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A demon sent from the Underworld to collect the unpaid price of magic.
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Furies are a species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native to the Underworld, and appear in the second episode of the fifth season.

Furies are based on the species of the same name from Greek mythology.


After Third Curse

After everyone is returned to Storybrooke by Emma for unknown reasons, Robin is surprised by a Fury, who knocks him out and kidnaps him. As the Fury flies off with him, Regina manages to teleport herself in front of the creature and makes it drop Robin. However, Regina is no match for the Fury, who injures her and flies off with Robin. She attempts to follow, but Mary Margaret convinces her to stay behind and let them handle it. Later, Belle provides intel about the Fury, stating it's a demon from the Underworld sent to extract an unpaid price of magic, and that they have until the full moon reaches its zenith before Robin is taken. Believing Emma summoned the Fury, Regina demands that she send it away, but Emma reveals that Regina is the one who didn't pay the price of magic while they were in Camelot (Regina had asked Emma to use her magic to save a dying Robin's life, but Emma apparently never asked for a price in return). The Fury takes Robin to the duck pond, where it opens up a portal, and a ferryman, Charon, appears in a boat, ready to bring Robin to the Underworld. But the Fury it is distracted by Regina, who forces the Fury to take her life instead. The Fury begins extracting Regina's life force, but Mary Margaret, refusing to abandon Regina, links hands with her. Soon, David, Leroy and Arthur do the same, with their combined life forces overpowering the Fury and causing the energy to explode back on itself, sending it flying away. Charon disappears into the mist. ("The Price")

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