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Robin Hood: I need you sober as Friar Tuck on a Sunday when I do it.
Will Scarlet: I'm not sure Sunday's ever made any difference for that man.

Robin Hood and Will Scarlet src

Friar Tuck, also known as the Injured Man,[1] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the third episode of the spin-off series and is portrayed by co-star Michael P. Northey.

Friar Tuck is based on the character of the same name from the Robin Hood ballads.


Before First Curse

In the Enchanted Forest, Friar Tuck is part of Robin Hood's band of Merry Men who pilfer money from the wealthy for the needy. After successfully pulling a stealing heist on the road, everyone rejoices at their campsite. A new recruit, Will, procures a large chest of treasures and is accepted into their group. Will suggests their next destination should be Maleficent's castle. Robin accepts only after being convinced the rewards are worth the risk, as Maleficent is currently away, and the hordes of gold inside the castle will be enough to feed many poor villagers. Once they break in, Robin emphasizes that only the gold will be taken and nothing else. Following the success, they once again regroup at camp, but are interrupted by the booming voice of Maleficent, who demands the return of a stolen item or suffer the consequences. An angry Robin calls the thief among them to step forward, but no one does. Unknown to Friar Tuck, Will previously took a looking glass from the castle, and later escapes with it during the night. ("Forget Me Not")

As the Evil Queen's curse spreads through the Enchanted Forest, Cora casts a protection spell over a piece of land, which includes Sherwood Forest, to keep herself and Hook unaffected by the curse's effects. This, in turn, causes Friar Tuck and other inhabitants in the area to be unaffected as well. ("Queen of Hearts")

Before Second Curse

In the woods of the Enchanted Forest, Friar Tuck and his fellow comrades Little John and Robin Hood of the Merry Men scare off a flying monkey to save Queen Regina and Snow White. The three men join rest of the Queen and Snow White's party as they their way on foot to old palace for shelter. Once they arrive, the Queen discovers someone is already residing inside as there is a protection spell keeping intruders out. Since safety comes first, Robin suggests Sherwood Forest as an alternative for the time being. ("New York City Serenade")

As they depart for Sherwood Forest, a flying monkey attacks them, though Regina quickly disposes of the beast by turning it into a stuffed animal. In a group discussion, Belle shares knowledge about the flying monkey's origins in the land of Oz, so Regina determines the person in the palace is the Wicked Witch. A plan is set up to wait for Regina to bring the shield down and then mobilize the whole group into the palace. Once night falls, Grumpy gives the signal when he spots the dissipating barrier, meaning Regina was able to lower it, so everyone begins assembling towards their destination. ("Witch Hunt")

During Second Curse

After the new curse is cast, Friar Tuck becomes a resident of Storybrooke and remains tight-knit with other members of the Merry Men. One day in the woods, Little John is showing off a crossbow he stole from a store and attempts to catch a meal by shooting a wild turkey, but he misses. Friar Tuck and the rest of their group follow while Little John chases after the animal, but near the town line, they watch in shock as Little John is kidnapped by a flying monkey. Emma sends Robin and the rest of the Merry Men, along with David and Hook, to search for Little John. In the woods, they finding him unconscious with a bite wound, and whisk him to the hospital. Once there, Little John begins convulsing erratically. Though Dr. Whale tries to sedate him, Little John's body forms a tail, throwing back everyone in the vicinity, as he transforms into a full-fledged flying monkey and takes off. ("Witch Hunt")

Somewhere in the woods, Friar Tuck joins Robin on watch-duty guarding Regina's heart from Zelena. Despite their diligence, an enslaved Mr. Gold, on Zelena's orders, demands the heart. Robin's young son, Roland, stumbles onto the confrontation and is lured by Mr. Gold into approaching. Robin attempts to defend his son by shooting an arrow at Mr. Gold, who redirects it to hover inches away from Roland. Helpless to stop him, Friar Tuck can only watch as Robin forfeits the heart for his son's safety. Afterwards, when Regina arrives just after Mr. Gold has left, Robin relinquishes Roland into Friar Tuck's care. ("Bleeding Through")

After Third Curse

After Hades' defeat by Zelena, at the cost of Robin Hood's life, Friar Tuck attends the funeral, along with Little John and Roland, to mourn the loss of the Merry Men's leader. ("Last Rites")

That night, at Robin's wake in the diner, Friar Tuck, Little John, Roland, and Granny toast their drinks in honor of Robin, while Regina is still processing her lover's untimely death. During this, a tremor rips through Storybrooke, as a result of Mr. Gold absorbing the town's magic into the Olympian Crystal. To the shock of everyone except Emma, who wanted to break the news delicately to Regina, Hook rushes in, having been restored to life earlier by Zeus. The next morning, after Emma and Regina decide to leave town to search for Mr. Gold and the crystal, Merida leads the Merry Men and the Camelot natives to the heroes, in fear they can't return home because of the disappearing magic. To keep this from happening, Zelena creates a portal for them to go before Mr. Gold uses up the crystal's magic. Friar Tuck departs into the portal with Roland, and Little John soon follows them in. ("Only You")

After escaping a realm where the Evil Queen was being hunted, Robin of Locksley and the Evil Queen end up in the Enchanted Forest. Through unknown means, the pair of them come in contact with Friar Tuck. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

During Fourth Curse
As magic dissipates from the lands, Zelena questions the Evil Queen of Robin's whereabouts, to which she replies that the later is out with Friar Tuck. ("The Final Battle Part 1")


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