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What I need is someone who's willing to do whatever I ask without question. Like a trained circus animal.
Zelena to Walsh src

Flying Monkeys are a creature species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native to Oz, and first appear in the twelfth episode of the third season.

Flying Monkeys are based on the Winged Monkeys from the novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Before First Curse
Despite growing up in Oz, Zelena discovers she shares no blood relation to the parents who raised her. She consults the Wizard of Oz for information on her real mother and receives a pair of silver slippers to travel to her birth land. Later, Zelena returns to ask him to let her relive the past so she can change the circumstances of her mother's abandonment. He reasons it's not possible, even with the most powerful of magic, to which she rips off the curtain obscuring him. The Wizard is revealed as a circus huckster who likes putting on a good show and is not mighty and great as he claimed. Zelena makes use of him by transforming him into her loyal pet flying monkey. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Before Second Curse

The Wicked Witch of the West, Zelena, begins taking residence in Regina's old palace. Once she receives word from Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip that the old inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest have returned, she sends one of her flying monkeys to extract Regina's blood. The flying monkey ambushes the Queen and Snow White in the woods. It takes her blood, but is warded off by one of the Merry Men's arrows. Afterwards, the Wicked Witch of the West takes the blood from the flying monkey and mixes it into a potion intending to exact revenge on Regina. ("New York City Serenade")

The same flying monkey is sent to attack Regina once more and chases her while she is with the rest of the inhabitants. Mistakenly, the group believe the beast is after Robin Hood's son, Roland, or so it appears, because the boy is standing near Regina. When the flying monkey swoops down, Regina shields Roland and swiftly dispenses of the creature by turning it into a stuffed toy, which she gifts to the boy. ("Witch Hunt")

Despite having obeyed Zelena's orders under duress, Aurora and Prince Phillip admit that the witch wants Snow White's unborn child, and they were forced to keep silent on the matter or risk their own child's life. Directly after, Zelena arrives to make good on her threats by turning the twosome into a pair of flying monkeys. ("A Curious Thing")

During Second Curse

In New York City, Walsh, in human form, becomes Emma's boyfriend. His true form is a flying monkey, though his intentions for getting close to her are not known. After eight months of dating, he proposes to her during a romantic outing, but she is hesitant to accept. Later, she, after regaining her lost memories, rejects his proposal; citing a desire to go home and take care of some business from her past. Walsh reveals that he knows Emma's reason for the change of heart, which is due to the potion she previously drank to restore lost memories, and violently attacks after turning into a flying monkey. She manages to knock him off the roof with a metal pipe, but he disappears in a puff of smoke. ("New York City Serenade")

After the casting of the second curse, Little John becomes a resident of Storybrooke and remains tight-knit with members of the Merry Men. One day, he steals a crossbow from a store and later shows it to his friends in the woods. Little John spots a wild turkey, attempting to shoot it for a passing meal, but misses. While his friends follow behind, he chases the animal nearly to the town line. Suddenly, Little John is carried off by a flying monkey as Robin Hood and the rest of the group look on helplessly. Bitten by the creature, he is later found unconscious in the woods by David, Hook and the Merry Men. After being taken to the hospital, Little John begins convulsing while Dr. Whale attempts to sedate him. Seemingly unable to control himself, Little John screams in agony as a tail forms on his body and whips everyone back. Rapidly, he then transforms into a full-fledged flying monkey, giving a fearsome roar, before crashing through a glass window and escaping. ("Witch Hunt")

Since being brought back to life by his son, Neal, and imprisoned by Zelena, Mr. Gold manages to escape on foot. Zelena attempts to summon him with the Dark One's dagger, but he resists due to Neal inhabiting his body. Out of sheer frustration, Zelena sends her flying monkey after her escaped captive. In the woods, the beast tracks down Mr. Gold, but he once again flees. David holds off the flying monkey while Emma chases after Mr. Gold. ("Quiet Minds")

With his lips cursed by Zelena, Hook is ordered to kiss Emma and take away her magic, or Henry will die. Instead of obeying, he conspires to secretly whisk Henry out of town on a boat. Not be beaten, Zelena catches on and sends her flying monkeys after the boy. While a confused Henry flees, Hook kills several of the beasts by firing bullets. He runs out of ammunition to take out the last one, fortunately, Emma arrives in time to destroy the winged minion. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse
After the second curse is broken, Mary Margaret gives birth to a son, who Zelena kidnaps as the very last ingredient for her time spell. As she prepares to open a portal to the past, David, Emma, Hook, Regina and Robin Hood arrive to stop her. As David attempts to take his child back and Robin Hood goes to retrieve Regina's sacrificed heart, Zelena sends a flying monkey to distract them. Regina defeats Zelena with her new found light magic, and then takes away her sister's pendant. With it, Zelena has no magic anymore, so those she cursed into the form of flying monkeys revert to human. Even though the battle is over, the remaining flying monkey lunges at David, who prepares to behead the beast; only for the winged animal to transform into Little John. Aurora, too, reverts to human, and gives birth the following day. ("Kansas", "There's No Place Like Home")

After Third Curse
After Zelena is banished back to Oz by Regina, she takes Toto prisoner and offers him back to Dorothy as ransom for the silver slippers. Dorothy and Ruby then travel to the field of poppies to make Zelena fall asleep so they can retrieve Toto from her. However, after they have gathered the poppy flower, they are attacked by Zelena's two flying monkeys. In order to outrun them, Ruby transforms into her wolf form, allowing Dorothy to sit on her back, as the two to escape unscathed. ("Ruby Slippers")

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