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This article focuses on Zelena's flying broomstick.
For the walking broomstick that belongs to the Apprentice, see Magic Broom.
Well, that's a nice idea with one teensy hiccup... the only thing I know how to drive is a broom.
Zelena to Regina, about getting her own car src

The Flying Broomstick is a vehicle and magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the third season.

The flying broomstick is based on the vehicle/item of the same name from the children's novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Before First Curse

Blaming the Munchkins for calling Dorothy back to Oz, Zelena flies to their village and tries to intimidate them into giving up the girl's hiding spot, but the Munchkins scatter after being frightened by Hades' flaming hair. ("Our Decay")

Affected by the Blue Fairy's singing spell, Zelena breaks out into song. She takes a ride on her broomstick and heads for the Munchkin Village, where her presence scares the Munchkins, as she eventually jumps off to walk around the village square to continue her somewhat mournful serenade. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Before Second Curse

While in the Evil Queen's palace, Zelena announces to her sister Regina that her true intent is to get what she desires: having "her dreams being realized" while Regina will suffer a "fate worse than death". She then teleports her broom to her hand and flies off, cackling. ("Witch Hunt")

After learning Aurora and Prince Phillip told Snow White that she desires their unborn child, Zelena flies into to the queen's palace to turn the twosome into flying monkeys as punishment. She then approaches Snow White and promises the child will soon be hers, before flying off on her broomstick. ("A Curious Thing")

During Second Curse

Zelena attempts to rip out Regina's heart in the Storybrooke clock tower, but discovers it is hidden elsewhere. She savagely promises to take everything Regina has, before teleporting the broom to her side and flying off, seething with anger. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

After Third Curse

When Zelena starts to question how she will even protect her own daughter once the Final Battle comes, Regina teaches her how to drive so she can have an escape plan in the future. Zelena is reluctant at first and points out that the only thing she knows how to drive is a broom. ("The Black Fairy")


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