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The Forest of the Dead is an Enchanted Forest location featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts, with its only appearance, in the graphic novel, Out of the Past.


Before First Curse

While the Evil Queen Regina is traveling in her carriage through the Forest of the Dead, a cloaked figure up ahead on the road startles the horses, causing the carriage to overturn. Regina climbs out unharmed and confronts the cloaked man as she recognizes him as her dead lover Daniel. He walks off into the thick of the woods, but Regina follows until she steps on a concealed pit and falls into it. The man then remarks how easy it was to entrap her, and only then the Queen figures out he is not Daniel. He reveals himself as William, Daniel's brother, and his desire to make her pay for Daniel's death by ensuring she remains in a prison forever. As William prepares to spill magic sand over her, Regina begs him to stop, however, when he does not, she defends herself by shooting magic at him. The blast is fatal, slamming him against a forest tree trunk. Regina implores him to hold on while she saves him, but William insists she can't just like she couldn't save his brother. ("Out of the Past")


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