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At the center of the willow forest, there was a rustic version of... home.
Henry reading from Isaac's novel src

The Forest Hideaway[1][2] is an Enchanted Forest location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the third episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

While Snow White is on the run from the Evil Queen, she earns a living as a bandit and takes up residence inside the hollow trunk of fallen tree. One day, she packs her stolen loot in a bag and ties a bottle of Fairy Dust around her neck, before she walks out of her hideout. Outside her makeshift home, she is caught in a net trap. A man she previously stole from steps forward to introduce himself as Prince James, though Snow White sarcastically dubs him Prince Charming. He agrees not to turn her into the Queen if she returns his stolen ring. Though it's already been sold to some Bridge Trolls, she agrees to help him and he lets her out of the trap. ("Snow Falls")

While Snow White is on the run from the Evil Queen, she earns a living as a bandit and takes up residence inside the hollow trunk of fallen tree. One day, she walks out of her hideout with a bag of belongings. Outside her makeshift home, she is caught in a net trap. A man she previously stole from steps forward to introduce himself as Prince James, though Snow White sarcastically dubs him Prince Charming. The Prince demands that Snow White returns his stolen ring, but she claims that she no longer has it. Another prince, Charles, claims that the stolen ring is with his princess, Leia, and they must rescue her from the Queen first. Snow White agrees to help break into the palace if Prince Charming doesn't turn her into the Queen. ("There's No Place Like Home")

During Alternate Reality

After Isaac rewrites everyone's stories in the Heroes and Villains book, Regina, the Evil Queen, becomes a thief on the run from her stepmother, Queen Snow White. She lives in a secret hideaway inside a fallen tree trunk, while she tries to rob from the Queen's carriages and gain enough to leave the kingdom. Using Isaac's book, Henry locates Regina's hideout and manages to avoid the carefully laid traps surrounding it. Regina catching him snooping around her makeshift home and corners him. Henry claims to be her son, insisting the life she is living now is not real, and tries to prove it with a book called Heroes and Villains. Regina reads a line in book stating she will rob from a carriage later, which is exactly what she had intended to do. Instead, she is freaked out by the book's ability to see her future and burns the book. Henry reveals that Robin Hood is her true love and she has to kiss him to revert everything to normal. Regina is not impressed and points out that Robin Hood is her competition who often steals her prices first. Much to her frustration, Henry continues to follow her as she leaves the hideout to rob a carriage. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")

Later, Henry returns after rescuing the savior, Emma, who convinces Regina to take a chance with Robin Hood. Having just watched Captain Hook die, Emma relates her missed chance to tell him that she loved him as all the more reason why Regina should go to Robin. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")


Storybook Notes

[image ends] This thief was quick and
[image ends] [three illegible words], it was that she
[image ends] place inside and out... and he did not.
[illegible word] Prince would charge through the front door only to
discover that she had fled through a secret back door.
He would need a better plan. And as he gazed skyward,
the Prince noticed a sturdy tree limb extended directly
over the entrance to the hideaway. It gave him an idea.
Inside the Prince's travel pack was a number of
useful tools, from daggers and hooks to salves and oint-
ments to soothe a variety of burns and wounds. But the
pack also contained rope and netting for setting traps.
[image ends]nd if the Prince worked carefully and used his materials
[image ends]perly, he could construct a trap large enough to catch
[image ends] thief. The Prince worked quickly and quietly, think-
[image ends] entire time of the priceless ring that was so close
[image ends] yet so far out of reach. Finally, the trap was
[image ends] he swung the rope over the tree branch and
[image ends] trap high above the entrance to the thief's
[image ends] Then he tied an expert snare and laid it
[image ends] doorstep.

[image ends] allowed himself a tiny smile as he pictured
[image ends]uld look like swinging gently in the
[image ends]nd no honor, and woman or not, the
[image ends] giving her a much-deserved comeup-
[image ends] his sword and hid behind a nearby
[image ends][4]
("Snow Falls")

  • Another page reads:[5]

Snow White's hideaway contained all the comforts of home
but was by no means the castle she was accustomed to
as a child. The small coal hearth could heat the tree but
would scarcely have sufficed in keeping the mice warm at
home. Her table wasn't big enough to accommodate more
than one visitor, not that she ever had any, where her
father's table in the dining hall seated hundreds of royal
guests and kingdom officials. But despite the meek humble
nature of her forest hideaway Snow paused for a moment to
reflect om how she would miss it before continuing to pack
her belongings for a final time. Urgency welled inside her.
She laced her riding boots and stuffed an extra cloak into her
satchel. She swept the stack of gold coins resting on the
modest table into her sack. Her riding cloak fit snugly over
her shoulders and as she was about to leave the cave there was one
final item. Dangling from a hook rested a simple gold neck-
lace holding a glass bottle.
Snow grabbed the necklace and paused. Something about
this necklace [illegible]ed Snow to her very core. Her face
[two illegible words] and the sweet memories of her past life were
[five illegible words]d , replaced by something much darker.
[four illegible words] the memory down but it was impos-
[illegible/obscured]ing. Too dark. Too wracked with
[illegible/obscured]ppiness. The unmistakable face of the Evil
[image ends] Snow's memory. Finally, with a deep,
[image ends] Snow gingerly tied the bottle around her

neck. This was something special to her. It was both her
greatest hope and a reminder of her darkest days. An on
another day, we may have seen more clues to help discover
what this tiny bottle meant to Snow. But on this day, [image ends]
there was no time to linger. There was only time for one final [image ends]
sweep of her home, then a silent farewell before Snow exited
the tree trunk.
Snow put her hood on and tried to shake away the jittery
her trip down memory lane had left her with. But
for some reason, Snow's nerves weren't calming down.
Suddenly, Snow had a terrible realization... someone was
watching her! But by the time she felt the Prince's eyes on
her, it was too late. Snow planted her foot right in the
middle of the Prince's snare and with a shocking snap and a
blur of dizzying motion, Show found herself suspended high
in the air. Trapped like an animal.
As Snow swung in the air, her stomach sank with the
realization that she'd been tracked. The, as she watched
the Prince emerge from his hiding place, her eyes flashed and
her face went red. It was him?! How could she have let
herself be tracked by someone who had never even cooked a
a meal for himself a day his entire life? Snow saw the look
on his face and knew exactly what had driven him to find
her. It was the ring. It must have been even [image ends]
than she'd anticipated. And with just [image ends]
Snow knew exactly how bad a d[image ends][6]
("Snow Falls")

  • Another page reads (note that the last sentence is repeated earlier in the text):[7]

[image begins]oneome
[image begins]bits and other
[image begins]s. He discovered
[image begins]nd most importantly
[image begins]cks of a person living
[image begins]o a woman. He followed the
[image begins]ent oak trees where they suddenly
[image begins]or a moment he was bewildered and
[image begins] sort of magic this woman-bandit could
[image begins] Prince searched til nightfall when hope of
[image begins]g his family's treasures finally began to leave
[image begins] Until he spotted something strange. A light. Small,
[image begins]ickering, unnatural. The lights seeped between the bark
of an oak tree, making it seem as if there might be fire
inside it. But there was no smoke. No great heat from
the massive trunk. He realized this must be it. The
perfect hiding place for a bandit − almost in plain sight.
But the pack also contained rope and netting for setting
traps. And if the Prince worked carefully and used his
material properly. For a moment he was bewildered
and wondered what sort of magic this woman-bandit could posses.
("Snow Drifts")



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