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Just to be thrown into this role… and I was really thrown into it. I auditioned, a week later I was here and we were shooting. It all happened really, really fast. So it was a little nerve-wracking at first thinking about the responsibility of taking on such a beloved character and a character so many people identify with. But it’s been really fun and I was very supported here. It’s been good but very overwhelming in many ways.
—Georgina Haig on being Elsa src

Georgina Haig is the Australian actress who portrays Elsa on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Georgina Haig was born on August 3, 1985[1] in the city of Melbourne in Australia.[2] Her parents are Gillian Haig, an artist[3] and Russell Hagg, a designer and director.[4] She has one younger sibling, Julian.[4]

She graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2008. Since then, Georgina has appeared in numerous Australian films and television series including lead roles in Road Kill, Wasted on the Young, and Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. She later appeared in the second season of the Australian teen drama The Elephant Princess in 2011.[5] Georgina is most known by her American audience for her guest appearances on the FOX science-fiction series Fringe as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop. She played Officer Lee Anne Marcus on CBS' Reckless, which aired for a limited run in the summer of 2014; the series, which has been cancelled, briefly overlapped Haig's appearances on Once Upon a Time.[6]

Georgina became engaged to her boyfriend, scriptwriter Joshua Mapleston, on New Year's in 2014 and they married in Sydney during June 2014.[7][8] In December 2016, it is revealed Georgina is expecting their first child.[9]


  • Her younger brother is Julian Haig who portrays Prince Gregor during Season Seven of Once Upon a Time.
  • During creating her audition tape for ABC's Once Upon a Time, Georgina read lines for Elsa while her husband, Joshua, assisted by standing in and reading lines for Anna.[7] This occurred while they were on their wedding honeymoon in Queensland.[10]
  • Georgina wore false eyelashes for every day she portrayed Elsa. She kept each set of eyelashes and later created an original piece of artwork featuring them. The piece is autographed by her, and was sold on eBay, with all proceeds benefiting the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School.[11]
  • Is friends with Once Upon a Time cast member, Elizabeth Blackmore.[12]


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