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Geoff Gustafson is the Canadian actor who portrays Stealthy and Stealthy (Wish Realm) on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Geoff James Gustafson was born on February 20, 1974 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.[1] Growing up, acting was always on his mind. As a high schooler, he excelled in school drama productions.[2] Even so, Geoff attended the University of Victoria to earn a theatre and education degree[3] on the career path of becoming a drama teacher. However, he realized his true passion was in acting,[2] and at twenty-six, began investing into entering the acting business[3] by moving to Vancouver.[1] His training includes extensive work with acting coach Ben Ratner.[4]

He has previously worked on a number of television productions; mostly themed in comedy and science-fiction; Supernatural, Men in Trees, Psych, Fairly Legal and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour. Currently, Geoff is a series regular on the SyFy series Primeval: New World.

His involvement in numerous commercial campaigns include Future Shop, Canadian Tire, Wisers Canadian Whiskey and Volkswagen. For his praise-worthy performance in an AGF Financial Services campaign, it earned him the 2004 Bessie Award.[4]

As an acting instructor himself, Geoff teaches students audition skills at the Vancouver Acting School.[5]


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