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So why don't you get on that raggedy carpet of yours and fly away?

—The Red Queen to Jafar src

The Flying Carpet is a vehicle and magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the spin-off series.

The Flying Carpet is based on the vehicle/item of the same name from the Disney film, Aladdin.


Before First Curse

After Aladdin chooses not to use the shears to sever his Savior ties, he uses a flying carpet to reach the castle at the capital of Agrabah, where he saves Jasmine from Jafar. ("Street Rats")

At some point, Jafar comes to possess the carpet as his form of transportation. He rides the carpet while chasing a messenger through a desert, and the man unknowingly leads him to Aladdin. ("The Savior")

During Jafar's quest to break the laws of magic, his search takes him to Wonderland, where he tracks down the last genie needed for the spell, Cyrus. The Red Queen, allied with Jafar, pushes Cyrus into the Boiling Sea as a horrified Alice watches him seemingly die. However, before Cyrus falls into the scorching water, Jafar's flying carpet catches him, saving his life. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After First Curse

After Alice's return to Wonderland to rescue Cyrus, Jafar flies on his carpet to the balcony of the Red Queen's castle. He considers the Queen is not a worthy ally anymore and begins strangulating her, but when she boasts only she knows where Alice is, he lets her go. Jafar then goes back onto the carpet and returns to his lair to check on an imprisoned Cyrus. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Having forced an answer out of the Red Queen about the genie bottle's whereabouts, Jafar speedily rides his carpet to the Tum Tum Tree in Mimsy Meadows to unearth it. While still standing on the floating carpet, he summons a horde of blood scarabs to dig the ground near the tree, as Alice and Will watch nearby, unseen by him. ("Trust Me")

When Alice rescues Will from an execution, the two escape into a maze, but Jafar uses his carpet to catch up with them before they can reach the maze exit. Jafar forces Alice into making the first of her three wishes by endangering Will's life, and as a further slap in the face to her, he turns Will into a stone statue, before taking off on his carpet. ("The Serpent")

Angered when Alice sees through his Edwin disguise, Jafar takes the real Edwin with him for a carpet ride and then dangles him in front of Alice. The sorcerer eventually drops his hold on Edwin, who almost plummets to his death, if not for Alice using another wish to whisk her father to safety in Victorian England. Satisifed over once again forcing Alice's hand, Jafar smugly departs on his carpet. Later, at Jafar's lair, the Old Prisoner attempts to kill himself by jumping into a pit, only for the carpet to save him. ("Bad Blood")

In his fury over discovering the Red Queen gave him a fake genie bottle, Jafar collects one of her hairs for a spell to get back at her. He then flies away from her castle on his carpet, and once he is far away enough, he decimates the entire structure with fire magic. ("Home")

After the laws of magic are broken, Amara and Alice use the carpet to rush an injured Cyrus out of the castle and to the refuge of the White Rabbit's house. ("And They Lived...")


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