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This article focuses on the bracelets worn by Genies.
For the bracelets that block magic, see Enchanted Cuffs.
For bracelets that give mermaids human legs, see Sea Bracelets.

My binds. They're gone. They're gone. Alice, I'm free.
Cyrus to Alice src

Genie Bracelets are magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the eleventh episode of the first season.

The genie bracelets are based on the items of the same name from Disney's Aladdin.


Genie bracelets are magic bracelets that appear on someone's wrists when they are transformed into a genie. A person can also be turned into a genie by putting on the bracelets voluntarily. They fall off when the genie is released from the bottle. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", "Home", "And They Lived...", "Changelings", "A Wondrous Place")


Before First Curse
One day, while taking a stroll through his kingdom, King Leopold comes across a genie lamp by the side of a river. After curiously rubbing the lamp, a genie appears to the king, granting him three wishes. Since the genie longs for freedom, King Leopold happily uses his first wish to free him and his bracelets fall off. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

After First Curse

As a storm cloud created by Jafar closes in, the Red Queen uses Cyrus's genie bottle as a shield against a lightning bolt, which then bounces off and fatally wounds Will. He nears death, Alice, too, begins to die as her first wish (if Will dies, she dies) comes into full effect. Cyrus urges her to use the last wish to save herself, but she refuses since he will be forced to return to the bottle. In the end, Cyrus gives Will the third wish, which he uses to "end Alice's suffering". Alice is revived as Cyrus' servitude as a genie ends and the latter is astonished to discover that his bracelets are gone and he is now free. However, Will takes his place as a price of the wish and golden bracelets appear on his wrists. ("Home")

Cyrus and his mother Amara head to the Wonderland Well of Wonders to return the stolen water; however, Jafar shows up and murders Amara. Cyrus attempts to return some of the water to the well, but Jafar grabs the ball of water and destroys the liquid, despite not knowing what it is for or who he has upset by stealing it. Consequentially, he faces the wrath of the well guardian, Nyx, for his thievery by being enslaved as a genie and he finds himself inside a genie bottle, with golden bracelets on his wrists as a symbol of his enslavement. With the stolen waters returned, Taj and Rafi are freed from their bottles. ("And They Lived...")

After Third Curse

Jasmine summons the genie out of a bottle, but the only thing that comes out of the bottle is a pair of genie bracelets. In order to help Jasmine, Aladdin willingly becomes a genie by clasping the genie bracelets on himself. Once Aladdin is turned into a genie, he is sent into the lamp. ("Changelings")

While still enslaved under the genie curse, the bottle that Jafar is trapped in is somehow found by Ariel, who keeps it as one of her collected trinkets on Hangman's Island. Ariel gives the bottle to Jasmine so she can become Jafar's new master and force him to restore Agrabah. Upon being summoned out, Jafar begins reciting the mantra that a genie usually says before granting a new master's wishes, but he stops mid-sentence and suddenly snaps off his bracelets to free himself of the genie curse, much to the surprise of the group. Jasmine defeats the sorcerer by turning him into a staff and kisses Aladdin to evoke the power of true love, causing Agrabah's revival and the undoing of Aladdin's genie curse. As a result, his bracelets disappear. ("A Wondrous Place")


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