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I am honored to be part of what is a very special episode. The producers and director really pulled out all the stops and it looks spectacular. Fans of the show and the animated movie Brave will love this storyline; it is very clever and has it all really. Long Live King Fergus!
—Glenn Keogh src

Glenn Keogh is the Irish actor who portrays King Fergus on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Glenn Keough hails from Dublin, Ireland.[1] When he was 28 years old, he moved to Australia, where he took up acting as a hobby.[1] In Australia, he studied acting for four years,[1] and he has a Diploma in Film & TV from the award-winning school The Actor's Workshop in Brisbane.[5] He also studied at The Performing Arts Conservatory drama school in Brisbane.[5] After his studies, Glenn moved to Los Angeles,[3] and made his acting debut on the medical reality program Mystery ER.[5] He's had roles in Criminal Minds, Undercovers, Castle and Ray Donovan,[4] and recurring parts in the crime drama television series Sons of Anarchy,[4] the medical drama General Hospital,[4] the soap opera Days of Our Lives[4] and the action drama series Scorpion.[3] He also plays an arctic scientist who makes a world-changing discovery in the 2014 science fiction action film Transformers: Age of Extinction.[3]



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