye on the wand.
(Henry closes his eyes as Mr. Gold casts the spell. Pan's body begins convulsing.)
Emma: What's happening?
Mr. Gold: Henry's spirit is leaving Pan's body.
(The shaking continues and gradually subsides.)
Regina: It worked.
Emma: Let's go find our son.
(Everyone begins leaving the shop. Belle and Neal follow suit. The pair stop when they notices Mr. Gold is not budging from his spot.)
Belle: (To Mr. Gold) You're not coming?
Mr. Gold: No, no. I think not. My father and I have, uh... some unfinished family business.
(Belle leaves him to it. Neal lingers for a beat longer and stares silently at Mr. Gold.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Past. It is October 2011. On the outside school grounds, Henry looks at a family tree assignment he was supposed to complete. It is not filled in. He tucks it into a folder and slides it under his open lunch box. Mary Margaret walks up to him.

Mary Margaret: Henry? You didn't turn in your homework again. Is there a problem? (Henry does not answer, so she sits down beside him.) Oh, Henry. Things really will change if you just believe it. (He closes his lunch box.) Life is unpredictable.
Henry: Is your life unpredictable? Because it seems to me like everything is pretty much the same around here. Except me. My birth mom didn't love me. Regina says she does, but she doesn't. I-I don't belong here.
Mary Margaret: You do belong here, Henry. You are loved. (Her expression perks up as she comes up with an idea.) I wanna show you something. (She reaches for something in her bag.) This morning, I was cleaning out my bedroom closet. Like I've done every week, thousands of times, and do you know what happened? I found something. Something I've never noticed before. (She pulls out a large book, entitled in golden letters as Once Upon a Time, and places it down in front of Henry.) It was just there. Like magic.
Henry: That's not possible.
Mary Margaret: Well, of course not.
(Henry begins opening the book.)
Mary Margaret: But it happened. This book somehow arrived. (Henry turns to a page with a drawing of an older man and young boy.) Was it given to me? Did I forget about it? I don't know, but there it was. And do you know what I saw when I looked inside? (Henry looks at her expectantly.) Hope.
Henry: (Glances down at the book) Looks like fairytales to me.
Mary Margaret: And what exactly do you think fairytales are? They are a reminder that our lives will get better if we just hold onto hope. Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
Henry: Can... can I borrow this?
Mary Margaret: You can have it.
Henry: (Smiles) Really?
Mary Margaret: Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing. Think you could use it. (She gets up and pats him on the shoulder.) I'll see you in class. (She departs.)
Henry: (Flips to another page of a princess and her prince) Ms. Blanchard.
Mary Margaret: (Speaking off-screen) Yes?
(He looks up and is stunned to see her dressed as the same princess in the book. A moment later, she appears as normal.)
Henry: Thank you.
Mary Margaret: (Smiles) You're very welcome. (She continues walking away.)
Henry: (Flips to a page of a princess and prince with an infant child) Emma.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Belle, David, Hook, Emma, Mary Margaret and Neal are following Granny on the streets as she sniffs out Henry's location.

Granny: I've got a scent. He's nearby.
Mary Margaret: The tower?
(All approach the clock tower building as Henry, now back in his original body, runs out from the library.)
Henry: It's me, it's me! It worked! (He rushes to hug both Emma and Regina.) Mom, mom... I just saw you guys. You guys just saw me.
Regina: But we didn't see you.
Emma: He's got it. (She is handed the scroll from Henry. When she gives it to Regina, a burst of purple light comes from the scroll and the mayor passes out onto the ground.)
Emma: Regina! (All converge around Regina in concern.) Regina!

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The pawnshop. Pan reaches consciousness in his own body as Mr. Gold stands watch nearby.

Mr. Gold: (To Pan) Hello, Papa.
Pan: (Still lying down) Thought you'd kill me in my sleep, laddie. (He sits up.) I guess you changed your— (Notices the bracelet on his wrist) Oh, wait. I see. (Scoffs) You've taken away my magic. That's why it's so easy for you to strut around and pose now, isn't it?
Mr. Gold: I wanted to talk to you. I wanted you to see me and think about what you've done.
Pan: (Grins) Of course. To look at my son here at the end and really see him and think about what might've been. Is that what you want? Because I do. I remember looking at you... the littlest babe. Helpless and all mine. Those big, big eyes full of tears... pulling at me... pulling away my name, my money, my time. Pulling away any hope of making my life into something better for myself. (Vehemently) This pink, naked, squirming little larva that wanted to eat my dreams alive and never stop! How old are you now? A couple hundred? Can't I be free of you?
Mr. Gold: Oh, you will be. (Picks up a sword) In death.
Pan: Then, one last lesson, son. Never make a cage you can't get out of. (Rips off the bracelet from his own wrist as Mr. Gold looks shocked) I made this cuff, you know. Doesn't work on me. But on you... (He materializes it on Mr. Gold's arm.) Down, boy. (Magically flings Mr. Gold backwards into a shelf) Let's see how you do without magic. (Mr. Gold crawls towards the fallen sword, but Pan kicks him away from it.)
Mr. Gold: (Frantically) I've come too far for this. For them.
Pan: For your son? No. It's too late. Soon, that fine green smoke will fill their lungs and fog their brains. Not like the rest of this town. I'm not just going to take their memories. No. Because of their special meaning to you, I'm going to take their lives. And you won't do a thing to stop me. Do you know why? Because without magic, you are right back to where you started. The village coward. (Pan leaves the shop.)
(In fear, Mr. Gold attempts to pull off the cuff, to no avail.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. In his castle, Rumplestiltskin is lighting a candle in honor of Baelfire's birthday.

Rumplestiltskin: Too many years to count, Bae. But I've counted every one. (He blows out the separate wick used to light the candle.)
(From behind, Belle tip toes in with a small basket of flowers as he notices her presence.)
Belle: I-I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in here.
Rumplestiltskin: Go away.
Belle: I'll just put these flowers down. (Approaches table)
Rumplestiltskin: Go away. (Burns out the candle light with his fingers)
Belle: (Notices a shawl on the table) I'm, uh, so sorry. It was a remembrance, wasn't it? How old would he be?
Rumplestiltskin: Well, he's not dead. He's just lost.
Belle: Lost?
Rumplestiltskin: (Touches the shawl) Today is his birthday. I should be with him... celebrating. We had a chance to be happy together, but I was afraid.
Belle: Maybe it's not too late.
Rumplestiltskin: I hope not. (Moves away from table) No, my ending shall not be a happy one.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The pawnshop. Mr. Gold is still struggling to tear off the cuff, which is completely ineffective. Desperate, he eyes the sword and picks it up.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the streets, Emma tries to shake awake Regina.

Emma: Regina!
Regina: (Awakens) Emma. (She gets up.)
Emma: What happened? You okay?
Regina: (In a pensive, distracted tone) Yes, I'm fine.
Mary Margaret: What is it? What happened when you touched it?
Regina: I saw what needed to be done.
Henry: Mom, are you going to be okay?
Regina: (Places a hand under Henry's chin) The important thing is you will be. (Henry grabs her hand in reassurance. Suddenly, the scroll disappears from Regina's palm.)
Pan: (Speaking off-screen) No, he won't. (He walks up to the group.)
(They all back away in stun.)
Hook: He has the– (He is cut off as Pan binds everyone in place with a freezing spell.)
Pan: (Holds up scroll) Curse? That I do.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The pawnshop. Mr. Gold pulls up his sleeve to unveil his cuffed wrist. He takes the sword; contemplating using it to cut off his arm and be free of the bracelet.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the streets, Pan stands before the frozen group of townspeople.

Pan: Look at you all. A captive audience. I could play with you like a pack of dolls, couldn't I? I think I'll start with these two. (Walks over to Belle and Neal) Hmm. You both look so adorable. Hard to tell who to kill first. (Shifts his gaze between both of them) No, it isn't. (Points to Neal) You. You first.
(From behind, Mr. Gold clamps a hand on Pan's left shoulder and tugs him away from Belle and Neal.)
Mr. Gold: Stay away from them.
Pan: How about this? The worm has teeth. (In a mocking tone) You're here to protect their "loved ones".
Mr. Gold: I'm not gonna let you touch either one of them.
Pan: Oh, I'd like to see that.
Mr. Gold: Oh, you will. Because I have a job to finish, and I have to do whatever it takes. No loopholes. And what needs to be done has a price. A price I'm finally willing to pay. (Looks to Neal) I used the curse to find you, Bae, to tell you I made a mistake. To make sure you had a chance at happiness.
(Pan openly laughs at his words.)
Mr. Gold: And that happiness is possible. Just not with me. I accept that.
Pan: Pretty, pretty words.
Mr. Gold: (To Neal) I love you, Bae. (Looks to Belle) And I love you, Belle, you made me stronger.
Pan: Stronger?
Mr. Gold: Yes.
Pan: But still no magic.
Mr. Gold: Oh, but I don't need it. You see, you may have lost your shadow, but there's one thing you're forgetting.
Pan: And what's that?
Mr. Gold: (Triumphantly) So have I. I sent it away with something to hide. (He raises his hand into the air; summoning his shadow back with the dagger. As Mr. Gold takes hold of the dagger, the shadow goes back into him. Then, he forcibly holds Pan against himself.)
Pan: (Struggling to get free) What are you doing?!
Mr. Gold: You see, the only way for you to die, is if we both die. And now... now, I am ready. (He stabs Pan in the back with the blade, but also impales himself with it in the process. Pan screams in pain while Mr. Gold remains silent.)
(A cloud of black smoke covers Pan, who disappears. As the smoke dissipates, Malcolm appears in his place.)
Mr. Gold: Hello, Papa.
Malcolm: Rumple, please. You can stop this. Remove the dagger. We can start over. (Smiles) We can have a happy ending.
Mr. Gold: Ah, but I'm a villain. And villains don't get happy endings. (He twists the dagger to embed deeper into both their wounds. Malcolm gasps in agony. A golden light peeks out from the blade and begins to shine even brighter. As Malcolm stops resisting the inevitable, Mr. Gold places a kiss on his cheek. The light engulfs them as they both disappear out of existence.)
(The remaining scroll drops to the floor while the freezing spell on the group wears off. All are visibly in shock over the unexpected turn of events. Belle collapses on the ground in a fit of grief.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the streets, the group are still reeling from witnessing Mr. Gold's sacrifice. Belle, unable to hold back her heartbreak, begins crying.

Belle: No... Rumple! He's-he's gone!
(Regina slowly kneels to pick up the scroll.)
Mary Margaret: Regina? Are you okay?
Regina: I'm fine. (Stands back up)
Emma: (To Neal) I'm so sorry.
(Belle quivers as a tear slides down her cheek.)
Neal: My father did what he had to do. He saved us. Regina, don't let him die for nothing. (Regina doesn't respond.) Regina?
Regina: What?
Hook: We've here for a reason, love. Pan.
Regina: Is dead.
Hook: His curse remains. Can you stop it, or shall we all preparing our souls 'cause mine is gonna take some time.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The curse's green smoke creeps out of the wishing well in a continuous stream as it spreads.

Leroy: (Speaking off-screen) It's here!

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Leroy, in a panic, runs up to the group pointing in the direction the curse is approaching from.

Leroy: It's here!! The curse, it's here! It's coming from all sides! There's no escape.
(Neal hugs a worries Henry.)
David: It's not too late. We can still stop it, right? Regina?
Regina: Yes. Yes.
Emma: W-what's the price? Gold said there is a price. What is our price?
Regina: (Turns around to face the group) It's not our price. It's mine.
Emma: What are you talking about?
Regina: It's what I felt when I... first held it. I have to say goodbye to the thing I love most.
Emma: (Turns to look at Henry, who approaches forward to stand beside her) (To Regina) Henry?
Regina: I can never see him again. I have no choice. I have to undo what I started.
Mary Margaret: (In realization) The curse that brought us to Storybrooke?
Regina: That created Storybrooke. It doesn't belong here, and neither do any of us.
David: Breaking the curse destroys the town.
Regina: It will wend out of existence as though it were never here. And everyone will go back to where they are from. Prevented from ever returning.
Emma: We'll go back to the Enchanted Forest?
Regina: All of us. Except Henry. He will stay here because... he was born here.
Emma: Alone?
Regina: No, you will take him. Because you're the savior. And you were created to break the curse. And once again, you can escape it.
Emma: I-I don't want to. We'll both go back with everyone.
Regina: That's not an option. I can't be with him. If I don't pay the price, none of this will work.
(The curse's thunder sounds near in the distance.)
Mary Margaret: Emma, you have to go.
Emma: I just found you.
Mary Margaret: And now it's time for you to leave us again. For your best chance. For his.
Emma: No. N-no. I'm-I'm not... done. I'm the savior, right? I'm supposed to bring back all the happy endings. That's what Henry always said.
Mary Margaret: (Smiles) Happy endings aren't always what we think they will be. Look around you. You've touched the lives of everyone here.
Emma: But we're a family.
Mary Margaret: Yes, and we always will be. You gave us that.
David: You and Henry can be a family. You can get your wish. You can be like everyone else. You can be happy.
Mary Margaret: It's time to believe in yourself, Emma. There's time for you to find hope.
Regina: (To Emma) I've known you for some time and all I wanted was for you to get the hell out of my life so I can be with my son. But really... (Voice breaking) What I want is for Henry to be happy. We have no choice. You have to go.
Emma: (Reluctantly) Okay.

SCENE: Phoenix, Arizona. Past. It is eleven years ago. On a bed, at exactly eight-fifteen, Emma is giving birth.

Doctor: (To Emma) Okay, now, big push, big push!
Emma: (Pushing in labor) Aaaaaaah! (The lights flicker and go out as she collapses on the bed in a sweaty mess.)
Doctor: (Wrapping newborn in a blanket) Great. Here we go. Good, that's good. Beautiful. (Cradles infant in his arms) It's a boy, Emma. (She refuses to look at the baby, and turns away.)
Doctor: Emma? (Emma shakes her head.)
(A nurse approaches the doctor to whisper something to the doctor.)
Doctor: Oh. Emma, just so you know, you can change your mind.
Emma: (Hoarsely) No. I can't be a mother.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Everyone is gathered at the town line where Emma's yellow bug is parked. Archie, rest of the dwarves, Mother Superior and Tinker Bell have joined them as well. Emma speaks to both Archie and Belle, and then makes her way over to David and Mary Margaret. She throws herself into their embrace as does Henry. The boy pulls away to say goodbye to Regina.

Henry: This isn't fair. It's all my fault.
Regina: What do you mean?
Henry: If I had never gone to get Emma, if I just lived under the curse with you, none of this would have ever happened. I thought I was alone. I-I thought you didn't love me. But I was wrong.
Regina: Henry. I was wrong too. It wasn't your fault, it's mine. I cast a curse out of vengeance and I'm-I'm a villain. You heard Mr. Gold. Villains don't get happy endings.
Henry: You're not a villain. You're just my mom. (He hugs Regina.)
(Emma moves from her parents to Neal.)
Emma: Neal. I'm sorry.
Neal: Don't be. You got a boy who you've got to keep alive here.
Emma: And you have to go back there.
Neal: Yeah. (Emma embraces him, and he pulls away a moment later.) Hey, this isn't over. I'll see both of you again.
(Emma walks towards her car, but is stopped by Hook.)
Hook: (Jokingly) That's quite a vessel you captain there, Swan. (She gives him a sad smile.) There's not a day that won't go by that I won't think of you.
Emma: Good. (They smile at each other.)
Regina: Emma. There's something I haven't told you.
Emma: (Sighs) What now?
Regina: When the curse washes over us, it will send us all back. Nothing will be left behind. Including your memories. It's just what the curse does. Storybrooke will no longer exist. It won't ever have existed. So these last years will be gone from both your memories. Now we'll go back to being just stories again.
Emma: What will happen to us?
Regina: I don't know.
Emma: Doesn't sound like much of a happy ending.
Regina: (Chuckles) It's not. But I can give you one.
Emma: You can preserve our memories?
Regina: No, I can... do what I did to everyone else in this town. And give you new ones.
Emma: You cursed them and they were miserable.
Regina: They didn't have to be. (Grasps Emma's hands) My gift to you is good memories, good life for you and— (She turns to look at Henry. He comes to her side.) —Henry. You'll have never given him up. (Tearfully) You'll have always been together.
Emma: You would do that?
Regina: When I stop Pan's curse and you cross that town line, you will have the life you always wanted.
Emma: But it won't be real.
Regina: Well, your past won't. But your future will. Now go. There isn't much time left till the curse will be here any minute. (Henry gives her one last hug. She kisses him on the forehead.)
(Mary Margaret approaches a tearful Emma with a smile and plants a kiss on her temple. The curse is rapidly surging towards the group as Emma and Henry walk towards the car and get in.)
(Regina tears off a piece of the Dark Curse scroll as it glows purple. She crumbles it into a ball and generates it into magic on both her hands to strike the massive cloud of green smoke as a counter effect.)
(Emma begins driving out of town as both the green and purple smoke mingle and engulf all the townspeople. Once they cross outside of town, the line on the ground is no longer visible. Henry looks from where they just came to gazing away. Emma glances down at him briefly. Meanwhile, the curse is spreading through the remaining parts of town. It reaches Henry's old room while the storybook is swallowed up, too. Both Emma and Henry's memories change.)

SCENE: Phoenix, Arizona. Past. It is eleven years ago, though Emma's recollection changes due to Regina's alteration. It is shortly after Emma has given birth.

Doctor: Emma, just so you know, you can change your mind. (Emma still refuses to look at the infant, but suddenly, her expression changes.)
Emma: Wait. (Looking up) Let me hold him. (The doctor brings him over into her arms. Emma happily looks down at her son, and touches one of his tiny hands. She laughs.)

SCENE: On the road. Present. Emma is driving while Henry sits beside her in the passenger seat. She glances at him briefly again.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The town line fades out of existence.

SCENE: New York City. Present. It is one year later. The building room alarm clock chirps at eight-fifteen a.m. Emma reaches over to turn it off as "Charley's Girl" by Lou Reed begins playing in the background. For breakfast, Emma makes scrambled eggs for herself and Henry as he waters plants in their apartment. She sets down two plates of pancakes with the eggs as well as matching cups of hot chocolate for both of them.

Henry: Mom, you forgot something.
Emma: Right, cinnamon. (Grabs the sprinkler and gives it Henry, who pours cinnamon on his hot chocolate) (They clink their cups together before drinking.)
(Suddenly, a knocking comes from outside the door.)
Henry: Someone coming over?
Emma: No.
(The knocking resumes as a loud pounding.)
Emma: (Gets up to check) Henry, wait here. (As Emma heads to the door, she turns off the music player. Upon opening the door, she sees someone dressed in pirate clothes.)
Hook: (Smiles) Swan. At last— (He tries to enter into the apartment.)
Emma: (Blocks him with her hand) Woah, do I know you?
Hook: Look, I need our help. Something's happened. Something terrible. Your family is in trouble.
Emma: My family's right here. Who are you?
Hook: An old friend. Look, I know you can't remember me, but... I can make you. (He plants a kiss on her lips.)
Emma: (She kicks him in the groin and shoves him back.) The hell are you doing?
Hook: (Grunting in pain) A long-shot. I had to try. I was hoping you felt as I did.
Emma: What you'll feel is the handcuffs when I call the cops.
Hook: Look, I know this seems crazy, but you have to listen to me. You have to remem—
(She shuts the door in his face.)
Henry: Who was that?
Emma: No idea. Someone must have left the door open downstairs. Come on, let's eat. (Walks back to the table)

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