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Henry: I'm sure you guys have better stuff to do than mash buttons and eat hot wings.
Rogers: Actually, I think this is exactly where I need to be.
Henry and Rogers src

Flynn's Barcade is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears, with its only appearance, in the fifteenth episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

While blowing off some steam at Flynn's Barcade playing the game Galaga, Henry sees Rogers, who believes he has information about the Candy Killer case, as that is what Lucy apparently told him. When Nick Branson shows up as well, claiming Lucy texted him to meet him in the barcade, Henry realizes the girl duped them. He grumbles that Lucy has literally "texted him into the friendzone" now that she is done pairing him up with her mother Jacinda and he apologizes for wasting Rogers' and Nick's time, however, Rogers insists he wants to stay. Rogers has his turn with Galaga, and later Henry attempts to get a higher score in the game but fails miserably to the point Rogers jokes that he only has one good hand and still did better than him. After sitting down at a table, Henry tells Rogers about his difficulty in forgetting about Jacinda. Rogers advises him to try something different to help himself find where he needs to go, which Henry doesn't understand. When Nick returns with drinks for his companions, he suggests Henry should try his hand at getting to know other women in the bar, and Rogers agrees by telling him to ask out the next woman who walks through the door. To Henry's surprise, Jacinda pops in, having come to wait while a table at the next door restaurant she and Sabine reserved is not yet available. As the two lovebirds hang out, they discuss the possibility that fate is somehow causing them to bump into each other, considering Jacinda happened to book the restaurant next door and walk into the bar when Henry was there too. For fun, Jacinda makes him test his theory of fate by trying to flip a bar token into a nearby empty mug. Henry makes his shot, and as he and Jacinda eagerly watch as the coin soars towards its goal, someone grabs the mug from the counter, causing the coin to miss its target. After being texted by Sabine that their table is ready, Jacinda bids Henry goodbye by kissing him on his cheek. Toward the end of the night, Henry leaves the barcade with Rogers and Nick, and while Nick stays behind to fix a flat tire on his car, Henry walks off with Rogers. ("Sisterhood")


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