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Gabe Khouth was the Canadian actor who portrayed Sneezy, Mr. Clark and Sneezy (Wish Realm) on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Gabe Khouth was born on November 22,[1] 1972[2] in Vancouver, British Columbia.[3] At the early age of three, he lived on island of Tahiti[5] and was raised in Vancouver.[3] Gabe is the younger brother of voice actor Samuel Vincent.[6] At sixteen, he became interested in theatre while in high school.[7] His school and actor friend Mig Macario brought Gabe into the professional world of acting by helping him get an agent. At the time, Mig was involved in the crime drama 21 Jump Street, which Gabe himself also guest starred on as one of his earliest television roles.[2]

Through the 90s, Gabe appeared mostly in on-screen television movies and series; action-adventure packed MacGyver, cult horror Stephen King miniseries It, The Amy Fisher Story based on real-life Long Island teenager Amy Fisher who fatally wounded the wife of her lover, and comedy-drama The Commish. He has also developed a notable career as a voice actor in episode productions of Masters of the Universe vs. the Snake Men as a creature wizard named Orko, X-Men: Evolution as gullible computer hacker Webber Torque, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 as recurring character Saji Crossroad and various others. Aside from television animation, Gabe lent his skills for several video game voice-overs; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Battle Assault 3 Featuring Gundam Seed and in two Dead Rising 2 games.

His more recent television appearances were on Supernatural, Fringe and Motive. In voice-acting, Gabe was one of the many who voiced the character of Hazmat for the 3D animation film Escape from Planet Earth.

Khouth died on July 23, 2019 from a heart attack during a motorcycle ride in Port Moody, British Columbia.[4]


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