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Floyd, shut down the fryers, secure the condiments!
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Floyd,[1][2] mistakenly referred as Tony,[3][4] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the second episode of the first season and is portrayed by an unknown extra.


During First Curse
Floyd works as a cook in Granny's Diner. After Ruby temporarily leaves her position as waitress, she drops by the diner to pick up grilled cheese for her new boss, Emma. Granny writes down the order and hands it to the Floyd. She informs her granddaughter that the food will be right up, but the cook has to unwrap the cheese slices. ("Red-Handed")

After First Curse
Granny takes a tray with bowls of chili with no beans from the cook, which she brings over to two customers, David and Leroy, who are taking a break from working at the bean fields. Granny asks David if he and the Dwarves have something against beans and David admits that they've had their fill over the past couple weeks. ("Lacey")

After Second Curse

Hook walks through Storybrooke as the citizens are under the spell of shattered sight. Everyone are fighting and Floyd is out on the street, being harassed by two of the diner waitresses.[5] Eventually, Ingrid sacrifices herself for everyone, breaking the curse and making everyone come to their senses. Floyd and the waitresses he was fighting are standing side by side as the townspeople are happily crowding in the street.[6] ("Shattered Sight")

A few weeks later, it is morning in Storybrooke. Floyd crosses the street, seemingly on his way to work, accompanied by one of the waitresses he was fighting while they were cursed.[7] ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

As Granny and and a group of other people seek cover in the diner from an incoming cyclone which is about to whisk the diner away to the Enchanted Forest, Granny begins clearing items from the table as she tells Floyd to turn off the fryers and secure the condiments. ("The Dark Swan")

After Third Curse
Floyd is at work when Belle is tricked into ingesting an aging powder. He and a waitress watch in horror as Belle's pregnancy suddenly accelerates. ("Changelings")


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