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<small>Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.</small>
<small>Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.</small>
[[ru:Светлячковый Холм]]
[[ru:Гора светлячков]]
[[Category:Once Upon a Time Locations]]
[[Category:Once Upon a Time Locations]]

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Have you ever been to see the fireflies? It's beautiful, they come out just after sunset on Firefly Hill.

Nova to Dreamy src

Firefly Hill is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fourteenth episode of the first season.


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Before First Curse

Regina, while deeply in love with Daniel, knows their relationship is forbidden since her mother, Cora, can't ever find out. During one secret afternoon meeting, Daniel suggests they go on an outing to Firefly Hill, but she cannot as her mother is expecting her for tea soon. ("The Stable Boy")

After becoming acquainted with a dwarf, Dreamy, Nova invites him to spend time with her at Firefly Hill. Encouraged by Belle, who notices Grumpy likes Nova, the dwarf rushes to the hill. There, Nova is already waiting for him, and she is quite pleased he came. While the two have a discussion about their mutual interest in seeing the world, the fireflies light up the darkened sky. Elated by the sight of them, Nova impulsively kisses Dreamy. Falling in love, the couple agree to meet the following night, after Nova has delivered fairy dust, and then sail away together to travel the world. The night Dreamy departs to meet her, he is stopped along the way by the head dwarf, Bossy, and Nova's teacher, the Blue Fairy, who both convince him that dwarves and fairies do not belong together. With a heavy heart, Dreamy heads to Firefly Hill where Nova conjures a spyglass to let him see the ship she procured for their travels. However, he states they cannot be together. Nova quickly figures out he spoke to the Blue Fairy and insists on knowing what she said to him, but Dreamy doesn't answer. Instead, he expresses sentiments about each of them needing to stick to their own kind as that's where they belong. Dreamy then walks away from the hill, breaking his own heart, as well as Nova's, in the process. Sobbing inconsolably, she watches him leave. ("Dreamy")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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