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Florence is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the fiction novel, Red's Untold Tale.


Before First Curse

Florence is the stepdaughter of Mayor Benjamin Filbert who is married to Florence's mother. She is friends with Violet and Beatrice, and the trio often spend time together during a yearly winter picnic. One year, Violet invites Red to join them. The girls mold a snowgirl out of Red's image, and when Red shows up, they pelt her with snowballs.[1]

Three years later, Florence shows up with Violet and Beatrice for Peter's seventeenth birthday celebration, where they see the birthday cake Red made for Peter. Violet gives Florence a forceful shove, making her smash into the cake, and after further humiliating Red, she leads her gang away. After Peter arrives, a wolf's distant howl is heard, and Florence notes that her stepfather told her Widow Lucas is trying to get the Forget-Me-Not ball postponed since the event is during wolfstime.[2]

At school, Red offers her grandmother's baked muffins to Florence and Beatrice, after learning Violet ordered muffins from Widow Lucas by pretending to be Miss Cates. Florence jumps at the chance at eating the muffins, but she and Beatrice are held back by Violet, who continues to interrogate Red about who the muffins are for. After talking her way out of the situation, Red allows Florence and Beatrice to help themselves to the baked samples. Violet, jealous over Peter taking one of Red's muffins, makes Florence get revenge for her by putting cow manure in the samples. During class, Florence asks to be excused to the restroom, and after leaving, she switches out the muffins in Red's basket with manure. By the next day, Florence hears gossip about Red, who apparently kissed their classmate Tucker at the market the day before. In the school yard, she is present when Violet persuades Tucker to admit, in front of everyone, what happened.[3]

Violet, seeing Red and Peter skip class together, engineers another plan to get Red into trouble. With Florence and Beatrice, she picks flowers and delivers them to Widow Lucas, offering condolences about Red's supposed illness that is keeping her from coming to school. During the last day of wolfstime, after Amos is killed by the wolf, Florence attends a town meeting to show her support for not cancelling the ball, despite the current dangers. While some people side with this cause, Red speaks up in favor of rescheduling the ball, causing Mayor Filbert to follow her advice. That night, Florence goes to a bonfire, where the wolf makes an unexpected appearance. Upon seeing the massive beast, Florence faints from shock, while the wolf pursues Violet. In fear of the wolf, everyone else at the bonfire scatters, but Beatrice stays to watch over an unconscious Florence. Eventually, Red kills the wolf and saves Violet's life. Later, at Widow Lucas' cottage, Florence hugs Red, in gratitude for her heroic deed.[4]


Benjamin Filbert


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage and adoption relationships that result in offspring
  • Florence's father is either dead or divorced from her mother



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