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This article focuses on the Season Six character known as the "Woodcutter".
For the Season One character, see Woodcutter.
For the Oz character, see Woodcutter.

Must be the Woodcutter. A bounty hunter who usually specializes in hunting down werewolves.
Snow White to the Blue Fairy src

Gabriel, also known as the Woodcutter, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the seventh episode of the sixth season and is portrayed by guest star Paul Johansson.

Gabriel is based on the hunter/woodcutter from the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood".[1]


Before First Curse

Gabriel lives in the Enchanted Forest and is a hunter of werewolves. He also works as a bounty hunter under the name "The Woodcutter". One day, he is informed by a nobleman that Snow White, the criminal princess of the kingdom, has been spotted. He follows her , catching her talking with the Blue Fairy, and hurls one of his axes at her. However, the Blue Fairy spots him and warns Snow, allowing them both to duck in time. He pulls out another ax and fights Snow, but in the ensuing scuffle, both of his axes end up in the possession of Snow and the Blue Fairy, so he flees. Later, he stumbles upon a shepherd and a sheepdog. Spotting an opportunity to find Snow White again, he offers to allow the shepherd, named David, to travel with him to their supposedly shared destination, Longbourne. However, this is actually a trap, and Gabriel gives David a drink of water with magic that puts the shepherd to sleep. He then takes Wilby and gives it a possession of Snow White's, allowing it to pick up her scent and track her down. After finding Snow, he pins her to a tree, but instead of killing her, announces his intention of taking her to the Evil Queen, who will kill her and pay him. He locks her in his wagon, where she is found by David after he wakes up. David attempts to break the lock with a rock, but Gabriel sneaks up on him and hurls an ax at him. David attempts to fight him off with the rock, stunning him long enough to take his dropped ax and swing it at him. Gabriel slices the head off of the ax David took, leaving him weaponless. In the fight, however, he breaks part of the wagon door off, leaving just enough room for Snow to reach out of the door and grab his arm before he can land the killing blow on David. Thinking fast, David takes the ax handle, now sharp due to the removal of the head, and stabs Gabriel with it, killing him. ("Heartless")


Character Notes



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