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This article focuses on the magical fire.
For the Enchanted Forest location, see Temple of Prometheus.

A spark from mankind's original fire, the Flame of Prometheus. Its heat forged Excalibur, and that's what we'll need to put it back together.

Merlin to Emma Swan src

The Flame of Prometheus, also known as the Promethean Flame or the Promethean Spark,[1] is a magical fire featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventh episode of the fifth season.

The Flame of Prometheus is based on the stolen fire from the Prometheus myth.


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Before First Curse

Long ago, Prometheus stole fire from an unknown entity. It became mankind's original fire, and burned on for a great while, until it was stolen by the first Dark One, Nimue. ("Nimue", "Birth")

Before Third Curse

Emma summons Nimue with the dagger. After a confrontation where she tries to force Emma to kill Merlin, Emma manages to regain control and forces Nimue to yield the ember to her. ("Nimue")

After Third Curse

Emma is in her basement, when all the previous dark ones come to watch the reigniting of Excalibur. Emma then gets Nimue's ember and puts it into a round, stone looking plate and ignites it, then turns it into a ball of fire, which then turns into a small light. She then gets both the Dark One's Dagger and the broken Excalibur and puts them both into the light, which makes it whole again. ("Nimue")


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