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I think that Wendy is a really well intentioned, good hearted person who would always want to do whats best for those she loves and cares for! I am also endeared by her sense of wonderment, curiosity and broad imagination! Wendy is so likeable!
—Frey Tingley src

Freya Tingley is the Australian actress who portrays Wendy on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Freya Tingley was born on March 26,[1] 1994[2] in the capital city of Perth, Western Australia[3] to Coppelia and Chris Tingley[2] and was raised in the suburb of Mount Claremont.[4] She has one sister, Ella.[5] Freya is a former student of Perth's Methodist Ladies' College. In the school year of 2008, she was part of Methodist Ladies' School Chorale group and traveled to Paris, Graz, Vienna as well as Montreux to take part in the International Choir Olympics. Her choir group won a silver medal for sacred music and a gold for the best children's choir.[6]

At one point, Freya had aspirations of being a model, and once dealt with a fraudulent modelling agent who introduced her to an acting workshop. While working together with acting instructor Ali Roberts, Freya loved it so much she decided to be an actor.[2] Her first professional role was as Young Joan in Caryl Churchill’s play Far Away for The Black Swan Theatre Company in 2008. Since then, she's been extremely busy, working consistently in a series of films including the short film Bootleg, a singing role in the short film Light as a Feather directed by Damien Spiccia, X: Night of Vengence directed by Jon Hewitt, three voiceovers for the production Bully for You and the television miniseries Cloudstreet based on Tim Winton’s award winning novel.[7]

Freya's break into the acting business came in 2010 after being spotted by talent scout Jason Siner,[8] who recommended her to manager Ken Jacobson in Los Angeles. Jacobson has been guiding unknown actors to success in the television and film industry for twenty-seven years, and maintains an extremely small list of select clients. Freya flew to Los Angeles to meet with him, and he was so impressed that she was signed on the spot. Then, he arranged a meeting with a number of top Los Angeles agents. Eventually, she signed with the Gersh Agency.[7]

After leaving the Methodist Ladies' College at sixteen, she enrolled into Schools of Isolated and Distance Education to complete her Year 12 schooling in Leederville to facilitate easier travel in flying to and from Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles for filming projects.[4] Freya and her mother moved to Los Angeles in August 2011 so she could audition for roles while also keeping up with school on the go. She sat for the English, Maths, Human Biology and Arts exams[9] to work towards a Western Australian Certificate of Education.[10]

Freya landed her first lead U.S. role in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove portraying precocious fourteen-year-old novelist Christina Wendell.[11]


  • Learned sign language for her role as a deaf girl in the short film Beneath the Waves.[7]
  • Was in the top ten in auditions[9] for the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in sci-fi flick The Hunger Games, but did not make the final round.[11]
  • After the announcement that the seventh season would be the final season of the series, she wrote the following on Twitter:
Wow! End of an era! Thanks to the fans of @OnceABC for being such fierce devotees!!! It was an honor to be your Wendy Darling! And thanks to @ABCNetwork for creating such a hit!! #Oncers[12]


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