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This article focuses on the actual Final Battle.
For the Season Six episodes, see "The Final Battle Part 1" and "The Final Battle Part 2".
For the special, see "The Final Battle Begins".
The infant is our only hope. Get the child to safety. Get the child to safety and on its... twenty-eighth birthday, the child will return. The child will find you... and the Final Battle will begin.
Rumplestiltskin's prophecy src

The Final Battle is a battle fought on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the sixth season.


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Sides of the Battle


"Good" or "Light"

  • Emma Swan - fights Gideon, helps restore faith representing a right-doing Good.
  • Mr. Gold - breaks the ultimate Dark Curse, helps restore faith representing a right-doing Evil.

"Evil" or "Darkness"

Allies who aided during the Battle

"Good" or "Light"

"Evil" or "Darkness"

Allies who aided before the Battle

"Good" or "Light"

"Evil" or "Darkness"

Unaiding Allies

"Good" or "Light"

"Evil" or "Darkness"

Weapons, Items and Magic Involved


On-Screen Notes

  • Hook describes the battle between Jack and the giants as the "final battle". However, neither battles have any correlation to each other. ("Tallahassee")
  • The Black Fairy says that when she finally wins the Final Battle, she will have unchecked power and be able to break the very laws of magic. She even manipulates Mr. Gold by saying that she can bring Baelfire back from the dead. But it is not known how much of this is true, as she never won the battle. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

Props Notes

Light was born and Darkness followed⋮
And then the war began⋮ For eternities
the two battled⋮ Clashing in a sea of
endless war, their emissaries raged
in perfect balance⋮ Light versus Dark⋮
Good versus Evil⋮ With every moon, they
were born, fought and died at each
other's hands⋮ This is how it was.
This is how it was. This is how it
will be for times⋮
But when the Greatest Light awakens
the Final Battle can begin. We will
know this great light as a warrior
born of these heroes and a love.
("The Final Battle Part 2")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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