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The Frankenstein Manor[1] is a Land Without Color location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the twelfth episode of the second season.


Before First Curse

On Christmas Day, Alphonse Frankenstein and his sons, Victor and Gerhardt, celebrate the holidays together. For each of his sons, he gives a gift. Because Gerhardt is his favored child, he presents him with his mother's antique watch. For Victor, he bestows a letter commanding him to join the army as a physician. Though Victor protests against the change, Alphonse thinks little of his son's antics in experimentation. To have the final word, Alphonse cuts off the monetary expenses to discontinue Victor's scientific work. Upset, Victor leaves his father's home, though Gerhardt catches up at the gate and tries to offer solace by giving him the watch. Victor refuses to take it and instead plans to find another way to complete his scientific work. As the two depart, Rumplestiltskin secretly watches from behind the shrubs.

When Gerhart dies from a gunshot wound, Victor is able to bring him back to life by using an enchanted heart from the Enchanted Forest. Excited by his accomplishment, Victor shows a recovering Gerhardt to Alphonse. Though Victor says Gerhardt is still adjusting, Alphonse examines him and realizes this person is not his son. In a fit of rage, Alphonse physically attacks Victor. Agitated by the commotion, Gerhardt pulls his father to the ground and beats him to death while Victor stoically watches. After the ordeal, Victor locks his brother in a tower room and decides he must put him out of his misery. When Gerhardt sees the gun, he aims the end of the barrel at his own head. However, Victor cannot bring himself to pull the trigger and leaves his brother unscathed. Despondent, Gerhardt is left in the tower all alone. ("In the Name of the Brother")


Production Notes

  • The CGI model created for the interior of the Frankenstein manor[2] was recycled for the Darling house drawing room in "Second Star to the Right".[3] The wall panels by the windows, the windows themselves, even the curtains, all have the same design, but the checkered window panes in the Frankenstein home were replaced with frosted window panes. The same model is used for the Lydgate House in "Strange Case",[4] where the model is more faithful to the original: The design of the windows, the fireplace, the doors and the bookshelves is exactly the same. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Set Dressing

Filming Locations

  • The Frankenstein manor was a real-life set built at The Bridge Studios,[11] despite that the backgrounds and surrounding elements were CGI-made.[1]



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